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Modi vs. Rahul vs. Kejriwal: Funny Video Jokes on Election Politics

In the season of Indian General Elections, jokes on political leaders are going viral on social media.
Samyak Lalit | April 16, 2014 (Last update: August 20, 2023)

Samyak Lalit is an Indian author and disability rights activist. He is the principal author and founder of projects like TechWelkin, WeCapable, Viklangta, Kavita Kosh among many others.

Do you want to laugh at some of Rahul Gandhi jokes? Or want to roll of the floor with some Modi jokes? Oh well, Kejriwal jokes are also making millions laugh! This is the great election tamasha and political funny jokes are doing round everywhere.

India’s General Elections, the largest democratic process on earth is underway nowadays. Combined with inherent complexity of Indian society, hundreds of political parties, big leaders, small leaders, independents, rallies, bad-mouthing, allegations and counter-allegations make Lok Sabha polls a very interesting event. This year, the game’s big players are Narendra Modi of the Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP), Rahul Gandhi of Congress and Arvind Kejariwal of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). These elections are unique because this time social media is playing a significant (if not crucial) role.

In the season of Indian General Elections, jokes on political leaders are going viral on social media.

In the season of Indian General Elections, jokes on political leaders are going viral on social media.

YouTube is now full of spoof videos that take dig on various leaders, their policies and their styles. I have seen a number of such videos and here is the list of funniest spoof videos that I came across!

1. Arnub Goswami Interview

This is undoubtedly the best spoof video and it is so good that I would even recommend it for some award. Brilliant script and excellent performances made it worth watching tens of times. And trust me, you will keep on laughing without getting into faintest of boredom.

Script of this video supreme-poses current Indian political scenario onto the Bollywood (Hindi film industry). Very cleverly, the script intertwines issues of politics and that of the film industry.

Titled as “Nation Wants To Know”, this video has five actors: Arnub the Anchor (imitating Arnab Goswami, a journalist who recently interviewed Rahul Gandhi on TV), Another Chopra (imitating a member of Chopra family of film-makers and a Congress representative), Arjun Kejriwal (imitating Arvind Kejriwal), Meenakshi Lekhika (imitating Meenakshi Lekhi of BJP) and another fellow acting as a film critic who wasn’t given a chance to speak in the entire question-answer session. The video is full of catchy one liners. My favorite ones are:

Arnub: “I am going to start this one-sided debate with my personal views and judgements disguised as a question for greater impact.”

Arnub: “you should be (sorry)!”

Another Chopra: “Items songs per film has gone up from two to four.”

Arnub: “Mr. Chopra say empowerment again. I dare you! Say empowerment one more time. I double dare you!”

Arnub: “you started to make some sense so i need to cut you off”

Meenakshi Lekhika: “We believe in development of developing development of the development of the era of the developing development of Indian cinema… so… development”

Arnub: “first of all, you can not speak for so long on my show. And that too in Hindi.”

Arnub: “this is cheating. I am katty with you.”

Arnub: “I don’t watch Chhota Bheem. Season 2 was pathetic”

Arjun Kejriwal: “Poori picture khatam ho gayi, jahaaj to kya ek naav tak nahi dikhi”

Arjun Kejriwal: “30 minute ki picture ko 120 minute tak kheencha hai slow motion ke chakkar mein. kahan gaye wo 90 minute? yahi to scam hai.”

Meenakshi Lekhika: “being an IITian, no, you should not advice anybody on dates.”

Arjun Kejriwal: “hum desh ke har ghar mein jaa kar 700 second ki filme banaenge, free mein.”

Arnub: “For our English viewers, I’ll translate what he says. He says cow goes moo frog goes croak but what does the fox say, Arnum wants to know!”

Arjun Kejriwal: “Hamaare gel pen ki refill khatam ho gayi hai. Likh rahe hain hum log. Tum logo ki tarah seth log nahi hain, MacBook nahi hai hamaare paas.”

Arnub: “Ms. Lekhika statue!”

Meenakshi Lekhika: “I’ll not be statue. You go watch Pogo!”

Arnub: “I don’t watch Chhota Bheem. Season 2 was pathetic”

Arnub: “I’ll give the final conclusion as I always do to prove that I am ultimately right.”

Arnub: “Mr. Mayank Shekhar, you’re a film critic. Nothing you say will ever matter to Indian viewers.”

