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Killing Time: 20 Websites for Wasting Time in Office, Home or While Waiting!

Learn how to waste time on Internet.
Samyak Lalit | September 2, 2014 (Last update: April 24, 2021)

Samyak Lalit is an Indian author and disability rights activist. He is the principal author and founder of projects like TechWelkin, WeCapable, Viklangta, Kavita Kosh among many others.

A few days ago I wrote an article on how people are wasting (or may be killing?) so much time on Internet. They seem to be getting trapped in the applications like Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, WhatsApp etc. All these apps are very useful but only if used in a controlled way. Motive of that article was to warn people from the uselessness of killing / wasting time by hopping on from one website to another. Well, I am sure most of you would not take the advice anyway! :-))

So, just to help you in wasting time on websites even in more brutal way, today I will tell you about a few websites that are truly made for just one purpose: To Kill Time Online. These are the websites to waste your time on.

I myself wonder why someone took the efforts of creating these meaningless websites. But you’ll be surprised to know that there are hundreds of websites which have no imaginable objective (well, of course, other than making people waste their time online). If you want, may be you would like to know how to better use your time online and even make some bucks! Well, now let’s sample a few of amazingly useless and time wasting websites:

1. Waste Time on ZoomQuilt II Website

A flash-based project which keeps on zooming in through lots of pictures. You can not stop falling into this bottomless well. It is not really bottomless however. There are only 88 images at present and images will eventually repeat if you have the guts to waste half and hour of your precious office time.

Yes, it appears to be a totally pointless website, nevertheless, I liked the paintings and the fairytale theme in this project.

Learn how to waste time on Internet.

Learn how to waste time on Internet.

2. Falling Falling

This is one of those utterly useless website. It shows colorful patterns crumbling over each other. But the real “effect” will come only if you switch on your computer’s speakers. You’ll leave the website asking yourself, “so, did the plane eventually fall to touch the ground?”

3. Bury Me With My Money

Huh! a man falls from top of the screen. Upon hitting “ground” thus he spoke, “Bury me with my money”…….. and that is all. Show is over. Website is done!… okay, okay… I hear you! I will try to present a bit less stupid websites from now on ;-)

4. Drum Kit: Fun with the Keyboard Keys

This single page website shows a keyboard. When the page is fully loaded, you can press various keys of your computer keyboard to see different effects on screen. Oh my, trust me, this is real wastage of time. But I am sure you’ll still give it a try! Curiosity thy name is internet users!

5. What Does the Internet Think

Have you ever thought what is the perception of The Internet about you? If you haven’t, now would want to most certainly know. This website tells you what Internet thinks about certain subjects (often the relatively more popular ones). Don’t ask me how does it determine the results! I don’t wanna waste anymore time on figuring this out ;-) eh… by the way, it did not find a result when I search for my name. From this, I assume that Internet thinks very clean of me :-))

6. Gangster Speak: Parody of Internet

Gizoogle changes the content of any webpage into what they call “gangsta lingo”… Just type anything in this “search engine” and see what it throws at you.

Please note that the gangsta lingo contains a lot of abusive words. So, have a look at this website at your own risk. But if you can handle the unsavory words, you will be able to spend quite some time on this site.

7. IIPImages

This website hosts a number of images of very high resolution. You can zoom-in and zoom-out of these images. This allows you to have a closer look and take notice of very finer details. For example, you can view Mona Lisa so clearly that you can not manage to grasp such details even when standing in front of the real painting.

8. Here is Today

This website visualizes relative vastness of different periods of time. You can see the insignificance of today in comparison with, let’s say, a millennium. Time killer, yes it is, but at the same time this website leaves you in a contemplative mood.

9. Akinator

It’s a game like 20 questions —but the program is much smarter and it guesses most of the real or fictional celebrities within 10 questions! I tested it for Mahatma Gandhi and Stephen Hawking; and it guessed it right in just eight questions. The questions asked by it were very clear.

10. 20Q

Another 20 questions game. You need to think of something fairly well-known and then answer 20 questions asked by the program. In the process, based on your answers, the program will try to guess what you had thought of. It’s a great game to play with friends as well. When online you can spend (or waste) time on this website :-) I have always enjoyed playing 20Q.

