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Best iPhone Apps: List of the Must Have Apps for Your iPhone

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Samyak Lalit | September 21, 2017 (Last update: January 28, 2021)

Samyak Lalit is an Indian author and disability rights activist. He is the principal author and founder of projects like TechWelkin, WeCapable, Viklangta, Kavita Kosh among many others.

Most smartphones come equipped with inbuilt apps to meet our requirements. Nevertheless, I still love different third party apps that serve different purposes and are better than the native apps. So whatever app catches my fancy, I download it and check its features. I talk about it the whole day and then forget about it the next day. There is a vast difference in loving different apps and the absolute MUST HAVE apps on your device. Sometimes it becomes difficult to choose from the millions of available apps and decide on its necessity. This article aims to ease your confusion and list out the best and must have apps for iPhone. These are some of the essential apps for your beloved iOS device.

Gmail: The Best Email App for iPhone

We all know its free and inseparable from our daily lives. Gmail app is a great communication tool. It is smooth, intuitive and fast. Gmail app makes your entire email database much faster and easier to deal with than the pre-installed Mail app. This is the reasons why Gmail is an indispensable app for iPhone. Depending on your usage and needs, you can make it your primary app for email.

Chrome: The Best Alternative for Safari

Google Chrome is free and if you are iPhone’s hardware fan but have complaints about the software, then it is time for you to install Google Chrome. It is the most popular and one of the best browsers, has good features and makes surfing smooth on your phone. The constant updates ensure that you have the latest and the most stable browser with all its amazing features.

iphone tips, tricks and tutorials at techwelkin

Uber: For Taxi Hailing

Uber app is a must especially when autos and local buses go on a flash strike for various reasons. The fares are reasonable. Uber drivers are good too. You should avoid disclosing your personal details via a personal chat with the driver. It’s better to be cautious during the journey. Many people think that the fare of Uber is not very competitive. In such a case you can opt for a shared cab if you are comfortable sharing a short journey with strangers.

Weather Underground App for iPhone

iOS has its own Weather app, but the free Weather Underground app for iPhone is a better option. It is better because it clearly presents lots of hyper-local information in a simple and customizable interface. However, if you are willing to shell out $4 for Dark Sky app, go for it.

Dark Sky Weather: More Precise Info

With Dark Sky Weather, you can be sure to know every change in the weather, not only in your city but also in the location that you are likely to visit after a couple of hours. It predicts the weather down to the minute.

Evernote: Make Notes Easily on iPhone

Evernote, the free virtual notebook that you can carry everywhere, is a great app. It allows you to take notes directly in the app, upload pages from the notebook, save images and text from the web and track tasks.

Evernote is one of the best note making app for iphone

This app is popular because it synchronizes all your files and saves them to a cloud service. These files are searchable and you can find the required file easily.

PeakFinder Earth: Find Hills and Mountains!

If you are the kind who is passionate about the hills and the mountains, disappear every short and long weekends into the hills; this app is for you and definitely not for all. Well, not everybody loves the hills and mountains!

The app shows the names of all mountains and peaks with a 360° panorama display and works offline and that too worldwide! PeakFinder knows more than 300,000 peaks – from Mount Everest to the little hill around the corner.

FitNet: Keep Yourself Healthy

If you are a fitness freak then this could be the right app for you on your iPhone. This trainer-only app includes an exhaustive catalogue of quick and easy workouts that are near perfect for the busy professionals and homemakers. If you are willing to dole out some moolah, you can have a personal trainer anytime who will coach you via text and video.

Amazon: For Shopping Online

This number one retailer is almost everybody’s favorite app on all smarphones. You can browse Amazon’s huge collection of products smoothly and enable notifications for the daily discounts on various products. Shopping has become so much easier with this app. Amazon is amazing, isn’t it?

Amazon is an essential app on your iPhone if you love online shopping

Dropbox: For Cloud Storage

There are many cloud services to pick from, still Dropbox ranks among one of the best simply because it works well on all platforms. Dropbox allows you to save and view your files across multiple devices, including your desktop, laptop, phone or tablet, as long as you have the internet access. You can also stream movies that are saved on your computer, using Dropbox. Add the movie file to your Dropbox folder and allow it to sync. After it is uploaded to your Dropbox account, launch Dropbox iPhone app — iTunes link and navigate to the film, and you can watch it from anywhere in no time.

Google Drive: More Online Storage

If you are a Google apps fan then another great cloud service app is the Google Drive. It is a secure file storage service that allows you to save files in the cloud, synchronize files across devices and share the files.

Yelp: Find Services and Their Reviews

This free app is the most comprehensive business-reviewing app. Yelp has over 100 million reviews of businesses worldwide. This incredibly useful app is also an invaluable tool for finding restaurants, stores, and services nearby, especially when you are in a city that you hardly know. It also helps you find good local spots worldwide.

Google Maps: Find Your Way!

iPhone comes with its own navigator app Maps. But still Google Maps is the preferred app for your iPhone because it fully delivers. Maps has been causing navigation issues and not very many have the patience to deal with it.

google maps is an essential app for iphone

Turn-by-turn directions given by this app are flawless — be it by car, on foot or public transportation. Google Maps also shows the condition of traffic on roads. You can also view estimated travel time and integrate it with your Google account for quick access to your destination. Offline maps, Street View, and indoor maps are some of the other features that the app includes.

Netflix: Best App for Movie Buffs

This paid app is one of the most popular and the world’s leading subscription service to watch TV serials and movies on your phone. Netflix app delivers the best experience and as a part of your Netflix membership, you can instantly watch thousands of TV serials & movies. You can also rate your favorite shows. Currently $7.99 per month is the subscription fee.

Though I have listed some of the must-have apps for iPhone, I think that choice of apps is personal and we download and use apps as per our individual needs. I love watching movies on the big screen so Netflix is not for me but all at home love the app and have it on their smartphones. Do share your must-have list of apps for your iPhone that you think has not been featured in this article.

Should you have any question on this topic, please feel free to ask in the comments section. We, at TechWelkin and our reader community will try to assist you. Thank you for using TechWelkin.


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