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AdSense Tips & Tricks for More Online Money

These tips will help you using Google AdSense in much smarter way.

Our posts on various issues related with Google AdSense. We highly recommend that the new users of AdSense go through all these posts to learn answers, tips and tricks that are very important for you to do better in making money through contextual advertising.

AND yes, this list keeps growing as we add more and more tips.

Are you wondering why your AdSense CPC is low as $0.01? Let’s understand the reasons behind it and also the ways to increase your average CPC.

“Sometimes just one click can make you significant money and sometimes several clicks fail to yield even half a dollar! The primary reason behind this phenomenon is that of the low Cost Per Click or CPC. Analyze your AdSense control panel and you’ll find the CPC rate of ad spaces you have got. Lets see what are points that determine CPC.”

These tips will help you using Google AdSense in much smarter way.

Answer to an often asked question. My advice to AdSense users is to focus on continuous good quality content and have some patience.

“Users of Google AdSense often ask a question: Is it okay to show AdSense advertisements in a fixed div element (created by position:fixed in the style property). Well, the answer is that it is illegal to do so. You should not place ads in fixed floating divs because it is against the Google’s Ad Implementation Policy, which states”

Learn how to use section targeting in Google AdSense and reap the benefits from this simple must-to-be-implemented tip. Your CPC and CPM rates will get advantage from section targeting.

“Section targeting is a mechanism to ensure that the algorithm gets the right content to decide about ad serving. The mechanism is very simple. You just need to put markers in your blog’s code to tell the algorithm about the content that should be considered.”

Learn a few very basic things that you should know if you’re thinking of making money by putting Google AdSense ads on your blog or website.

“Lately, I began paying attention to Google AdSense and how to use it to generate income. For obvious reasons, people have a lot of interest in Google AdSense but what I have sensed is that most people are ignorant of many important things related with AdSense. This series of articles will tell you everything that you need to know to become a successful AdSense businessperson.”

An important AdSense optimization tip which can make your highest Click Through Rate (CTR) ad block to attract the highest Cost Per Click (CPC) as well.

“harvesting the full potential of these ads requires a bit of more work and tweaking. You need to do a few things in order to optimize your ads and revenue you get from them. Today, I will talk about the importance of the first Google ad in your webpage.”

Many people face the problem of flash appearance of a light yellow box right before the Google AdSense ad appears. Learn the reason and solution of the problem.

New AdSense users sometimes face the problem of a light yellow colored box. This light yellow box appears for a moment in space of the AdSense ad. Box disappears on its own after a second or so. AdSense publishers look hard but don’t find any way to stop this box from appearing. Let’s see why this yellow box appears and how to get rid of it.. Read more at:

Penalty from Google can decrease your search traffic and confuse you!

Penalty from Google can decrease your search traffic and confuse you!

“Many people who believe in shortcuts of making money tend to fall for the trap of deliberate content duplication. Attracted by advertisements like “Google blessed me with $500 a day” –they feel that there cannot be any easier way to make money than setup a website and place AdSense on it!”

Learn how to mitigate the effect of ad blindness (also known as banner blindness). Use these simple tips to boost your CTR and revenues through ads.

“Website owners who display advertisements on their web pages sooner or later face the effect of a phenomenon called “ad blindness”. This is also known as “banner blindness”. Ad blindness is important to understand and resolve because it could severely hit your click-through rate (CTR) and therefore lower your revenue through ads.”

Regular AdSense publishers are not allowed to use CSS to alter appearance of ads. Only Premium Publishers are given this privilege.

“Many AdSense publishers become desperate when their CTR and CPC seem to have become adamant and just refuse to boost up. After seeing that all the ad style juggling through AdSense standard options does not make a big difference –they begin to think of modifying their ads’ look using CSS.”

Uncover hidden information by linking up two great SEO tools from Google. It’s easy process and full of benefits.

