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[Solution] Device was reset. Sign in with Google Account that was Previously Synced

bypass This device was reset. To continue sign in with a Google Account that was previously synced on this device
Samyak Lalit | February 8, 2017 (Last update: August 20, 2023)

Samyak Lalit is an Indian author and disability rights activist. He is the principal author and founder of projects like TechWelkin, WeCapable, Viklangta, Kavita Kosh among many others.

My brother recently bought a used mobile phone (Moto E) from an online reseller. When he received the mobile phone, it was in good physical condition. But when my brother tried to log into the device, the Android operating system flashed an error message “This device was reset. To continue sign in with a Google Account that was previously synced on this device”. Despite a lot of attempts to sign in with his own Gmail account, he did not succeed as the phone will stop right at this error message.

We investigated the issue and found that this error was coming due to a anti-theft feature which is available in Android 5.1 (Lollipop) and above. This feature is called Factory Reset Protection (FRP). All the phones from manufacturers like Samsung, Moto, HTC, Sony, Lenovo etc. that are using Android Lollipop or above will have this feature. Once signed in with a Google Account, Android will not allow you to change the Google Account. This is done so that, if your phone is stolen, the phone becomes useless for the thief.

However, the same feature becomes a big problem if you have legally bought the phone and the previous owner has not removed his Google account completely from the device before handing it over to you. While buying a used mobile phone, it is good to have the old Google Account removed by the previous owner.

But if you haven’t done that and are now facing the “This device was reset. To continue sign in with a Google Account that was previously synced on this device” error, you would want to bypass this verification so that you can use your newly bought phone. In today’s article, we will tell you how you can do this!

bypass This device was reset. To continue sign in with a Google Account that was previously synced on this device

Why you are getting “Device Reset. Sign in with a Google Account that was Previously Synced” Error?

Lets consider this scenario that you own a mobile phone with Android 5.1 or above and you intentionally do a factory reset (also called hard reset) or data wipe. People usually take this action when they want to format their phone because it is getting hung a lot or when they want to sell their phone. Now when you (or someone else) will try to switch on the device, it will ask for the credentials of the same Google Account that was logged in at the time of factory reset or data wipe. Although, this feature is anti-theft and protects your device — but it sometimes becomes a nuisance.

Remember, in Android 5.1 or above, the device protection feature automatically turns on if following two things are true:

  1. The device has logged in with a Google Account
  2. Screen lock security is set to anything other than none or swipe (this means there is a password or pattern to unlock your phone)

At present there is no option available in Android to manually disable device protection. But if any one the above two conditions are not met, the device protection feature will be automatically turned off.

Therefore, if you want to give your phone to someone else or if you just want to do an easy factory reset of your phone, it is better to take any of the following steps before doing factory reset:

  1. Remove ALL Google Accounts from the phone
  2. Set lock screen security to none or swipe.

After this if you will hard reset your phone, Android will not ask you to verify Google Account credentials of the previously logged in account. You will be able to log in using any Google Account.

But if you have encountered the sign in with a Google Account that was previously synced on this device error AND you do not have account id and password; you would want to bypass this verification.

Bypass Google Account Verification after Factory Reset or Data Wipe

When you get “This device was reset. To continue sign in with a Google Account that was previously synced on this device” error, the best option is to contact the seller and ask him to login with his Google Account. Once logged in, you add your own Google account and delete the seller’s account. After that you can do factory reset and when account verification screen comes, just login with your account details.

However, if the seller is unreachable, you can take the following steps to bypass this Google account verification:

  1. Charge your phone to 100% and still keep the phone connected to the charger (it is important!)
  2. Switch on the phone and go to the screen where it is asking you to enter your email address. In the email box, type subscribe and select the word by doing a long press on it. A small menu will pop-up
  3. Select More and then Assist. Google App will open up.
  4. In the Search bar of Google app, type chrome and from the suggestions list, select Chrome Application (shown with the Chrome icon). This will open Chrome browser.
  5. Type test dcp app in the search bar of Chrome browser and open the first link. When page opens, find the link/button to download dcp apk file. Click the link and download the file.
  6. Hit the back button on your phone to go back to the Google app. In Google app now type downloads and open Downloads app from the suggestions list.
  7. In Downloads app, you will see the downloaded Test DCP app file. Install the test dcp app. At this point, your phone must be 100% charged and connected with charger.
  8. After installation of the Test DCP app is finished, open this app. This app will remove the FRP lock (Google account verification lock)
  9. When Test DCP app opens, follow the instructions and go for Encryption option.
  10. Now your phone may restart multiple times. Whenever it asks for permissions — just give the required permissions. Eventually, your phone will open the Home screen without asking for a Google account.
  11. Go to Settings and do a factory reset and restart your phone.
  12. That’s it. When phone will restart, you will not be asked to verify the previously synced Google account.

