How to Prevent Temporary Google Account Lock Down

There are times when your Google account gets temporarily locked down. The Google account is connected with all the Google services like Gmail, Google Apps, YouTube, Maps etc. If your account is locked down, you will not be able to use any of these services. Google keeps on monitoring your account usage and it realizes that there are certain patterns in the way you use your account. Whenever, Google detects an out of ordinary activity in your account, it takes preemptive action and suspends your account for a few hours. This is done for the safety of your account and the information inside it.

When such an incident happens, Google shows the following message to inform you about account suspension:

“To keep our systems healthy, Google has temporarily disabled your account. This primarily occurs when we detect unusually high levels of activity on your account. In most cases, it should take one hour to regain access. In rare cases, it can take up to 24 hours for access to be reinstated.”

Can you Quickly Unblock Your Locked Down Google Account?

Well, as the message says, the suspension is temporary. You just have to wait until Google decides to unblock your account.This may take a few minutes and probably few hours. So, just wait! There is no other way to regain access.

While you wait, you may be wondering what might have caused account suspension. Because Google is a fully automated system, it all depends on what Google’s algorithm marked as “unusual activity”. Some of the possibilities are:

  • You sent a lot of emails that bounced back.
  • Using IMAP and POP you tried to send, download or delete lot of emails using a third-party software.
  • You might have tried to login from many different locations. Google may assume that different people are trying to access your account.
  • Too many failed login attempts. In this case, Google will assume that somebody is trying to hack your account.
  • You might be using the same Google account on many devices. Nowadays, it is common to use Google account on computer, mobile phone and tablet. But if you use the same account on more devices, it may send an unusual activity signal.

Error message Unusual Usage - Account Temporarily Locked Down

If you take care of the above mentioned issues, it is highly unlikely that your Google account will be locked down. We would also like to reiterate the usual advice that you should use a strong password and keep changing it every now and then.

Are you facing the account locked down problem? You can post your problem in the comments section below. TechWelkin Team and our reader community will try to assist you. Thank you for using TechWelkin!

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