AdSense: Only 3 Ad Units Per Page Are Allowed

Google does not allow more than three ad units per page. It is advisable that you focus on producing good and useful content.

Google AdSense is world’s largest contextual ad network. Millions of people are using it on their websites and everyday countless new people join the network. These new users make a website and join AdSense with a hope that they would start making decent money “soon”… but it takes a lot of hard work, patience and time before that can happen.

In a large number of cases, frustration sets in and AdSense users begin to find ways to increase their income through AdSense. More often than not, AdSense users begin to add more ad units in their website. They hope that more the ad units higher the chances of getting clicks.

Many new users of AdSense are unaware of the fact that they can’t show more than three ad units on one page. If you put, let’s say, five units –the first three units will display ads and the remain two will remain empty.

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You might have seen some websites display more than three AdSense ads. They are the Premium Publisher of AdSense. Google gives this status to those websites which, over a period of years, have proved that they are serious about regularly producing good quality content. Premium Publishers get a number of privileges including ability to display more than three ads per page.

Google does this to force publishers to focus on content. Loading your pages with tens of ad units is not the right way to begin your journey as a blogger. Good content is the only and only way forward. Don’t feel disheartened. As I said, it takes a lot of patience to make your website worthy of decent income via clicks on ads. Have patience, produce good and useful content… and you’ll do better, for sure.

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