11. Don’t Click

A web layout that works on mouse over —instead of on clicks. Menus open and content expands and collapses when you hover your mouse. You don’t need to click. Curious layout for web designers but for others it is just another only way of amusement and killing time.

12. eBizzare

Remember Ripley’s Believe it or Not? Now eBizzare is here to give shocks of disbelief. On this website, you will find thousands of facts that are very strange in nature. What could be a better way to waste time while keep on giving giving yourself a dose of bizzare facts and trivia? No need to ask Google!

Killing time is not so difficult if you have an Internet connection. Wasting time is fun some time :-)

Killing time is not so difficult if you have an Internet connection. Wasting time is fun some time :-)

13. GeoGuesser

Based on Google Maps Street View, this game shows you various locations from around the world and asks you the recognize location from what you see. All standard features of Street View are available —this is, you can pan, zoom in and out, change elevation and angles etc.

Once you have got some idea of the probable location, you would need to click on world’s map to point the location. Then the website tells you how near or far your guess is from the location that was shown. You get more points if you put the pin closer to the actual location. An interesting game I would say! An ideal time killer in office (or at home!) even as you can also increase your geographical knowledge.

14. Timelapse

Want to know how the world has changed over a period of time? This website play for you series of satellite imagery of a place taken over the decades. For example, you can see how once upon a time, Dubai was just a lonely God-forsaken desert and then how development happened and how the famous Palm Island appeared. A cool place to spend and waste 20 minutes.

15. Pointless Diagrams

As the blogger says, these aimless diagrams are posted on daily-basis. You would need to look hard(er) in order to find some meaning in these drawings. Most of the time you’ll fail simply because these doodles are supposed to be meaningless! Go ahead and dare yourself.

16. Comic Strip Maker

Feeling bored? Why not try your hand at making some nonsense (or sensible, if you can manage) comic strips? Instead of pointlessly doodling on paper, you can go to this website and unleash your imagination. All the ingredients of a comic strip, like characters, objects, balloons etc., are available there. All you need to do is to drag and drop them to the place of your choice. A great way to show off your creativity and butcher time on internet.

17. Move Now Think Later

Webpage looks like a board game (similar to Chinese Go) —but I am not sure if it moves the black and white dots in a logical way or they just dance around randomly. Let me know, oh please, if you could get hold of what this is! To me it looked more like a screensaver than anything else. Good for killing 5 minutes.

18. Ducks Are the Best

You’ll slap yourself. I mean wasting time is okay but this is just pure insult to the very concept of killing time! Come on, what could be more useless and meaningless than this? But I know you’re having fun going through this list of utterly nonsense websites (well, however, some of the websites I have listed are not at all nonsense —they are in fact good for passing time)

19. Koala Photo

Now after a VERY irritating website, here is an interesting one. Go to this website. As you will move your mouse over circles, the circle will break into four smaller circles. The process will go on and on as you will move your mouse. Eventually, if you paint with your mouse enough, an image of a koala will gradually appear. Phew! people can think of and do anything imaginable!

Alright fellas, this is it for today, I will keep on adding more websites to this list. Do share and bookmark this page —so that you can easily come back to have a look at some more time killing websites. As I write about professional blogging, I would still say that bloggers need to be focused and they should not get into the habit of “wilfing”.

20. Facebook!

Yes! Facebook is probably the best time killer out there. You get into it and you will find endless stuff that will keep you engaged for hours. There are friends, strangers, jokes, internet memes, debates, news, photos and videos of all descriptions. You would not get bored at all and time will fly like a jet plane.

I am sure there are innumerable websites where one can waste time. Which one’s your favorite? Please share with us so that we can add it to this list. Do let me know what you think :-) Thank you for using TechWelkin!


4 responses to “Killing Time: 20 Websites for Wasting Time in Office, Home or While Waiting!”

  1. Lisa Robenolt says:

    • The creators of these websites, I must say… Have wasaay too much time on their hands! Omgnss!
    • Some comical, some funny, some stupid as you quoted, and definately some are just weired or as you say and I quote ” utterly a waste of time”.
    • Who’da thunk it?! Thanks for the laughs, the sighs, the Oh Really’s.

  2. Aimen says:

    Great list – ‘Akinator’ is addictive and fun!

  3. ever says:

    move now think later is checkers

  4. cassidy says:

    wow! just wow!

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