How to Get ISBN Numbers in India

At times, I share with you information that is not exactly related with computer technology. Such articles are based on my research whenever I find myself in need. For example, my articles on registration of ngo (trust, society) are very popular and have helped thousands of people.

Raghav, A tech-savvy friend of mine wrote a programming related book (a pretty thick one!). He knows that his book is good quality and he will be able to sell it without support from a big publisher. To maximize his profits, Raghav wanted to publish it on his own. Self-publishing is in upswing nowadays in India.

“I have written this book and I can self publish it, but I don’t know how to get ISBN number. Big publishers have ISBN but where do they it from?”, asked Raghav.

“See, although you don’t really need ISBN for publishing your book but it is good if you have it. Raja Rammohun Roy National Agency for ISBN is the authority who issues ISBN numbers in India.”, I replied.

I researched a bit more and gave all the available information to Raghav about how to apply for ISBN.

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Today, I am bringing you the same information that I gave Raghav. With the advent of self-publishing and it’s growing popularity among writers, questions about ISBN numbers are being often asked. Here is a compilation of all the information you need to know about getting and using ISBN numbers in India.

Learn how to get ISBN Numbers in India.
Learn how to get ISBN Numbers in India.

What is ISBN Number?

ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number. It is a unique International Publisher’s Identifier number, which is meant for monographic publications. It identifies publisher and the title of publication. This 13 digit number is machine readable when converted into a EAN-13 barcode. You see this barcode, usually, on the back cover of books.

For what type of material can you get ISBN?

Following types of material is eligible for having an ISBN:

  1. Printed materials
  2. Microforms
  3. Educational Videos or Movies
  4. Mixed media publications
  5. Microcomputer software (only educational)
  6. Atlases and maps
  7. Publications in Braille
  8. Electronic publications

For what type of material ISBN will not be issued?

  1. Advertising material (sales catalogues, price lists, prospectuses, publicity flyers, etc)
  2. Wall posters, Newspapers, leaflets
  3. Lists of exhibits without additional text
  4. Programs of theatrical, musical, and other performances
  5. Curricula of schools and colleges of all kinds
  6. Lecture and teaching material of manuscript character
  7. Calendars and diaries
  8. Forms & colouring books
  9. Journals and periodicals

Is it mandatory to have ISBN number?

No, it is not mandatory to print an ISBN number on your book. You can publish your book without ISBN. But it is recommended to have ISBN because it makes your book uniquely identifiable. Also its sale becomes easier at stores where they make bill using a barcode reader. If your book will not have an ISBN bar code –it will be difficult for selling store to make bill for the purchaser of your book.

How much does ISBN cost?

Getting ISBN number in India is totally free. You don’t have to pay a single paisa for this.

Will a separate ISBN be required for hard cover book?

Yes, hardcover (hard-bound, cloth-bound, hard-back) and paperback versions of the same book require separate ISBN numbers.

Will a separate ISBN be needed for different language?

Yes. If you’re publishing the same book in a different language –you cannot use the same ISBN. You will need to assign a separate ISBN number to each of various language versions of the same book.

Who can apply for ISBN?

Any person or entity wanting to publish a book can now apply for ISBN.

  1. Self-publisher (an individual who wants to publish book on his/her own)
  2. Publisher
  3. Author
  4. University
  5. Institution
  6. Government Department

Which authority issues ISBN numbers in India?

Raja Rammohun Roy National Agency for ISBN is authorized to issue ISBN number in India. It is an agency under the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India.

How to get ISBN in India?

In order to get ISBN numbers you would need to send an application to Raja Rammohun Roy National Agency for ISBN. In your application you have to provide the following information:

  1. Title of book
  2. Author
  3. Publisher (if you are publishing book on your own, just write “Self-Published”)
  4. Year of publication
  5. Place of publication
  6. Pages
  7. Price
  8. Subject
  9. Language
  10. Paperback or Hardback
  11. Your address for communication

In addition, you will also need to enclose the following along with the application form:

  1. Photocopy of the cover page
  2. Identification proof
  3. A self addressed envelop for return communication

NOTE: (as per the experience of a reader) If you want to get ISBN as an individual, you need to include a photocopy of cover of your book. Before applying for the ISBN number, you should get your front cover and back cover finalized and send the photocopy of the same.

