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Fancy HTML: Special Character And Symbol ASCII Codes

Samyak Lalit | February 25, 2012 (Last update: September 22, 2017)

Samyak Lalit is an Indian author and disability rights activist. He is the principal author and founder of projects like TechWelkin, WeCapable, Viklangta, Kavita Kosh among many others.

Sometime ago when I wrote an article on how to use fancy fonts on your website or blog, a friend of mine suggested that I should also publish a list of special ASCII characters along with their HTML codes. These uncommon ASCII  alphabets make amusing appearance on some websites.

Following is the list of special HTML ASCII characters that can be used in webpages. Before you embed any of these characters in your code, it is recommended to use UTF-8 character set in order to correctly display these symbols. For this, just include the following line in the HEAD section of your webpage:

<meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html;charset=utf-8" />

Please note that the following table contains only alphabetical characters. I have published a separate list of even more fancy symbols and Greek letters.

Character Friendly Code Numerical Code Hex Code Description
A A A A Capital A
a a a a Lowercase A
À À À À Capital A-grave
à à à à Lowercase A-grave
Á Á Á Á Capital A-acute
á á á á Lowercase A-acute
    Capital A-circumflex
â â â â Lowercase A-circumflex
à à à à Capital A-tilde
ã ã ã ã Lowercase A-tilde
Ä Ä Ä Ä Capital A-umlaut
ä ä ä ä Lowercase A-umlaut
Å Å Å Å Capital A-ring
å å å å Lowercase A-umlaut
Ā Ā Ā Capital A-macron
ā ā ā Lowercase A-macron
Ă Ă Ă Capital A-breve
ă ă ă Lowercase A-breve
Ą Ą Ą Capital A-ogonek
ą ą ą Lowercase A-ogonek
Ǟ Ǟ Ǟ Capital A-diaeresis and macron
ǟ ǟ ǟ Lowercase A-diaeresis and macron
Ǻ Ǻ Ǻ Capital A-acute ring
ǻ ǻ ǻ Lowercase A-acute ring
Æ Æ Æ Æ Capital AE Ligature
æ æ æ æ Lowercase AE Ligature
Ǽ Ǽ Ǽ Capital AE Ligature-acute
ǽ ǽ ǽ Lowercase AE Ligature-acute
B B B B Capital B
b b b b Lowercase B
Ḃ Ḃ Capital B-dot
ḃ ḃ Lowercase B-dot
C C C C Capital C
c c c c Lowercase C
Ć Ć Ć Capital C-acute
ć ć ć Lowercase C-acute
Ç Ç Ç Ç Capital C-cedilla
ç ç ç ç Lowercase C-cedilla
Č Č Č Capital C-hachek
č č č Lowercase C-hachek
Ĉ Ĉ Ĉ Capital C-circumflex
ĉ ĉ ĉ Lowercase C-circumflex
Ċ Ċ Ċ Capital C-dot
ċ ċ ċ Lowercase C-dot
D D D D Capital D
d d d d Lowercase D
Ḑ Ḑ Capital D-cedilla
ḑ ḑ Lowercase D-cedilla
Ď Ď Ď Capital D-hachek
ď ď ď Lowercase D-hachek
Ḋ Ḋ Capital D-dot
ḋ ḋ Lowercase D-dot
Đ Đ Đ Capital D-stroke
đ đ đ Lowercase D-stroke
Ð Ð Ð Ð Capital Eth (Icelandic)
ð ð ð ð Lowercase Eth (Icelandic)
DZ or Dz DZ or &498; DZ or Dz Capital DZ Ligature
dz dz dz Lowercase DZ Ligature
DŽ or Dž DŽ or Dž DŽ or Dž Capital DZ-hachek
dž dž dž Lowercase DZ-hachek
E E E E Capital E
e e e e Lowercase E
È È È È Capital E-grave
è è è è Lowercase E-grave
É É É É Capital E-acute
é é é é Lowercase E-acute
Ě Ě Ě Capital E-hachek
ě ě ě Lowercase E-hachek
Ê Ê Ê Ê Capital E-circumflex
ê ê ê ê Lowercase E-circumflex
Ë Ë Ë Ë Capital E-umlaut
ë ë ë ë Lowercase E-umlaut
