Interesting Facts about Lost Mobile Phones

Security companies Background Check and Lookout Mobile Security have published interesting information about people losing mobile phones. Sample a fact: 4 mobile phones are lost every day as people accidentally drop them into the Niagara Falls!

  • $7 million worth of mobile phones are lost every day around the world
  • Two third of lose takes place between 9:00pm and 2:00am (drunk people forgetting phones in bars? Or mugging?)
  • During the Cologne carnival; about 30% more phones were lost than within a week!
  • Lookout Mobile Security located mobile phones worth $2.5 billion in 2011. Most of these were Android based and were found within the USA.
  • You should be more careful when you visit apartments, pizza outlets, coffee shops and fast food restaurant as these places are among those where people tend to lose their mobiles!

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  1. Pawan kashyap says:

    Lalit Ji,

    This is a good initiative, well really worth… giving a clear perception about losing your valuable Mobile..


    Pawan K.

  2. Sharad Singh Sankhla says:

    Lalit Sir,
    Your articles are very useful and intresting.

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