“Google Analytics is one of the best tools around to keep track of traffic on your website. Analytics provides comprehensive data and easy-to-use reports for your consumption. This information can greatly help you in customizing your website and content in order to serve your visitors better.”

“Answer to an frequently asked question. New AdSense users and new bloggers often want to know how to earn more money advertisements. But there is no shortcut!”

Non-receipt pf AdSense PIN is a common problem.

If you don’t receive AdSense PIN by post, your payment will remain on hold. Learn how to get your AdSense PIN or upload ID for verification and begin to show commercial AdSense ads on your website.

“The next day when Harry logs into his AdSense account to see how much he has earned. First thing that might disheartens him is the figure of earning from previous day ($0.00 or may be $0.01) … On top of this, he finds a message from Google that their payment is on hold. Tension!”


Learn why you AdSense revenue is declining. Do not worry, focus and find the cause of decrease in AdSense income from your blog. Such decline is reversible.

“Many people have asked me about unusually low Google AdSense revenues in previous month (June 2012). They all say that while the traffic and number of clicks on their websites remained more or less same throughout the month but the Cost Per Click (CPC) staged a nosedive.”

New AdSense publishers often ask questions about which ad sizes and types perform better. Learn about the best ad size and types as per our experience.

“Although it is almost impossible to crown a particular type and size of ad as best performer because difference ads perform differently on different websites but still, based on our experience with Google AdSense, here are our views.”

Backup ads are very useful especially if your pages do not attract much of targeted ads from Google AdSense. Blank space can be cleverly utilized to your advantage through backup ads.

“When you create a new ad unit in AdSense control panel –Google gives you an option of specifying what it should do if there are no targeted ads available. The default option is “Show blank space”… but, instead of selecting this option, it is much better idea to use backup ads instead of just wasting the precious ad space. Why to leave it blank if you can show something else there?”

Do not waste precious ad space. Use AdSense Backup Ads.

I hope that following these tips will help you in making good online income from Google AdSense. Please let me know if you have any other questions about this amazing product. I write articles to help bloggers achieving success. Do subscribe and receive latest tips from me. Thank you for using TechWelkin.

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  1. ankit says:

    thanks brother this is helpful for me

  2. Suleman says:

    Hey, I am also new in the blogging and I have read your complete article about the Google Adsense and its worth reading it.

  3. windows 10 tips says:

    Thank you! I am a beginner to make money Google AdSense. I read many tutorial from your blog. Hope it helps me.

  4. shailesh chaudhary says:

    Sir, I got 2 page level violations on my Blog. I’ve identified my posts which have AdSense Policy violation.

    I want to remove those posts from my Blog without causing 404 error, is it possible?

  5. Deep Shikha Singh says:

    Hi, I am a beginner tech blogger. Can I use AdSense and Affiliate Market programs together or not?

  6. Shailesh Chaudhary says:

    hi, I read whole article… I think AdSense Backup ads is the best tip…

  7. Vasudev Kotian says:

    Pls, include me in your mailing list

  8. support me help says:

    I have one question. how to get high CPC?

  9. Abbas Alley says:

    This post is very helpful for me. I just want to know if we can put AdSense ad units of different users on our website?

    • Lalit Kumar says:

      I don’t think there is any problem in that. But it is recommended that you put ad units of only one user. Then you guys can equally divide income, if that is your concern.

  10. Pawan Diwakar says:

    Hi Lalit,

    The information you provided are all basic but best because when basic are overwhelmed your account is banned.


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  12. Santhoshonline India says:

    Thanks for the tips but everything is basic need more detail

  13. Anoop Bhandari says:

    I am really looking for something that can increase my earnings from 200-20 dollars per month to somewhat 350-400 per month minimum at least. Hope by using all the above mentioned tricks can help me to grab that target.