Ē Ē Ē Capital E-macron
ē ē ē Lowercase E-macron
Ĕ Ĕ Ĕ Capital E-breve
ĕ ĕ ĕ Lowercase E-breve
Ę Ę Ę Capital E-ogonek
ę ę ę Lowercase E-ogonek
Ė Ė Ė Capital E-dot
ė ė ė Lowercase E-dot
Ʒ Ʒ Ʒ Capital Ezh
ʒ ʒ ʒ Lowercase Ezh
Ǯ Ǯ Ǯ Capital Ezh-hachek
ǯ ǯ ǯ Lowercase Ezh-hachek
F F F F Capital F
f f f f Lowercase F
Ḟ Ḟ Capital F-dot
ḟ ḟ Lowercase F-dot
ƒ ƒ ƒ Lowercase F-hook
ff ff Lowercase FF Ligature
fi fi Lowercase FI Ligature
fl fl Lowercase FL Ligature
ffi ffi Lowercase FFI Ligature
ffl ffl Lowercase FFL Ligature
ſt ſt Lowercase FT Ligature
G G G G Capital G
g g g g Lowercase G
Ǵ Ǵ Ǵ Capital G-acute
ǵ ǵ ǵ Lowercase G-acute
Ģ Ģ Ģ Capital G-cedilla
ģ ģ ģ Lowercase G-cedilla
Ǧ Ǧ Ǧ Capital G-hachek
ǧ ǧ ǧ Lowercase G-hachek
Ĝ Ĝ Ĝ Capital G-circumflex
ĝ ĝ ĝ Lowercase G-circumflex
Ğ Ğ Ğ Capital G-breve
ğ ğ ğ Lowercase G-breve
Ġ Ġ Ġ Capital G-dot
ġ ġ ġ Lowercase G-dot
Ǥ Ǥ Ǥ Capital G-stroke
ǥ ǥ ǥ Lowercase G-stroke
H H H H Capital H
h h h h Lowercase H
Ĥ Ĥ Ĥ Capital H-circumflex
ĥ ĥ ĥ Lowercase H-circumflex
Ħ Ħ Ħ Capital H-stroke
ħ ħ ħ Lowercase H-stroke
I I I I Capital I
i i i i Lowercase I
Ì Ì Ì Ì Capital I-grave
ì ì ì ì Lowercase I-grave
Í Í Í Í Capital I-acute
í í í í Lowercase I-acute
Î Î Î Î Capital I-circumflex
î î î î Lowercase I-circumflex
Ĩ Ĩ Ĩ Capital I-tilde
ĩ ĩ ĩ Lowercase I-tilde
Ï Ï Ï Ï Capital I-umlaut
ï ï ï ï Lowercase I-umlaut
Ī Ī Ī Capital I-macron
ī ī ī Lowercase I-macron
Ĭ Ĭ Ĭ Capital I-breve
ĭ ĭ ĭ Lowercase I-breve
Į Į Į Capital I-ogonek
į į į Lowercase I-ogonek
İ İ İ Capital I-dot
ı ı ı Lowercase I-dotless
IJ IJ IJ Capital IJ Ligature
ij ij ij Lowercase IJ Ligature
J J J J Capital J
j j j j Lowercase J
Ĵ Ĵ Ĵ Capital J-circumflex
ĵ ĵ ĵ Lowercase J-circumflex
K K K K Capital K
k k k k Lowercase K
Ḱ Ḱ Capital K-acute
ḱ ḱ Lowercase K-acute
Ķ Ķ Ķ Capital K-cedilla
ķ ķ ķ Lowercase K-cedilla
Ǩ Ǩ Ǩ Capital K-hachek
ǩ ǩ ǩ Lowercase K-hachek
ĸ ĸ ĸ Small Capital K
L L L L Capital L
l l l l Lowercase L
Ĺ Ĺ Ĺ Capital L-acute
ĺ ĺ ĺ Lowercase L-acute
Ļ Ļ Ļ Capital L-cedilla
ļ ļ ļ Lowercase L-cedilla
Ľ Ľ Ľ Capital L-hachek
ľ ľ ľ Lowercase L-hachek
Ŀ Ŀ Ŀ Capital L-middle dot
ŀ ŀ ŀ Lowercase L-middle dot
Ł Ł Ł Capital L-stroke
ł ł ł Lowercase L-stroke
LJ or Lj LJ or Lj LJ or Lj Capital LJ Ligature
lj lj lj Lowercase LJ Ligature
M M M M Capital M
m m m m Lowercase M
Ṁ Ṁ Capital M-dot
ṁ ṁ Lowercase M-dot
N N N N Capital N
n n n n Lowercase N
Ń Ń Ń Capital N-acute
ń ń ń Lowercase N-acute
Ņ Ņ Ņ Capital N-cedilla
ņ ņ ņ Lowercase N-cedilla
Ň Ň Ň Capital N-hachek
ň ň ň Lowercase N-hachek
Ñ Ñ Ñ Ñ Capital N – tilde
ñ ñ ñ ñ Lowercase N-tilde
ʼn ʼn ʼn Lowercase N-apostrophe (before)
Ŋ Ŋ Ŋ Capital Eng
ŋ ŋ ŋ Lowercase Eng
NJ or Nj NJ or Nj NJ or Nj Capital NJ Ligature
nj nj nj Lowercase NJ Ligature
O O O O Capital O
o o o o Lowercase O
Ò Ò Ò Ò Capital O-grave
ò ò ò ò Lowercase O-grave
Ó Ó Ó Ó Capital O-acute
ó ó ó ó Lowercase O-acute
Ô Ô Ô Ô Capital O-circumflex
ô ô ô ô Lowercase O-circumflex
Õ Õ Õ Õ Capital O-tilde
õ õ õ õ Lowercase O-tilde
Ö Ö Ö Ö Capital O-umlaut
ö ö ö ö Lowercase O-umlaut
Ō Ō Ō Capital O-macron
ō ō ō Lowercase O-macron