The following video shows the process followed as per the above given steps.

Bypass Google Account Verification on Samsung Phones

If the above method does not work for you and if you are facing the previously synced Google account error on a Samsung phone, you can bypass the FRP lock by using an OTG data cable/drive. To try this method, you would need the following things:

  • A Samsung phone that supports OTG data cable
  • An OTG data cable with pendrive or microSD card support (get it from Amazon)
  • FRP lock bypass app from Root Junky (download the apk file from here and save it on the OTG connected pendrive/microSD card)

Now just follow the instructions given in the following video:

We hope that this article was helpful for you in bypassing the FRP lock and solve the previously synced Google account error. If you can suggest any other method to get around this problem, please share with us. Thank you for using TechWelkin!


86 responses to “[Solution] Device was reset. Sign in with Google Account that was Previously Synced”

  1. Boris says:

    When i plug in my otg on verification screen in my Samsung S7 file explorer does not open, please what do I do now bro?

  2. Andrew says:

    Thank you! I had forgotten the previous Gmail account associated with my lenovo tablet, and through this method I could use the tablet again. Life saver!

  3. Ron Deamer says:

    I have a Samsung A20. How can I bypass Factory Reset Protection please?

  4. Mark Burlingame says:

    Like many here, the first option did not work as I only get the option to cut or copy, no more option. Ordered a connection with flash capabilities and waiting for Admission to deliver. Found the download on the site and got it already to put on the flash, hopefully this will work as I am not sure that the stylus 6 has that capabilities. If not I can still use the flash drive so not a loss there

  5. Lisa Leigh Denlinger says:

    I have a Samsung Galaxy View that is mine purchased it like 5 years ago. maybe more. I had to do a factory reset and don’t know the google email. I’ve tried the 3 I know and each time can’t get pass that. How do I fix this so I can use my tablet?

  6. Peter Nasarah Dashe says:

    I have been typing SUBSCRIBE and hold but only to show ”PREDICTION’ REMOVE ‘SUBSCRIBE’ CLICK ‘OK’ OR ‘CANCEL” and the phone is Gionee A1. The phone is my sister’s own and she is not around and I want to use the phone, what should I do please. Sir/Ma’an, I will be grateful if you help me. Thanks!

  7. Brandi Guidry says:

    I have a LG phone model:LM-K500UM that I bought off someone that I ran across on the street that said they were homeless and needed money to eat and me feeling bad I bought the phone without even getting a name. Well when I got home I charged the phone and when I tried to get in it had a pin number that he never mentioned to me and I didn’t know, so I factory reset the phone. Now Everytime I try to set up the phone it comes up as needing Google account email and password that I do not know. Please can you or someone help me bypass this so I can get in. My original phone fell and screen cracked so bad I can’t see anything and I can’t afford to buy another phone. I will not buy anything from anybody in the future without getting some info and assurance no matter what there situation is I promise you that. I have learned my lesson.
    Thanks Brandi Guidry

  8. Samuel C. says:

    I highlighted the “subscribe” but no pop up appeared. I only saw Copy and Cut. My phone is Alcatel (TLi020F2)

  9. Suchil says:

    I got Xiaomi 11i 5G which comes with 67W charger. When I tried to use my phone for Android Auto on my phone “Use USB for” starts flickering continuously. I formatted my phone to check if that helps. But no use. After trying many ways finally I got the working solution. My phone comes with 67W charging cable may be it is USB3. I used my old USB 2 cable (Mi Max2 charging cable) and it fixed my issue. Now I could use Android auto. I am surprised that company like Xiaomi missed compatibility testing of such simple thing. I am happy I could find solution for my problem

  10. Milan says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! You`re the best. So fast, so easy and works!

  11. Iris says:

    I have a Samsung Tab A 10.1 that I recently purchased from a pawn shop. When I long press subscribe, there’s no “More” option for me. Does anyone know how to “fix” that? Is there an alternative solution? There are no 3 dots.

