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Computer Facts: History Trivia from the World of Computers

Computer Facts and Trivia on TechWelkin
Samyak Lalit | February 4, 2016 (Last update: April 24, 2021)

Samyak Lalit is an Indian author and disability rights activist. He is the principal author and founder of projects like TechWelkin, WeCapable, Viklangta, Kavita Kosh among many others.

Sometime ago we had published a series of Internet related trivia facts. The world of computers is full of very interesting facts. So today we decided to bring you a collection of computer facts that will make points of interesting conversations.

Computer Facts
  1. For about 20 years (from 1962 to 1977), the computer controlled launch code for the US nuclear missiles was 00000000. [Source]
  2. The word password is among the most used passwords. (you can use our strong password generator)
  3. Name of the first electronic computer was ENIAC. It was massive as it weighed 27 tons and it was spread over 1800 sq. feet.
  4. TYPEWRITER is the longest dictionary word that can be typed using keys in only one row on your standard querty keyboard.
  5. STEWARDESSES is the longest word that can be typed with only left hand.
  6. A small percentage of world’s total money is in physical form. It is estimated that just about 10% of world’s money exists in the form of currency notes and coins. Rest of the money exists only in computers!
  7. The first computer mouse was made of wood. Computer mouse was invented by America engineer Doug Engelbart.
  8. What’s in a garage? Well, Microsoft, Apple and HP were all started in a garage.

    Computer Facts and Trivia on TechWelkin

    Computer Facts and Trivia on TechWelkin

  9. The first hard-disk was the size of two refrigerator and it could store 3.5 MB data.
  10. First hard disk of 1 GB capacity was developed in 1980. Weight of the first gigabyte hard disk was 249kg and its cost was USD 40,000 at that time.
  11. The first 1 TB hard disk was developed by Hitachi in 2007.
  12. Nvidia GeForce 6800 Ultra graphic card contains 222 million transistors.
  13. First microprocessor from Intel was Intel 4004. It contained only 2300 transistors and it worked at a clock rate of 740 kHz.
  14. Intel Sandy Bridge-E, one of the latest microprocessors from Intel, contains 2270 million transistors!
  15. On average a human being blinks 20 times in a minute. But while using a computer blink rate goes down to 7 per minute.
  16. If we could turn human brain into a computer, then that computer would be able to do 38,000 trillion operations per second and hold more than 3580 TBs of memory.
  17. How many computer viruses you know about? More than 5000 new computer viruses are released every month.

    List of the Most Famous and Dangerous Computer Viruses and Worms.

    List of the Most Famous and Dangerous Computer Viruses and Worms.

  18. is the first registered .com domain name. It was registered on 15 March 1985. [Source] You can check the age of any domain name using our domain age checker tool.
  19. The design team of the IBM PC prototype was code-named The Dirty Dozen.
  20. Fixing errors in computer programs is called debugging. This term was coined by Grace Hoppers who was a Rear Admiral in US Navy. A moth had gotten stuck in the gears of a computer Hoppers was working on. It stopped the computer from functioning. When the insect was removed the machine worked again. Hoppers called it de”bugging” of computer.
  21. Bill Gates (Microsoft), Larry Ellison (Oracle), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Larry Page (Google), Michael Dell (Dell Computers), Azim Premji (Wipro), Paul Allen (Microsoft), Steve Jobs (Apple), Jan Koum (WhatsApp), Jack Dorsey and Evan Williams (Twitter), Hiroshi Yamauchi (Nintendo), Mike Lazaridis (RIM)… they all left their studies incomplete and started their companies.
  22. Apollo 11 landed two men on moon. The combined power of all the computers in Apollo 11 is much less than the power of today’s mobile phone!
  23. Melissa computer virus affected about 20% of world’s computers. Melissa creator, David L. Smith, was sentenced for 10 years in jail.
  24. Email was invented before the World Wide Web!
  25. More than one billion people use Facebook.

    Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook topping one billion users mark.

    Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook topping one billion users mark.

  26. Most of the modern supercomputers use LINUX.

We hope that you liked these interesting computer facts and trivia. We will keep on updating this list with more funny computer facts. So, do visit again to get the updated list.

If you have more computer facts or anecdotes, please share with us in the comments section. We will try to include them in the list. Thank you for using TechWelkin!


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