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Send Free SMS on Gmail Chat

Google has introduced Gmail SMS Chat for all the mobile operators in India. Now you can send free SMS to any mobile right from your Gmail chat box.

These tips will help you using Google AdSense in much smarter way.

Decrease in Google AdSense Revenue

Learn why you AdSense revenue is declining. Do not worry, focus and find the cause of decrease in AdSense income from your blog. Such decline is reversible.

Bridge to Lanka

Google Ramayana: The Power of HTML 5

An amusing advertisement of Google products. Google Indonesia has created Google Ramayana using HTML 5. A brilliant idea and excellent execution.


What is Google Data Liberation?

Google’s Data Liberation project aims at empowering its users. Users can remove the data uploaded by them on various services of Google.


Is Google+ Better than Facebook? [Infographic]

With Google and Facebook, two mammoth Internet companies, focusing on beating each in the ring of online social networking; it is not surprising that users want to know which one of them is better! People want to compare Google+ and Facebook. In the middle of the last decade, Facebook got a huge head start while […]