  12. Teodora says:

    I have Acer and nothing work. I try with ” subscribe” , but only show’s” text selection, cut, copy and select all” . Please help me

  13. Ditdatdot says:

    Did NOT work for me on moto G play. I searched for test dcp app and results appear for “test dpc app”. Is that a typo in the instructions?

  14. Joshua says:

    I have Samsung galaxy s21 ultra. I factory reset my phone before remembering 2 step verification. Now while trying to log into my google account after providing the correct password I can not do any of the second step verification. It all ends up bringing me back to “we were unae to verify this account belongs to you”. I need to get into this account and have spent hours trying everything. Can somebody help me? This is driving me crazy it’s my account.

  15. Karthik says:

    It is worked absolutely Fine…Thanks a ton for this Post …..Appreciate your contribution !!!.

  16. Leonardo olegario says:

    I typed subscribe and hold for almost an hour but non window pop up, the only copy, paste, cut and select all appears on the screen. I really wanted to try another option or if you have another explanation please kindly email me. Your prompt respond to my query will be highly appreciated.

    Phone: samsung j7 prime

  17. ramon says:

    Where exacly is the link for the APK? Ive been having a hard time trying to find the one that works.. please help?

  18. Farhan Ibrahim says:

    When i plug in my otg on verification screen in my Samsung a5 file explorer does not open, what to do now bro?

  19. caitlyn says:

    What about a alcatel metro pcs phone

  20. Wicky says:

    I have a tecno S1S and when long press the “subscribe ” it had cut, paste and select all what can i do next

  21. Smiddie says:

    I have a Cat S60 from bullit group.
    Cant remember which android it runs.
    Same problem I also have, difference is it was always my own phone, one day I just could not log in using my unlock pin code anymore, kept telling me wrong password.
    So I decided to hard reset the phone.
    Then I also got this previously synced account message.
    Put in my email which was registred on this phone, entered the correct password.
    Then get a message in a grey box at the bottom.
    ” Unable to sign into device due to a recent password change, please try to sign in again 24hours after password change was performed ”
    I have not done any password change on my google account, and I waited 24 hours and 48 hours, this message keeps popping up?
    I tried your suggestion to bypass FRP, by typing subscribe the I click on assist but nothing happens.
    Any ideas

  22. Nawi says:

    Follow the tuts and it is cumbersome and not working, the working way is just do not select any wifi, choose skip this for now or what ever rhyme with that (cant recall) at the connection screen at first menu load. skip everything and let the os load. Then go to account settings and key in your google gmail account. That’s it. You’re welcome

    • pads says:

      Say, I’m trying this, and shut off the Wi-Fi altogether after completely master resetting and not loading any wifi password either … so I pressed continue, but now it’s stuck on a screen that says “Checking Connection … This can take a while” … and it sure is taking a while, and will not allow me to skip this stage …


      It’s “checking connection” and won’t let me skip it

      But there’s NO connection to check as wifi is not enabled and no wi fi code entered.

    • Santosh Kumar says:

      To use this phone you first to sign in to an owner Google account in use on this phone when it was last reset
      Because you haven’t done so you have to set up the phone again

  23. Samy says:

    Use this method too in case…

    Hello, try this method it will work especially for those whose keyboard is not google. If your keyboard is touchpal, click on the game icon, select a game, you we see share the game, click share the game, then select gmail. Click on  setting, next general setting, look up to the 3 dots on the right, click it and select manage accounts. You will see “you are about to…” click continue  scroll down to more setting and click on backup and reset. Then click factory data reset. Make sure your battery level is high or plug it. Click and reset. That’s all.
    Sent from my iPad

  24. carlos acero says:

    Thank you so much. I tried other methods, all to no avail. The process worked on my old Vizio XR6M10 with Android 6.0.1 OS.
    This tablet was donated to me by my neighbor and he did not reset the device’s data.
    I performed Factory Reset on the table, but I was not able to setup my account to it.

    The steps worked and I am using the device successfully.

  25. Krishnendu Dey says:

    Great job mate. It worked on my Lenovo K5 Note.

  26. Louisa Bonner says:

    I have followed your steps with my Samsung Galaxy S9 but when I get to the Highlight the word typed in to the search bar “Subscribe” and pressing the space bar with the rightside small button together it just turns off.

