Windows 8: Useful Tips and Tricks

As Windows 8 is spreading curiosity among users and even the common user has cautiously begin to use Windows 8 Consumer Preview edition, it is imperative that we present a few tips to make Windows 8 experience even more pleasant for new users. So, here we are, ready with a bunch of cool tips which not only speed up a few things that you do on Windows 8 but also solve a few questions that could be nagging your mind. Go on and try these!

On the Start screen
  • Use arrow keys to select among tiles
  • Use escape key to close Start screen
  • Just begin to type the name of the application you want to launch –Windows 8 will search for it. For example, on Start screen, you can type “notepad” and Windows will show you the icon of Notepad that you can click on to launch Notepad
  • Use Home and End keys to go from one end of the tiles to the other end
  • Win + I opens charms bar
  • Win + D takes you to desktop
  • Win + R opens Run box
  • Win + C opens “start menu” of Windows 8
  • Win + Q opens application search
  • Win + W opens settings search
  • Win + F opens files search
  • Win + L locks computer
Windows 8 Tips
  • You can use Windows key on your keyboard to bring up the Start screen.
  • In order to lift the pretty picture on lock screen –you can either press space bar, drag it upward with your mouse or spin the wheel on your wheel-mouse
  • You can pin the frequently used application in the Start screen tiles. Just search for the application and right click on it to get the options
  • If you want even quicker access to certain apps –pin them down on your taskbar.
  • To see what all applications are running; just press Ctrl+Alt+Del and select Task Manager. You can use this key combination to shut down your computer
  • If you don’t want lock screen to appear before password entry –do the following:
    • Press Win + R to bring Run box up
    • Run GPEdit.msc (the Local Group Policy Editor)
    • Go to Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Control Panel > Personalization
    • Double-click “Do not display the lock screen”, select Enabled and click OK
    • Restart computer

I hope with these tips you will be able to use Windows 8 operating system more easily. It’s a new interface which may required a bit of getting used to, but soon you’ll begin to like it, as I have! Please let me know if you have any questions.

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