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Error message Unusual Usage - Account Temporarily Locked Down

How to Prevent Temporary Google Account Lock Down

Losing access to your Google account can be very stressful as we tend to use Google services for a lot of our information management activities. Today we are discussing the ways to prevent such account lock down instances.

an example of difference between and URLs

Difference Between YouTube and URLs

Have you ever thought why Google has both and What exactly is this thing and how is it different from the regular URLs? Read on to find out the detailed answer!

distance measurement by drawing trail in google maps

Use Google Maps to Measure Distances for Jogging, Biking and Hiking

Learn how to measure distance between two places using Google Maps. You can draw the path you want to take while walking, jogging or biking, and Google will calculate the total distance for you. Thus you know the exact distance to your destination before you set out for it.

This image shows an example of how location history on Google timeline looks like.

Use Google Location History to Find Where You Have Traveled

Learn how to enable or disable Google Location History feature. You can view, edit or delete information on your Google Timeline which shows you the places you’ve visited. Timeline shows you even the route that you took to reach a place and also the photos you took on the way (if any)!


How to Test Sensors on Android Phone to Find Problems

If you think sensors in your mobile phone are not working properly, you can easily test sensors on your Android device with these free apps to figure out problem. You can test gyroscope, accelerometer, proximity, light, pressure, magnetic field, temperature and other sensors.