Application form for ISBN Number

You can download the application form from authority’s website. Click here to get the ISBN application form

(Latest application form download link was informed to me by my reader AP Pradeepkumar through comments section. Thank you!)

Where to send application form?

You need to send the completely filled form to the following address:

Raja Ram Mohun Roy ISBN Agency
Department of Higher Education
Ministry of Human Resource Development
Room No. 13, Jeevan Deep Building,
4th Floor, Parliament Street,
New Delhi
PIN Code: 110001
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +91-11-23369668

(These new contact details were informed to me by my readers S. Bhattacharjee and Mayank Sharma through comments section. Earlier the Agency was located in R.K. Puram)

NOTE: (as per the experience of readers) Many of my readers have commented that when they called the above given numbers, no one picked up the phone. Well, guys, it’s a government office and it is not surprising if they don’t pick up. The numbers are correct as per the best of my knowledge. Try calling them and PLEASE do let me know if you have any other number that works. It will benefit other readers.

NOTE: (as per the experience of readers and my friends) It has also been reported that they take a lot of time in sending acknowledgement of receiving application. Most of the time you don’t get any acknowledgement. It is highly recommended that you personally visit the above mentioned office and take acknowledgement receipt after submitting application. I know it is very difficult especially if you live outside of Delhi. But that is practically how it works.

How many ISBN numbers are issued?

Earlier ISBN number used to be issued in blocks of ten (i.e. you would have to apply for at least ten ISBN numbers). But as self-publishing is becoming popular, the authority has begun to issue even a single ISBN. So, if you don’t need more, you can apply for just one ISBN number.

How much time will it take to get ISBN?

Usually, if you have provided all the details in application form, you get ISBN within 8 weeks (two months)

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  1. Dear Mr Lalit ,

    Further to my query I need to check with you that the ISBN number I got was from my printer who purchased ISBN numbers in bulk from RAJA RAM MOHAN ROY.
    I Self published my book last month and used the ISBN number he gave me .
    So right now it is in his name and he prints several other books for people

    How do I go about this now do I need to register this number now under my name because it is in his name ? I need to sell my books at the book shops and through flipkart and amazon etc even internationally
    Please advise how to go about this how do I register it in my name and what attachments etc are needed please

    Salma Bernard

    1. RRRNA just makes sure that it issues unique ISBN numbers and one should an ISBN number issued by RRRNA. Now that you have got an ISBN printed on your book, you should just upload your book in online stores like Flipkart and Amazon. These stores will associate ISBN with your book. So, when someone will make a search by ISBN, your book will come up in results.

    1. Hard back is a version of book that is hard bound (with hard zild). Paperback’s cover is not hard.

  2. Hi Lalit
    Can I check please I have already self published my book and have a ISBN number on it. Do I need to register this with any agency whether Raja Ram Mohan Roy in Delhi or in the US. bowker
    After getting the ISBN number and incorporating in the book is there anything else like registration to be done .
    If so can you please guide me

    1. If you’ve got ISBN number from the Raja Ram Mohan Roy authority you don’t need to register any further.

  3. namaskar sir, actually i write a journal on a yearly basis, so i will be honored to know if i can apply for a ISBN or i should go with ISSN for my journal.

  4. Hi,

    Useful article. thanks! We got 10 ISBN’s in the past and I always have a question about how or who will assign the numbers to match the book so any bar code reader can identify it correctly. Please clarify this part. We have used around 6 to 7 ISBN’s and sent an email to them with book cover but really don’t know how to make the search show the books if anyone type the ISBN online anywhere.


    1. Such an assignment of ISBN numbers is done in retailer’s database. For example, if you upload your books on then Amazon will make entry in their database wherein they will show ISBN-BookName pair. Search engines, like Google, pick the book details from stores like Amazon.

  5. I live in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. Should I send my application by registered post or courier? Also, how much postage is required for the self-addressed envelope (which they send back to you) – Rs. 39, as the site says, or more? What do applicants from Gujarat or further south do?

    Thanks a lot for putting up this site, Lalit!