    • Simy K says:

      This method WORKED on my Bush Tablet, I couldn’t be more happier! However, I had to do it a little bit differently. First, at the WiFi network section I selected the option of “adding another network’ and then typed random letters and then pressed and held the letters for a few second until the ‘Assist’ option popped up. I was then directed to Google application but whenever I tried to download Test DCP app, it failed. What I did was to download this Test DCP app on my laptop, then copied the APK file onto a SD card and inserted the card into my tablet. There I was able to access the app and installed it. Boom, just like that it worked! Many thanks from Tanzania, Kumar, you saved my day! ;)

    • Bird says:

      Did you find a solution? I have S9 doing the same.

  27. Sin says:

    Thank you for the suggestion
    I used it on an LG on March 5 2020.
    Trying to download test dcp leads now directly to the google page “Verify your account – This device was reset. To continue sign in with G account previously synced”
    G had enough time to block this bypass solution.
    A good update would be very welcome : )

  28. Jennifer Nunley says:

    An LG Pad was returned to my employer that is in an FRP loop from the previous user. I did a factory reset but it wants her to sign in with her google account. I attempted to sign in with her work account and the generic work e-mail account that we have set up thru google but those did not work. She must have signed in using a personal google account and I have no way of know what that is.

  29. Riyad says:

    After a million way I tried. Found your article helpful. Can’t thank you enough! Keep up good work man. Huge thanks.

  30. Edward Eki says:

    I typed subscribe and hold for almost an hour but non window pop up, the only copy, paste, cut and select all appears on the screen. I really wanted to try another option or if you have another explanation please kindly email me. Your prompt respond to my query will be highly appreciated.

    Phone: Mintt A1… Cannot open it!!!!

  31. E says:

    Doesn’t work with Lenovo Tab. After tapping assist nothing happens,

    • Aryan Z. says:

      Same here, pressing “ASSIST” slects the word for a second (grey) and nothing happens.
      Any solutions so far?

    • Aryan Z. says:

      I guess I found a solution for Lenovo tablets.
      Instead of going to the point where you fill in the email, the step before where you select the WiFi network, select “Add another network” -> type in any bunch of letters and do the same. Now Assist will work and follow the rest of the steps.

  32. Miami13 says:

    Is there any way to bypass the FRP on a Samsung Note 5 WITHOUT the OTG cable? I bought a new motherboard for my phone and I think the reseller I got it from didn’t reset the phone prior. I’m in a loop.

  33. Brian says:

    4th July 2019 – After many attempts with other methods on the net I can confirm that this worked for me with my locked Vodafone Ultra 6 – thank you :-)

  34. Hacihanim says:

    I have a Huawei phone and I have Only cut/copy/paste option. Is there another way ?

  35. Abdirahman says:

    Oh my go!, it worked me, and my phone is working right now.
    Thank you so much.

  36. beth says:

    This worked great on an Asus Zpad, thank you so much for the solution. This saved us $120, these are company devices and staff had replaced the company-assigned Google account with their own accounts. Thought we were going to have to ship these in for sure, I could not believe this actually still worked for us.

    Thank you so much!

    • John says:

      Same situation here: we had an Asus tablet with a former employee’s personal gmail account on it.

      I did a slight variation of the instructions above, but they got me where I needed to be. Once the apk file was installed, I opened it and noticed the Home screen in the background, so I jumped over to it and signed in the Play Store with the correct user account. Problem solved.


  37. Kevin James Dahlquist says:

    Looks like Samsung and maybe others have updated their software to remove the “more” and prevent this “hack” from working as you describe. You should probably remove this outdated advice page or at a minimum address the many users who are trying to follow your instructing and meeting with failure. We need a different workaround.

  38. Pyro says:

    Best method ever.My phone has been fixed 100%.Thank you

  39. harshil nakrani says:

    Unable to sign in to device due to a recent password change.please try to sign in again 24 hours after the password change was performed. message in samsung galaxi j2,plz help

  40. Christian says:

    such a great Man!,,employ me and teach Mr please

  41. Robert Rodriguez says:

    I tried this method on 1/26/2019. When I type, “subscribe” in the email input box, I can only select icons for “select all,” “cut,” “copy” and “paste.” There was not an option to select “More” or “Assist.” I’m still in the same position. Thank you for your information though, I do appreciate the insight.