All these actors have shown superb acting skills as well as voice modulation / imitation. The actor who is playing Arvind Kejriwal is especially good in copying voice and style of the AAP leader.

This nearly 17 minute long video from TheViralFeverVideos was released on their YouTube channel. It immediately went viral. The video ends on a very funny note with Arnub parroting “Subscribe and Share” coercing viewers to subscribe the TVF channel. I am sure that this “miniscule” request from Arnub must have gotten the channel thousands of subscribers. This video has already clocked 3.2 million hits on YouTube.

2. Underwear Spoof on Kejriwal

This video take a dig at various stands of AAP convener Arvind Kejriwal. His propensity to sit on dharna comes in picture but mainly the video makes fun of his principles using a shopkeeper trying to sell him underwear. Kejriwal refuses to buy VIP brand because he is a common man; then he refuses Commando because he does not want protection. Jockey brand is refused too. And Indian brand Rupa is rejected because it’s a feminine name and the CM is supposed to protect women, not to take “protection” from them!


Created by Dhol Ki Pol, this video has so far been seen over one hundred thousand times. Title of this video is “AAP Ka Aam: Na Guthli, Na Koi Kaam!”

3. Congress Party Spoof Using Sholay Scene

There is a famous scene in 1970s blockbuster “Sholay” in which one of the protagonists, Jai, goes to the aunt of Basanti to discuss possibility of a marriage between Basanti and his friend Viru.


The same scene has been used in this spoof with original video and changed voice-over. Jai talks as a vote-seeker for Congress. Basanti’s aunt, the voter, asks questions about nature, character and intentions of the party. Jai’s answers are seemingly innocuous but actually damaging to the prospects of party. Jai apparently speaks truth and tries disguise it -but fails miserably!

4. Meeting of Modi and Kejriwal under “Deewar” Bridge

The famous scene from Amitabh Bachchan-Shashi Kapoor starer “Deewar” when they meet under a bridge has been used to crack jokes on Narendra Modi and Arvind Kejriwal. Two actors (with not-great acting skills) play political leaders and converse with each other.

The concept of using “Deewar bridge” is awesome but dialogues don’t do justice with the theme.

5. Nayak-2: The Common Man Rises

With 3.2 million hits on YouTube, this All India Bakchod (AIB) video is among the top layer of most popular spoofs in current election season. But if you ask me, it is nowhere near the Aurnab video from TVF.


“Nayak” was a Bollywood movie starring Anil Kapoor. The hero of movie is a common man who becomes Chief Minister for one day. With honesty and swift actions, he brings about a lot of positive changes in a rotten system.

“Nayak-2” was conceptualized as a sequel of the 2001 movie. Arvind Kejriwal’s story of a common man becoming Chief Minister and his 49-day long stint at the helm in Delhi government drew comparison between reel and real-life hero.

6. Dukhdarshan Presents Tragediwal

A little girl (imitating yesteryear’s famous news anchor Salma Sultan) informs the viewers that a person named A.Tragediwal is missing. On “Dukhdarshan” (joke on Doordarshan) channel, sporting a rose flower in her hair, a trademark of Salma Sultan, the little girl went on to describe characteristics of the missing Tragediwal. The video involves only child actors.


7. Rahul Gandhi interview with Arnab Goswami: A Spoof

Frankly speaking, there are not many good spoofs of Rahul Gandhi. Most of the available ones lack in quality. This one is better than others.

As I mentioned above, Rahul Gandhi’s interview with Arnab Goswami became a hit among joke-makers. This video spoof has some really hilarious dialogues spoken by the actor who plays Rahul Gandhi. Unlike the first video in this list where Aurnab stole the show, this spoof is all about Rahul Gandhi and his ostensible childish behavior. Arnab doesn’t speak much!


My favorite dialogues from this video are:

“M se mummy M se Manmohan, dono ek hi naam se saved the. Tabhi main kahu itna sannata kyun hai”

“Underline. mummy un sabhi lino ko underline kar deti hain”

“Modi ji ko banani aati hain sirf adrak wali chai. lemon tea, masala tea, ginger tea…”

There are hundreds of spoof videos on Modi, Rahul and Kejriwal available on YouTube. But I have selected only those that are better than others. I will keep adding to this list as and when I will get another good spoof. Let me know through comments if you want to suggest a spoof that should be included. Also, keep an eye on this article as it will be updated with more spoof videos on Indian election politics. Stay tuned!


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