    1. Bhargava ji, to be on the safer side, I would put a little extra postage on the self-addressed envelop. Better send the application by registered post.

  6. Dear Lalit,
    Thanks a lot for creating a platform and answering the queries endlessly, it is very sad that the organization takes much time to process our request, please let me know whether the agency insists on the finished cover page or a text of the cover page and back cover are sufficient?
    Can anyone enlighten me of the possibility of visiting the office in person and getting the request processed immediately?
    Thanks to all contributors.

    1. Hello Kiran, yes, you can (and I think you should if you can!) visit the office of the agency. Considering this is a government office, I can not be confident whether they will do your work immediately but at least your application will move forward. Another benefit of visiting their office would be that you will get to know what all they need to process your application. An acquaintance of mine got his set of ISBN numbers in a single visit to the office. You should carry all the required documents and information that is mentioned in this article. IF you do not yet have a cover image, just create a temporary one in MS Word for the sake of it. Please let us know about your experience of visiting the agency’s office and give us tips on how to get ISBN numbers from that office.

  7. Sushanta Kumar Das

    Sorry !
    It is not my question.
    I want to know, how to submit my e-Book to MHRD after used ISBN no.

    1. You should open account on online book stores like Flipkart and Amazon etc. There you can upload information about your ebook and you can sell it too.

  8. Sir I want to know that is it necessary to send the Application form by ordinary post or i can send by registered or speed post?

    1. I think you can send it through registered post as well but I would suggest you to send it through ordinary post. Government offices, you know!

  9. Sir, I would like to know if I can apply ISBN for the journal for which I have been selected second in All India Oriental conference 2015. Could you please reply to my question?

  10. Dear Mr Kumar,

    I recently finished writing my first novel and plan to write two more to create a trilogy, but I had already written it long back in the form of a poem. If I want to publish the poem separately from the novel, can I use the same ISBN, or do I have to apply for a separate number, or choose an ISBN from the list of ten which they provide? And finally, once I write the next two novels, can I use the ISBNs from the block of 10 provided to me?

    Thank you,

    1. Yes, Dariyus, you can use ISBNs that you have got anytime you want. To separate publications must have different ISBNs attached to them. So, the poem version will have one ISBN and the novel version will have another ISBN attached.

  11. I already got ISBN no from RRR Agency, but my ISBN number is not displaying in ISBN search. Are there is any further steps to be taken? Please inform me.

  12. In the application form for allotment of ISBN for Publishers the 5th item is
    Category in which applied (5/4/3/2/1)
    So my question is what is term ‘Category’ ?

  13. Sir, should i include the manuscript with the other required documents to get the ISBN. Is it mandatory?

    1. No, manuscript is not required to be submitted along with the application form for ISBN.

  14. Thanks for the very useful information given here. This Raja Ram Mohan Roy National Agency is indeed a waste of time. I went online to and paid $19 and got the ISBN immediately with the Barcode and EAN 5.

  15. Aniket Bhalerao

    In the application form for allotment of ISBN for Publishers the 5th item is
    Category in which applied (5/4/3/2/1)
    So my question is what is term ‘Category’ ?


  16. Hi Mr. Kumar,
    Thank you for this article. It is very informative. I have a query, if you could please help me. I have a series of 8 books and two individual books printed. I had applied for the ISBN nos. and have received 10 nos. I just wanted to know if there is any further procedure to be followed. Can I assign any of the ten nos. given to me to any book?

  17. hello sir this is S.Swathi from Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh.

    We submitted our books along with the filled application in March 2015, but till now we did not receive ISBN number. When I called to find the status, no one is picking the phone. It is important to our institution. What can I do?

    1. Dear Swathi, as you can deduce from other comments, several other readers have complained the same. I have just written this article to give my readers information about how to apply for ISBN numbers. I am not related to the agency that give ISBN number. I am sorry but I can not really do anything about it. All I can do is hope that the Raja Ram Mohun Roy ISBN Agency becomes more responsive to the ISBN seekers.


    Dear Sir/Mam,

    I am a copywriter in a media house. We publish a monthly Magazine on social issues & other topics related to public interest. Since I can’t figure out whether our magazine is eligible for ISSN or ISBN, I would like to know, whether a commercial “magazine” containing subjects & content of various genres, along with advertisements, is eligible for ISSN or ISBN?