    • Kim says:

      I am getting the same…I am trying to get into a Verizon Ellipsis tablet from someone that passed away. Have been looking for solutions for 6 months. No help from Verizon and no help from Google. Any other ideas?

  42. Niki says:

    The file doesn’t exist :( please help

  43. Godfrey Sakarim says:

    Can this method works on mintt coolmintt A1

  44. Sameer says:

    Great Man!

    It worked out perfectly for my Lenovo Vibe X3.


  45. david kuria says:

    i have bought another phone so i reset my original htc u ultra with the bootloader option. Now i gave it to my sister but she couldn’t go past setting a google account. I tried to put my original credentials but its not working. Please help.

  46. Tina M says:

    Thanks so much. Very helpful.

  47. Md. Dastagir says:

    After giving the FRP bypass, my phone is not working perfectly, now what can I do? please help me.

  48. Damien Omen says:

    “Assit” comes up as described, but pressing on it does not open Google app. It does nothing. Makes a clicking sound and thats all.

  49. Nebert says:

    Hey…Thanks. My Fero A5002 had the same problem and it took me close to 3 days to sort but thanks to your advice the phone is working. Thank you Lalit and TechWelkin.

  50. Paige Romero says:

    So im using this old phone and its a motorola and i forgot the email i used for this one and ive tried everything but the problem is, it wont let me. This phone doesnt have the search if i hold something down and it doesnt let me click on help, and it wont let me share ( some examples of what every video or website has told me to do ), nothing is working. I really need to get through soon

  51. nick says:

    clearest explanation – no one told me to remove my google account, now I cant use new phone
    \unless i pay for hardware to bypass FRP

  52. Arun says:

    Tried this method on an “open box” ASUS Z300M tablet. Similar experience like Rick above. With long press, I get “cut, copy, paste, select all” options only, “more” option is missing.

    When buying “used” or “open box” items, verify that the unit does not have any residual data associated with the previous user.

  53. Quontelis Gikmore says:

    Great thanks

  54. Jide says:

    Thanks so much Lalit. This worked, however steps and display might vary with device, the underlying logic remains same and my issue was resolved. I have an Insignia tablet with intel processor.

  55. Rick says:

    I have a Lenovo TB-X103F tablet. I tried your steps and after entering “subscribe” and doing a long press I get a pop up menu with “cut, copy, paste, select all, and assist.” I do not get “more.” I try pressing on “assist” and nothing happens.

    It did not work. :-(

    • Aryan Z. says:

      I’ve got exactly the same Lenovo, and I’ve got exactly the same problem. I searched for different options online. There weren’t many other options, and the options I tried didn’t work.
      So I guess we are stuck with a bricked tablet…

  56. Marisa Doran says:

    Hi, I just got this Samsung Galaxy Amp2 phone from my boyfriend and unfortunately he cannot remember what Google synced email OR the password that was used when he purchased it from Cricket A while back. We have tried every email he could possibly remember using since he bought it but to No avail! We were close once and it looked like it was accepting the email BUT he had No idea what the password was so I hit “ Cannot remember password” option. I got to choose a new password but now it says “Password was reset, please wait 24 hours”…..blah blah blah & now it keeps telling me to wait 24 hours days passed the password was Changed! Please help, Thank you so much!

  57. Anhlyss says:

    I tried this on my RCA Voyageur Tablet. I get as far as the “Encryption” part, and then the phone restarts, as stated. However, it never finishes restarting, just stuck on the loading page since last night.

  58. Tracy Montiel says:

    I tried this on my Alcatel TRU coolpad and after it was done encrypting my phone it went to the welcome screen and then back the “this device was reset ……with previously synced Google account……. I tried it more than once and no luck …..

  59. Ceca says:

    Hello, I have Tesla smartphone 6.1, and I can’t unlock Developer options, so I can’t use this solution for my problem with Google account.
    Have you any idea how to unlock Developer options without clicking on Build number?

  60. KK says:

    I cannot select “ASSIST”. Please help me.

  61. will says:

    Hello, when I do a long hold on “subscribe” I do not get a menu option. Only cut/copy/paste option. Is there another option?

  62. Lisa says:

    I have a ZTE phone running android thats locked up wanting the previously synced google account. I have tried everything i have found, including the ‘subscribe’, and non of them are working.

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