Ŏ Ŏ Ŏ Capital O-breve
ŏ ŏ ŏ Lowercase O-breve
Ø Ø Ø Ø Capital O-slash
ø ø ø ø Lowercase O-slash
Ő Ő Ő Capital O-double acute
ő ő ő Lowercase O-double acute
Ǿ Ǿ Ǿ Capital O-acute slash
ǿ ǿ ǿ Lowercase O-acute slash
ΠΠΠΠCapital OE Ligature
œ œ œ œ Lowercase OE Ligature
P P P P Capital P
p p p p Lowercase P
Ṗ Ṗ Capital P-dot
ṗ ṗ Lowercase P-dot
Q Q Q Q Capital Q
q q q q Lowercase Q
R R R R Capital R
r r r r Lowercase R
Ŕ Ŕ Ŕ Capital R-acute
ŕ ŕ ŕ Lowercase R-acute
Ŗ Ŗ Ŗ Capital R-cedilla
ŗ ŗ ŗ Lowercase R-cedilla
Ř Ř Ř Capital R-hachek
ř ř ř Lowercase R-hachek
ɼ ɼ ɼ Lowercase R-Long leg
S S S S Capital S
s s s s Lowercase S
Ś Ś Ś Capital S-acute
ś ś ś Lowercase S-acute
Ş Ş Ş Capital S-cedilla
ş ş ş Lowercase S-cedilla
Š Š Š Capital S-hachek
š š š Lowercase S-hachek
Ŝ Ŝ Ŝ Capital S-circumflex
ŝ ŝ ŝ Lowercase S-circumflex
Ṡ Ṡ Capital S-dot
ṡ ṡ Lowercase S-dot
ſ ſ ſ Lowercase S-long
ß ß ß ß Lowercase SZ Ligature
T T T T Capital T
t t t t Lowercase T
Ţ Ţ Ţ Capital T-cedilla
ţ ţ ţ Lowercase T-cedilla
Ť Ť Ť Capital T-hachek
ť ť ť Lowercase T-hachek
Ṫ Ṫ Capital T-dot
ṫ ṫ Lowercase T-dot
Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Capital T-stroke
ŧ ŧ ŧ Lowercase T-stroke
Þ Þ Þ Þ Capital Thorn
þ þ þ þ Lowercase Thorn
U U U U Capital U
u u u u Lowercase U
Ù Ù Ù Ù Capital U-grave
ù ù ù ù Lowercase U-grave
Ú Ú Ú Ú Capital U-acute
ú ú ú ú Lowercase U-acute
Û Û Û Û Capital U-circumflex
û û û û Lowercase U-circumflex
Ũ Ũ Ũ Capital U-tilde
ũ ũ ũ Lowercase U-tilde
Ü Ü Ü Ü Capital U-umlaut
ü ü ü ü Lowercase U-umlaut
Ů Ů Ů Capital U-ring
ů ů ů Lowercase U-ring
Ū Ū Ū Capital U-macron
ū ū ū Lowercase U-macron
Ŭ Ŭ Ŭ Capital U-breve
ŭ ŭ ŭ Lowercase U-breve
Ų Ų Ų Capital U-ogonek
ų ų ų Lowercase U-ogonek
Ű Ű Ű Capital U-double acute
ű ű ű Lowercase U-double acute
V V V V Capital V
v v v v Lowercase V
W W W W Capital W
w w w w Lowercase W
Ẁ Ẁ Capital W-grave
ẁ ẁ Lowercase W-grave
Ẃ Ẃ Capital W-acute
ẃ ẃ Lowercase W-acute
Ŵ Ŵ Ŵ Capital W-circumflex
ŵ ŵ ŵ Lowercase W-circumflex
Ẅ Ẅ Capital W-umlaut
ẅ ẅ Lowercase W-umlaut
X X X X Capital X
x x x x Lowercase X
Y Y Y Y Capital Y
y y y y Lowercase Y
Ỳ Ỳ Capital Y-grave
ỳ ỳ Lowercase Y-grave
Ý Ý Ý Ý Capital Y-acute
ý ý ý ý Lowercase Y – acute
Ŷ Ŷ Ŷ Capital Y-circumflex
ŷ ŷ ŷ Lowercase Y-circumflex
Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Capital Y-umlaut
ÿ ÿ ÿ ÿ Lowercase Y-umlaut
Z Z Z Z Capital Z
z z z z Lowercase Z
Ź Ź Ź Capital Z-acute
ź ź ź Lowercase Z-acute
Ž Ž Ž Capital Z-hachek
ž ž ž Lowercase Z-hachek
Ż Ż Ż Capital Z-dot
ż ż ż Lowercase Z-dot

This is the list of fancy HTML alphabet and ASCII characters.Among these capital E, capital G, capital R, capital N, capital C, capital D and some lowercase letters are especially popular. As I mentioned above, you should use UTF-8 character set to properly display such symbols and letters. I have another article on even more fancy symbols and Greek letters.

Please let me know if you have any questions on this topic. I will be happy to try and help you. Thank you for using TechWelkin!


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