  14. jagmohan singh negi says:

    First of all thanks for sharing your valuable tips and information. I want to ask one thing. I tried it on many forums but didn’t get any answer. Actually I am running a blog and I have an approved AdsSnse account since 2011. But i didn’t get any Google Pin. Also there is no option in my account to verify my documents. But AdSense ads are displaying on my blog without any problem. Can you help me in this situation?

    • Lalit Kumar says:

      You should get your account verified as soon as possible. As you have not received AdSense PIN number, you should log into your AdSense account and then go to this link

      Here you can upload any ID proof issued by the government. The ID proof should show your address. Scan the ID and upload it. All the best!

  15. Ramesh Sawant says:

    Excellent and very specific input. Recently I have developed a new blog. I am getting confused when to submit the blog for adsense approval. Currently I have 27 articles. What is right time to submit in terms of no of articles. Please guide me.

    • Lalit Kumar says:

      27 is a good enough number of posts. You may apply for AdSense and see how Google reacts to your application. Google considers content quality and age of the website as well.

  16. govind says:

    The information is useful for those who are using AdSense ads in a blog or website. My question is about content. It is difficult to write unique content. How to write it? Generally we are not good writers. So from where we get article for blog.

    • Lalit Kumar says:

      Hi Govind, ability to write in good language is the most important skill a blogger should possess. I would suggest that you should work on your writing skills because without that there is no success in blogging.

  17. Parikshit says:

    Hello Sir,

    Actually I have decided to make a blog regarding how to make money online. The blog will also include ptc websites and their reviews. If I place the google ad sense ads on this website will there be violation of terms and conditions of google ad sense. I will not be promoting any ptc sites, but just write about if they are legit or scam. Will this cause any problems. Please do help me.

    • Lalit Kumar says:

      There is no reason why Google will have a problem if you will only write reviews. You can launch such a website.

  18. jagmohan singh negi says:

    I am using an approved AdSense account but I never get any PIN from Google. But till now ads are displaying on my site. So can I use same account or should I use another account on my site. I tried a lot for this on Google forum but don’t get answer. Please reply if possible

    • Lalit Kumar says:

      Apparently, you’re not using a verified AdSense account, you must get your account verified before ads can be displayed on your website. Contact AdSense support and ask them to confirm if your account is verified. Another probable reason for AdSense ads not displaying, could be that you’re not properly implementing the code.

  19. ekonomi-sosiologi-geografi says:

    There is no simple way to be successful. All we need is patience and hardwork. AdSense is not as simple as I thought before. It takes time to be successful. Thanks for your nice article.

  20. Rajesh says:

    Very deeply elaborate post. Really I never read such a deep article. You just cleared all of my doubts about AdSense. I usually follow AdSense forum, but now I got my questions answered. Thanks for sharing.

  21. DVSV Prasad says:


    I have created a website. Please tell me how to get traffic for my website. You suggestion will be highly useful for me,

    • Lalit Kumar says:

      The thumb rule of getting traffic on any website is to host good quality content on that website. If you can manage to put together useful content on your website, you will not have any dearth of visitors. All the best!

  22. mahesh says:

    There is no shortcut to increase your AdSense earnings, just focus on increasing traffic and well placed ads following the AdSense policy. But the truth is that even in that case AdSense earnings will remain uncertain. On a day if you have 1000 page views, you may get hardly any click, on the contrary the other day you will get 7 to 8 click on same number of page views with earning not even half a dollar. AdSense have very strict policy and it’s favorable to the advertisers to safeguard their interest. But at the same time, it’s better than others and as we know something is better than nothing.

  23. salim says:

    Thanks Nice Information :)
    Thanks for Sharing It

  24. V NARASIMAN says:


    I am getting a mail from digital profit course team daily stating they have a course material for earning online. I am ignoring right from day 1. I know it’s a scam pl confirm the same

    • Lalit Kumar says:

      Follow your heart Narsiman! If you know those emails are scams, they indeed are scams! I can only confirm that you have to work very hard on your own, do a lot of research, get failed several times… all that before you can succeed in earning money online. There are no shortcuts.