    Since the cover and the contents of such magazines include advertisement & subscription offers, and are subjected to change with each issue… Its pretty confusing that in which eligibility criteria of the International Standards, does these magazines fall? Or what the bar codes & numbers signifies on the cover of national/international magazines like India Today, Filmfare, GQ etc… Can you please explain?

    In addition, I would also like to know the answers to the following:

    For what type of material can we get ISSN?
    For what type of material ISSN will not be issued?
    How much does ISSN cost?
    Will a separate ISSN be required for different versions of the magazine? (like paperback, hardbound, e-book, etc.?)
    Will a separate ISSN be needed for different language?
    Who can apply for ISSN?
    How many times a person/organization can apply for ISSN?
    Which authority issues ISSN numbers in India?
    How to get ISSN in India?
    Application form for ISSN Number
    Where to send application form?
    What Documents or formalities are required along with the application?
    How many ISSN numbers are issued?
    How much time will it take to get ISSN?

    I would be sincerely extremely grateful if you kindly provide me with all the related info to the above questions. Looking forward to your prompt reply.

    Prateek Bhawal
    Raipur, INDIA

    1. I am hoping that a reader will be able to answer your question on how to get ISSN number.

  19. Dear Lalit,

    How can we get an ISBN which is different to the normally prescribed 97881 series for Indian publishers.

    We have an international address, if we use that will we get an ISBN of some other series or the typical 97881 series?

    Awaiting for your reply.

    Thanks, Vardhan

    1. Dear Vardhan, Raja Ram Mohun Roy ISBN Agency may not be able to issue ISBN of some other series than 978-818 series. The “818” part in ISBN number denotes that the book was published in India. You may however get a different ISBN series if you apply in some other country.

  20. soumyen banerjee

    the PIN of ISBN agency, room no 13 , jeevan deep building is 110001 and the phone no. of the said office is 011-23369668

  21. A.P.Pradeepkumar

    Things are not really rosy in the ISBN office in the 5th floor of Jeevan Deep buildings, New Delhi. As of 26 June 2015, there is a pile up of unopened envelopes containing ISBN applications etc., since the person tasked with the job has been transferred/on leave (?). Applications directly submitted will get processed immediately.
    The cramped ISBN office doesn’t inspire much confidence.

    Also, newly introduced reform, once you run out of ISBN.s you have to submit a copy of all your previous ISBN numbered publications, along with the fresh request for new ISBN.s

    1. Thank you very much for sharing your experience at the ISBN office. Your comment will help other ISBN seekers.

  22. Hello Sir,
    Glad to find your page while researching on ISBN. i tried with the new number you provided, it is a wrong number.
    sir i am about to independently publish my first novel after 2 months. i am the youngest writer of my city. after publishing i would like to also sell my book over Amazon. E-book as well as Hard copy. so is only one ISBN enough for E-book and Hard copy of 1st edition?
    and sir we need to attach front and back cover page of the book. It should be color or black & white?

    1. You would need separate ISBN numbers for printed and e-book versions of your book.

  23. Hello Sir,

    My father is an author who has written more than 15 books. None of these books have an ISBN number. Once we apply and get the ISBN numbers, do we have to reprint the books? I have read something about ISBN stickers. Am I to understand that the agency will provide us with the ISBN number, after which we should get the ISBN stickers printed locally and then paste them on the books? Any idea how much the cost of printing such stickers is? I live in Gujarat.

    My father has prepared another book this year, which is still to be printed. We wish to get an ISBN for this book, but the cover page is not yet finalized. Suppose we prepare a cover page on our own, send it to the agency and get an ISBN number, and later, when the book gets printed, the cover page is somewhat different, will that be allowed or will they revoke the number? Also, when they ask for a cover page, do they mean the front cover alone, or the front and back covers both, on one single page?

    This page contains the names and numbers of the people handling the ISBN allotment. Has anyone every emailed and got a reply? Because from what I’ve read in the comments, they don’t pick up the phone, or give proper answers.

