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Who is Priscilla Chan?

Samyak Lalit | May 20, 2012 (Last update: January 28, 2021)

Samyak Lalit is an Indian author and disability rights activist. He is the principal author and founder of projects like TechWelkin, WeCapable, Viklangta, Kavita Kosh among many others.

Priscilla Chan, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s wife, is a beautiful and intelligent woman. The couple recently married. The wedding took place under the guise of celebration for Ms. Chan’s graduation as a doctor. Following the opening of Facebook IPO, Mark Zuckerberg had become a billionaire on 18th May.

Education of Priscilla Chan

Ms. Chan went to Quincy High School in Massachusetts and graduated as valedictorian in 2003. Then she went to the Harvard University. There her major subject was biology. She graduated from Harvard in 2007. After graduating from Harvard, she went on to become a doctor as she received a doctorate degree from University of California.

Priscilla Chan Meeting Zuckerberg at Harvard

Priscilla Chan met Mark Zuckerberg during her Harvard days. They met each other in the basement of Alpha Epsilon Pi; fraternity of Zuckerberg. They were waiting in line to use bathroom in the basement! That was the moment when they first began a conversation with each other. Later Priscilla recalled the first impression of Zuckerberg, “He was this nerdy guy who was just a little bit out there. I remember he had these beer glasses that said ‘pound include beer dot H.’ It’s a tag for C++. It’s like college humor but with a nerdy, computer-science appeal.”

Zuckerberg was called for a hearing by the Disciplinary Administrative Board for creating Face Mash (which later on became Facebook). It was soon after this hearing that Zuckerberg and Chan began dating each other.

They were in love and when Zuckerberg decided to drop out of Harvard, he reported asked Priscilla “‘Hey Priscilla, do you want a job at the Facebook?” To this she responded favorably saying, “I’d love a job at Facebook”. She however did not take up the job and continued her studies. The couple remained in contact after Zuckerberg left Harvard to focus on Facebook.

Priscilla Chan with her pet dog Beast

Managing With Zuckerberg, the Busy CEO of Facebook

It is said that Priscilla Chan created a contract and asked Zuckerberg to sign it before she made her mind to move into Palo Alto to live with him. The conditions laid out in the contract are not know; but it is reported that one of the terms in the contract states, “One date per week, a minimum of a hundred minutes of alone time, not in his apartment and definitely not at Facebook.”

Languages Known to Priscilla Chan

Ms. Chan knows English, Spanish and Cantonese languages. She encouraged Zuckerberg to learn Mandarin. Although he tried to learn the language from a tutor for a year; but Zuckerberg could not really get the grasp of the language. It is reported that, he, however, managed to talk with Priscilla’s grandmother.

Chan’s Hobbies and Likings

She loves cooking and has liking for food network, warm places, sun dried tomatoes and diet a&w.

Priscilla and Facebook’s Organ Donation Option

Priscilla Chan was the main force behind Facebook offering its users to sign-up for organ donation. Doctor as she is, Priscilla made it a point that the feature was offered. Within a day of announcement more than one hundred thousand people signed-up for organ-donation. Zuckerberg said Priscilla, “Our dinner conversations are often about Facebook and kids, and the kids that she’s meeting. She’ll see them getting sicker, then, all of a sudden, an organ becomes available, and she comes home and her face is all lit up because someone’s life is going to be better because of this.”

Beast -the Pet Dog of Mark and Priscilla

The couple has a pet dog named Beast. The dog is of Puli breed which is a type of Hungarian Sheepdog.


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    I have a black puli and a white puli.

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    Smart chicks make good wives…

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      Pulik come in many colors. The Komondor is also Hungarian breed but is primarily a guard dog. A Puli is a herding breed.

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