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Category: Tips for Success in Blogging

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Blogger Income Tax. Freelancer Tax Return

Income Tax on Blogging and Freelancing Income

Learn all about income tax return by bloggers and freelancers. In this article, we answer questions related with Google AdSense, service tax, calculation of taxable income and filing return. It is a must read by all bloggers who are earning from their blogs.

301 redirect in NGINX server

Rewrite Rules for NGINX 301 redirect

Learn how to do 301 redirect in NGINX. Although rewrite rules are similar to that in Apache but there is no equivalent of .htaccess file in NGINX. Still, common redirections like www to non-www URLs can be done through NGINX config file.

Paid email auto-responder services in comparison with FeedBurner.

Aweber or FeedBurner: Which is Better?

Aweber vs FeedBurner or GetResponse vs FeedBurner is a comparison that every blogger makes. So, what do you think? Which one is better? The best thing about FeedBurner is that it is free. In comparison services like Aweber are paid as well as versatile. Let’s know more details…

Advertisements on websites and blogs are a great way of earning money. You can use various ad networks based on various models like CPM, CPC, CPA and CPS.

Get CPM Ads: Top 10 CPM Networks

Here is a list of the best Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM) ad networks. You should stop wasting page views of your website. CPM ads only needs to be seen. Unlike CPC no clicks on ads are required to earn money from your blog or website. These networks are good alternatives of Google AdSense.