    The agency also requires a self-addressed envelope with postage of Rs. 39, and says “postage stamp is subject to change”. So do I have to send an envelope with Rs. 39 postage, or more?

    Thanks a lot.

        1. You can get ISBN printed on stickers and then put these stickers on the backside of the printed books.

  24. Very enlightening in simple terms. Thank you. Some queries are not fully answered yet.

    1. Do we get ISBN for ebooks too?
    2. Though you have mentioned about the cover page, some doubts still nag me. I have prepared the manuscript for a book titled” A Hundred Thoughts On Management, Leadership and Life”. For want of funds, I have not yet got them printed. Thus I do not have a true “live” publieshed cover page. How can I get the iSBN number? I plan only a paperback and the size is yet to be decided.

    Can you guide and help, please?

    Thank you.

    J Sridhar

    1. Well, Sridhar, the Indian authorities are not clear on several aspects. Their ISBN application form is also not up to the mark. You don’t really need an ISBN for an eBook if you’re not selling it. But if you plan to sell it through online book stores like Amazon, then you may need an ISBN. Some stores will ask you to provide ISBN when you’ll upload the book for sale. Some other stores will not require an ISBN.

      Just create a any “cover” image and submit it with the form. You can later on change the image.

  25. deepak khandelwal

    Sir i have written three engineering books can i apply for ISBN No for these self published books together or i have to apply separately. Is there any limit regarding quantity of ISBN No. given to the same author for self published books.

    1. Hi Deepak, you can apply for all three ISBN numbers together. I am not sure if there is an upper limit on the number of ISBNs you can apply for. But getting 10-20 ISBN is not a problem at all.

  26. Shailendrasinh Vaghela

    Hello sir. I have published my books through a publisher in India. That publisher had got ISBNs from an international website
    Tey got those numbers from "BOWKER" the biggest ISBN agency of USA.
    Now do I need to do any procedure with Indian Agency?

    1. Thanks for the information Pradeepkumar! But the link you gave is not working. Please see you have given the correct link.

  27. Hi, I have around 8 books to be published. Can I send one request for all these or should I send separate for 8?

  28. Prof Naresh W.Patil Wardha Maharashtra.

    I am very happy when I know the easy procedure for ISBN. This is simple and easy way. So that we can give justice to author and trust for reader. Thank u very much……

  29. Just one question, application form asks "Place of publication" and "Paperback or hardback?".
    Well, my book is on worldwide sale (through Amazon), what to tell them?
    And my book is neither paperback nor hardback. It's an ebook. And the form doesn’t seem to be asking about so.
    Help me out, with that please.
    Thank you.

  30. As change address is rectified similarly phone number also change to 011-23369668

  31. After publishing a book and assigning it an ISBN, then should the book be send to Raja Ram Library? How does anyone know that this particular ISBN represents this particular book?

    1. Hi Pradeep, organizations like "Raja Rammohun Roy National Agency for ISBN" only ensure that ISBN numbers are not duplicated. So, nobody else in the world is going to get the ISBN that you've already got. When you upload your books in stores like Amazon, they associate ISBN with the book title and other information. Google Books is a massive database of books. You can search most of the books in this database by supplying ISBN. Google Books get this data from publishers and probably from online stores.

      When you apply for an ISBN from organizations like "Raja Rammohun Roy National Agency for ISBN", they also ask you to fill the details of your book in a form. But once you've got the ISBN, I guess you can assign this number to any of the book as you wish.

    1. No, you don’t need any license to publish your own book. You can self-publish it with or without an ISBN Number.

  32. I want to sell my educational books on amazon.
    But do not have an ISBN no for my books.

    Kindly confirm is it possible to put ISBN sticker label on already printed books.
    What is the process to do that.

    1. You should be able to place a sticker ISBN on your book. But first you’ll need to apply for and acquire ISBN from the authority.

  33. Raja Rammohun Roy National Agency for ISBN has been shifted to the following address:-

    ROOM NO 13, 4TH FLR,

    1. That is very useful information! I will update the article. Thank you for taking time out to help us!

  34. Informative. Thank you.
    I plan to apply for my book that uses puzzles and games to teach problem solving!

  35. thriveni c mysore

    sir, it is more than three months after applying for isbn. i have followed the procedure to the pin. no emails and phone are answered.please advice.
    thanks in advance.

