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Augmented Reality (AR) provides information on things we see through a computer connected camera.

Smartphones: What the Future Holds for Them?

Today, billions of people in the world hold one or the other kind of smartphone and they have become very important devices in day-to-day use. Here Saima Paakkonen is discussing what could be there in the future of smartphones.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) architecture.

6 Best VoIP Apps for iPhone

VoIP apps are very popular among internet users to make phone calls. Mariam Thomas lists six voice over IP (VoIP) applications that have user-friendly interface on Apple iPhone.


Connect PC with TV: Intel Wireless Display (WiDi)

Often we want to watch live streaming movies on our big TV screens. There are many methods of wiring a connection between computer and television set. Now Intel has come up with a wireless display technology. Daniel Ross reports.


Be Cloudier: How Cloud Computing Can Help You

Nowadays cloud computing service providers are gung-ho about how cloud can change the way we have been using computers. Saima Paakkonen tells you about how using clouds can help you PERSONALLY!


7 Must-Have Functions of a Good GPS System

With more and more people are using GPS enabled vehicles, market is becoming increasingly competitive while continuously offering better options. Robert J. Hall writes about features that your GPS or personal navigation devices must have.