  25. lablance says:

    Very informative article where you covered almost everything to increase adsense earning. Thank you for this initiative.

  26. Ravi says:

    Sir i have create blog before 5 months ago…but ad sense is not activated on this…
    google says that they can't accept the adsense application right now….so what i have to do to solve the issue.
    what may be the reason for not not accepting the adsense application

    • Lalit Kumar says:

      Well, if Google is not accepting your AdSense application, there could be two most probable cause. One, you're violating Google's policies. Two, Google may be thinking that content on your blog is not of good quality.

      • Anil Ambani says:

        Absolutely rubbish excuse. The reason behind this is if you have 1000 posts and few of them are less than 200 words then Google bot will treat it as insufficient content.

        Firstly make your blog according to Google Adsense Guidelines. Now create a random blog with at least 10 high quality post. This new blog should have a .com domain. Keep the blog as simple as possible and according to Adsense guidelines. Apply for Adsense with new blog.

        Your new blog will 100% qualify for adsense. Now after you get your account paste the adsense code on your previous blog. But be sure not to violate Adsense guidelines. Now after getting approved you can remove the code from your new blog and only use it on your older blog.

        Advice: Always keep checking your blog for Adsense policy violations. Keep reading adsense TOS every two weeks.

    • Rifat says:

      Nice Article.
      Thanks for advise.

  27. Roy says:

    All in one guide to use adsense. I am so thankful. Every guide given here is simple to understand.

  28. Racing Wonder says:

    Sir kindly suggest an Adsense plugin, for our site.

    Your ad types look pretty good, but I'm not able to find a plugin that shows the kind of ads that you are displaying on your blog.

    If you could suggest me a plugin, I would be thankful.

    • Lalit Kumar says:

      You just need to select Custom ad type from Google AdSense dashboard. Or you can also use the Responsive ads. All these ad types are available in AdSense Dashboard.

  29. pragati says:

    Hi Lalit
    Your info on how to write a blog has really helped me. I hope to write a blog soon on me as a woman and my travel across India . The first one being on my trip from Goa to Coorg on a bike last month. Hope to seek help from you in case I get stuck. Please be there .
    Thank You once again!!

    • Lalit Kumar says:

      Hi Pragati, writing a travelogue is one of the best use of blogging. All the best for your endeavors.

  30. cine star says:

    i get google adsense but i am getting problem how to put where to put the adsense but i am getting idea from this post thank for this post

  31. Rakesh says:

    Really awesome info about adsense units, I’ll also bookmark your page for more updates!

  32. makemoneyblogging says:

    thanks for sharing this article , i got adsense account approval within one day & I have written all the methods I used to get adsense in one day in my blog you can check it

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    Awesome Guide its surly help me to increase my adsense cpc thanks :)

  34. Berbagi Seputar Dunia Blogger, SEO, dan AdSense. says:

    Halo, I’m GA publisher from Indonesia. It’s nice to find your blog and read this article. So, inspiring. I’m building my blog to earn my revenue. :) Hope your tips that I’ve already applied works on my blog. Thanks, friend. :)

    • Lalit Kumar says:

      You’re welcome! I wish you success in blogging and good earning through AdSense. Stay in touch with TechWelkin.

  35. Rohit says:

    Respected Sir,

    1. Would you please tell me the way how is it possible to let visitors of my blogger to download pdf ebook after email registration.

    2. Could you please tell me how to put like button of facebook on my blogger.

    warm regards

    • Lalit Kumar says:


      1) For this you will need to use the paid email broadcast services like MailChimp, Awebr etc. There is no free facility that can do this.
      2) Search for “Facebook like button” in Google and you’ll find your way.

  36. Avinash Kumar says:

    All in one guide to use Adsense. Thanks I was looking for this. Can you tell me some tricks to increase CPC on Movies and Entertainment Blogs ?

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    nice guide for adsense

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