    1. Thriveni, as you can see, many other people have reported that the agency does not respond properly. A friend of mine in Delhi told me that he had to personally go to the agency to get the work done. So much for the efficiency of government departments! This is all I can tell you.

      1. Dear All, My experience of dealing with RRMRF has been very good. I am not sure what it is now, but about 6 years ago, I had applied for ISBNs and they supplied within 3 weeks. They were particular about documentation and a covering letter that should be on Letter Head only (I had applied as a publisher)
        So all of us who are wondering why no response: the reason could be in some lacuna from our end.
        I understand that they have made the process now online for authors and publishers at [I have not ‘experimented with yet].
        My personal opinion: It is not apt to pay and get the ISBN. It is not good on part of people providing such services which is actually a Free-for-all concept.
        Can anyone share information on how to create ISBN barcode using MS Word? I found a paid service at TEC-IT – but did see someone making it … I think it is possible..

        1. Thank you for sharing your experience with RRMRF. There are barcode fonts available that you can download from Internet. You can use these fonts to write your ISBN in MS-Word. Frankly, I haven’t really tried these fonts. But I guess it’s worth giving a try.

  36. Can anyone please share the telephone number of RAJA RAMMOHUN ROY NATIONAL AGENCY FOR ISBN? All these numbers are wrong – 2617-2903/2916 and 23384687.

  37. Hi, The information provided very helpful. I just want to ask if you have any knowledge.. where and how to update book title and ISBN on the different sites or on internet. so that anyone can search the book with the ISBN or book title globally.

    1. Hello Gurjit, to display ISBN and other book related information on web stores, you would need to submit your book to various online stores like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Infibeam etc. All these stores have different guidelines about book submission. You would need to do research about it.

  38. Thanks alot for the wonderful information. My Uncle has written about 30+ books. To get ISBN, does he need to submit 30 application?
    PS: He is publishing the books thru his own publication

  39. Thanks for giving such information.

    But There is required to attach Supporting document as ‘ A Statement of the Current Account of the Applicant’. Can you explain the what is it?

    My second question is, we wish to published book in the name of our Educational Institutes as publisher then, What type of I D Proof we may send?

    1. 1) Current Account is the bank account of your publishing company. I guess it applies for the established publishers. If you do not have a current account, guess you can send the application without such a statement. But yes, attach a letter explaining as to why you are not enclosing the current account statement.

      2) Company registration certificate may be the ID proof. But I am not sure. Sorry!

  40. We have submitted my application but no reply is come to us.

    M/s Sunaina Events & Productions

    1. It is not unusual, Andre! As you might see from many other comments, the authority guys are too lazy to reply. I hope you find a way to get to them. Please share with us your story and tips on how to get ISBN number faster.

  41. Hi Lalit,
    This is splendid information. I am starting to write a new book and thought I would get some information how to go about it. I found your blog post and thought it was great for a beginner like me. I also will be self publishing so this information was quite useful.
    Thank you so much.

  42. Its very important info u r provided sir thankyou

    may i know how to set the price for book n
    how much % cost for distributor or retailor for book sell

    1. Amol, this question does not pertain to the topic of this article. But there is not such formula. You need to draw up an agreement with your distributor on this issue.

  43. dear friend
    you have given the basic information, thank you.
    we have organized a seminar for lecturer and research delegates in the month of Feb 2015. we wish to bring the selected papers of the presenters in an ISBN book. so is it possible ? (means is it possible to get an isbn number for that) and one more thing is, a model application form of ISBN is available anywhere in the website? if its not please guide us how to fill up the form for getting number?

    1. Dear Manjunath, yes you can get ISBN for such a book. Link to the prescribed form is given in the article.

  44. Sir, the above link to download application form does not work. The following link works… Thanks… Please clear the issue of cover page as so many applicants have send the script for print and waiting for ISBN as ISBN allocation takes time. Thank you very much for presenting such articles as these are very helpful for the needy…

    1. Dear Vinayak, thanks a lot for updated link. I have also updated the link in the article. This is the power of collective efforts! I have clarified the requirement of cover page in a note in the article.

