Google AdSense: A Newbie’s Guide

Learn a few very basic things that you should know if you're thinking of making money by putting Google AdSense ads on your blog or website.

Lately, I began paying attention to Google AdSense and how to use it to generate income. For obvious reasons, people have a lot of interest in Google AdSense but what I have sensed is that most people are ignorant of many important aspects related with AdSense. This series of articles will tell you everything that you need to know to become a successful AdSense businessperson. In today’s article, I am going to discuss the basics of AdSense. I am sure, it would be very useful for the newbies.

What is AdSense?

Adsense is an ads serving program from Google Inc. The company started this program under its AdWord business. AdSense allows people owning a website to display Google ads on their websites and generate income from it. Website owners who display ads administered by AdSense program are called publishers.

How does AdSense Work?

Google takes ads from advertisers around the world. Then these ads are shown on publishers’ websites via AdSense program. When a visitor to any of these websites click on a link given in the advertisement; Google gets revenue from the advertiser and it shares a portion of this revenue with the publisher. Clicks on different ads brings you different amounts of money depending upon how much money Google is taking from that particular advertiser.

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How to Use AdSense?

First of all, of course, you need to have a good website (a blog is also a website!) with good quality content on it. If you have a website, you can apply to get AdSense approval from Google ( Upon receiving your application, Google’s automatic software will visit your website to see if it fulfills the criteria mentioned in the Google’s AdSense policy. Following are some of the points you need to keep in mind before applying for AdSense approval (these advises are based of Google’s current policies):

  1. Your website must be a top-level domain. That is to say that the address of the website that you are submitting for approval should look like or A website URL like will be rejected by Adsense
  2. Language of the content on your website should be in the list of supported languages. Every languages is not supported by Google AdSense (for example, currently, English is supported but Hindi is not)
  3. Website should have a decent amount of content. It should not be freshly made (a website running for a few months will do)
  4. Website content must not be copied from somewhere else on Internet. Google can detect plagiarism and will reject your application.
  5. Website must not have pornographic material on it.

In case Google rejects your application, you can resubmit the application after resolving the issue cited in the rejection email you’ll receive. Try to resolve all the issues before resubmission because repeated resubmission could get your account blocked.

A few more important things that you need to know while setting up your Google AdSense account.

  • Remember, Google is fussy about changing your country if you later on want to change your address. I had an AdSense account approved when I used to live in the UK. Unsuspectingly, I had given my UK address to get the payment from Google. Later when I moved to India and I tried to change my address from UK to India -Google refused to do so. Google AdSense, at present, does not change address with the new address located in certain countries. So, be careful about it. In such a case you’ll have to create a new account.
  • You’ll get the payment cheque from Google only after you have accumulated at least $100 in your account. You can not ask Google to pay you an amount less than $100 that you have in your account.

This is how you begin with Adsense. Once you have got your application approved -you can start displaying ads on your website. In my next article I will talk about tips to make money from these efforts.

Stay tuned!


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    Thank you for the great info, although I desperately need to find a support contact. My application has been pending for over a month. What is the acceptable time to have response from an application?

    • says

      Well, a month is quite a bit of time. Usually they make a decision on application within ten days or so. I would suggest that you contact the support about this delay. Just google “adsense support” and go to the first link in search result.

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