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Convert Roman Hindi Text into Devanagari Script

TechWelkin also publishes useful information about using Hindi on digital devices and Internet.
Samyak Lalit | September 21, 2012 (Last update: September 23, 2017)

Samyak Lalit is an Indian author and disability rights activist. He is the principal author and founder of projects like TechWelkin, WeCapable, Viklangta, Kavita Kosh among many others.

I have developed a free tool to convert Hindi Devanagari text into Roman Hindi (i.e. Hindi text written with English letters). But at times you need a tool that can do just opposite of this.

Today a friend of mine asked me if there is a tool available that can convert Roman Hindi (i.e. Hindi language written using Roman characters) into Devanagari script? In the world of Hindi typing, in addition to Hindi font conversion, it is one of the most frequently asked questions. I always type directly in Devanagari Hindi –so I never felt the need of any such tool. But if you have received a lot of Roman Hindi text and you want to convert it into Devanagari –you will definitely wish for an automated software tool. And if it could be free, wouldn’t it be great?!

At first, I thought that such a tool may not exist because there is no popular standard for typing Roman Hindi. Everyone types the way they are used to with (for example main, mein, ma, me –they all are possible Roman spellings for a single Devanagari word!)

TechWelkin also publishes useful information about using Hindi on digital devices and Internet.

TechWelkin also publishes useful information about using Hindi on digital devices and Internet.

But there is actually a good tool available for this work. However, it is as good as your Roman Hindi!

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TechWelkin transliteration tool is good at converting roman English text into Devanagari Hindi. Because there is no standard for writing roman Hindi, the tool may makes mistakes if you provide it with a really badly written piece of roman Hindi text. But in most cases it makes a good conversion.

You can simply copy the roman English text and paste it into the TechWelkin transliteration tool. The tool will gradually convert the script. Once automated conversion is over, you may have to make necessary corrections manually.

Click here to go to TechWelkin transliteration tool

Hope this tool helps saving your time! Let me know what you think.

If you have any questions in this regard, please feel free to ask. I would be more than happy to assist you. Thank you for using TechWelkin.


12 responses to “Convert Roman Hindi Text into Devanagari Script”

  1. Heeralall Sewnath says:

    Please help me to load a programme that will convert Roman script to Devnagri. Also, if possible to write a sentence in English, and this can translate into Hindi.

  2. sayyed rahemat ali says:

    I want roman english to devanagri translator app to work offline

  3. Philip Nand says:

    I need something that can convert English to Roman Hindi(using English alphabets) Can you help please

  4. justdooit says:

    Thank you sir. It solves my purpose.

  5. haridarshan Singh says:

    i want to roman English convert into hindi language

  6. v b khanapure says:

    hindi ko angreji ki spardha men lana hai to technology ka sahi aur bharpoor prayog karana aur karaana jaroori hai. is kaam men aap jaise noujavanon ko aage aana hoga . abhinandan, mr lalit kumar . aage badho .

  7. ken says:

    Roman Hindi to Devanagari /Regional transliteration

    Hello Lalit ji,

    India needs standard Roman Alphabet with built in transliteration scheme to all languages for I-Phone keyboards.

    Each consonant produces these 15 sounds when combined with vowels.

    ્,ા,િ,ી,ુ,ૂ,ૅ,ે,ૈ,ૉ,ો,ૌ,ં ,ં,ઃ
    ə ɑ ɪ iː ʊ uː æ ɛ əɪ ɔ o əʊ əm ən əh ………IPA……..ɑɪ ,ɑʊ,æʊ,
    ạ ā i ī u ū ă e ại ŏ o ạu ạm ạn ạh……….Roman

    a aa i ii u uu ae e ai aw o au aM aN aH…….needed keyboard strokes

    ạ ā i ī u ū ă e ại ŏ o ạu ạm ạn ạh……….Roman output
    ……………………………………………………………Transliterate to select language

    A phonetic (phonemic) alphabet is the only competent alphabet in the world. It can spell and correctly pronounce any word in our language -Mark Twain

    a̩ fa̩netik (fa̩nīmik) ălfa̩bet iz dhī onlī kāmpa̩ta̩nt ălfa̩bet in dha̩ va̩rld. it ka̩n spel a̩nd ka̩rektlī pra̩năuns enī wa̩rd in ār lăngvij. – Mārk Twein……Roman

    અ ફનેટિક્ (ફનીમિક્) ઍલ્ફબેટ્ ઇઝ્ ધી ઓન્લી કામ્પટન્ટ્ ઍલ્ફબેટ્ ઇન્ ધ વર્લ્ડ્. ઇટ્ કન્ સ્પેલ્ અન્ડ્ કરેક્ટલી પ્રનૅઉન્સ્ એની વર્ડ્ ઇન્ આર્ લૅન્ગ્વિજ્. -માર્ક્ ટ્વેઇન્

    अ फनेटिक् (फनीमिक्) ऍल्फबेट् इझ् धी ओन्ली काम्पटन्ट् ऍल्फबेट् इन् ध वर्ल्ड्. इट् कन् स्पेल् अन्ड् करेक्टली प्रनॅउन्स् एनी वर्ड् इन् आर् लॅन्ग्विज्. -मार्क् ट्वेइन्

    ə fəˈnetɪk (fəˈniːmɪk) ˈælfəˌbet ɪz ðiː ˈoʊnliː ˈkɑmpətənt ˈælfəˌbet ˈɪn ðə ˈwərld. ˈɪt kən ˈspel ənd kəˈrekliː prəˈnæʊns ˈeniː ˈwərd ˈɪn ɑr ˈlæŋgwɪdʒ. -ˈmɑrk ˈtweɪn….IPA

  8. shashank mishhra says:

    it’s too good , very useful!!

  9. Mahesh says:

    I have used it just once but found it does the job very well.



  10. Shad says:

    Thanks for the information!
    But do u know how to convert Devanagari Hindi Text into Roman Script? Is there any such tool or website for that?

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