  45. Vijay balkrishna Konduskar

    well I am Entrepreneur /Engineer , thanks for such an nice information , if it is possible to you then please share nice information about legality and copyright , it is under ISBN or we need to go for another registration.I am newbie and has dream to get into Industry.I was planning to write Educational content for Engineering as well as for some Marathi literature,Please respond ASAP ,Thanks for valuable time to share an nice information.

    1. Copyright has nothing to do with ISBN. When you publish a book, it automatically become copyrighted. But you can also get your work registered for copyright if you want. That’s a separate process.

  46. Atul S. Merchant

    My work is ready, but I am yet to print my book (novelette), and i am opting for self publication. If my book is not ready, how can I submit a copy of my cover page?

    Kindly enlighten.

  47. Atul S. Merchant

    Thank you for such useful information and guidance.
    However, if you could clarify the following point:
    You have mentioned:
    [In addition, you will also need to enclose the following along with the application form:
    ‘Photocopy of the cover page’]
    But my cover page is not ready. Since my book is ready to go for printing, but yet not printed, how could i submit the photocopy of the cover page? The cover page shall be printed along with the rest of the book.
    Kindly enlighten.

  48. Dr.satender B. singh

    I Tried calling on the numbers given, but there is no responds nor any one attending my call. Is there any one who can help me.

  49. they just don’t answer the phone and we cannot get any information . the book cannot wait for too long for print , i wish they had given it to some private company and even if we need to pay some money its ok but to wait without knowing …. is tourcher the govt dept are hopeless and make us helpless . cannot go all the way to delhi for this ….

    1. I can imagine your situation. But that’s how government departments work :( slow and sluggish. I have written this article just to provide information. I have no connection with the ISBN issuing authority. So, can’t help.

  50. Maktaba Qadria

    Mere aapke dwaara di gayi jaankaari bahut mahtvpurn hai.main bhi apni pustakon ko khud prakashit karanaa chahtaa hun jisake liye hamane “Maktaba Qadria” kaa naam bhi rakhaa hai.meri abhi tak 200 pustaken prakashit ho chuki hain tathaa kuchh aur pustaken va anuvaad aane wale hain ,jinhe main apne hi banner se prakashit karanaa chahtaa hun . aaj hi isbn ke liye apply kar rahaa hun .isi banner se apne kuchh doston ki bhi pustak no profit-no loss ke antargat chhapne kaa vichaar hai .

  51. I apply a application for ISBN as a publishars from Chennai, Tamil Nadu with list of books a month ago. But no ISBN number nor any acknowledgement has no reached me. I Tried calling on the numbers given, but there is no responds nor any one attending my call. Is there any one who can help me.


    I am very happy when I know the procedure for ISBN. This is simple and easy way. So that we can give justice to author and trust for reader. Thanks

  53. dr a kirtivardhan

    aapke dwaara di gayi jaankaari bahut mahtvpurn hai.main bhi apni pustakon ko khud prakashit karanaa chahtaa hun jisake liye hamane “vidhya lakshmi prakashan” kaa naam bhi rakhaa hai.meri abhi tak 8 pustaken prakashit ho chuki hain tathaa kuchh aur pustaken va anuvaad aane wale hain ,jinhe main apne hi banner se prakashit karanaa chahtaa hun . aaj hi isbn ke liye apply kar rahaa hun .isi banner se apne kuchh doston ki bhi pustak no profit-no loss ke antargat chhapne kaa vichaar hai .

    aapkaa itani jaankari dene ke liye shukariya.

    dr a kirtivardhan
    vidhyalakshmi niketan,
    53 maha lakshmi enclev,
    muzaffarnagar-251001 (u p)

    [email protected]

  54. I apply a application for ISBN as a publishars from mathabhanga, CoochBehar, West Bengal with corrent account bank statement, Vote Card (ID) and list of books in 6 month ago. But no ISBN number reach to me. I hopless at thise time. please help me.

    1. Parimal ji,

      I think you should give a phone call the RAJA RAMMOHUN ROY NATIONAL AGENCY FOR ISBN and inquire about your application.

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