Character Map

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Unicode Character Codes
Unicode U+0900
HTML  &#2304
Decimal 2304
Octal   4400
Hex   0x900
UTF-8  0x900
JS    %u900
Unicode U+0901
HTML  &#2305
Decimal 2305
Octal   4401
Hex   0x901
UTF-8  0x901
JS    %u901
Unicode U+0902
HTML  &#2306
Decimal 2306
Octal   4402
Hex   0x902
UTF-8  0x902
JS    %u902
Unicode U+0903
HTML  &#2307
Decimal 2307
Octal   4403
Hex   0x903
UTF-8  0x903
JS    %u903
Unicode U+0904
HTML  &#2308
Decimal 2308
Octal   4404
Hex   0x904
UTF-8  0x904
JS    %u904
Unicode U+0905
HTML  &#2309
Decimal 2309
Octal   4405
Hex   0x905
UTF-8  0x905
JS    %u905
Unicode U+0906
HTML  &#2310
Decimal 2310
Octal   4406
Hex   0x906
UTF-8  0x906
JS    %u906
Unicode U+0907
HTML  &#2311
Decimal 2311
Octal   4407
Hex   0x907
UTF-8  0x907
JS    %u907
Unicode U+0908
HTML  &#2312
Decimal 2312
Octal   4410
Hex   0x908
UTF-8  0x908
JS    %u908
Unicode U+0909
HTML  &#2313
Decimal 2313
Octal   4411
Hex   0x909
UTF-8  0x909
JS    %u909
Unicode U+090a
HTML  &#2314
Decimal 2314
Octal   4412
Hex   0x90a
UTF-8  0x90a
JS    %u90a
Unicode U+090b
HTML  &#2315
Decimal 2315
Octal   4413
Hex   0x90b
UTF-8  0x90b
JS    %u90b
Unicode U+090c
HTML  &#2316
Decimal 2316
Octal   4414
Hex   0x90c
UTF-8  0x90c
JS    %u90c
Unicode U+090d
HTML  &#2317
Decimal 2317
Octal   4415
Hex   0x90d
UTF-8  0x90d
JS    %u90d
Unicode U+090e
HTML  &#2318
Decimal 2318
Octal   4416
Hex   0x90e
UTF-8  0x90e
JS    %u90e
Unicode U+090f
HTML  &#2319
Decimal 2319
Octal   4417
Hex   0x90f
UTF-8  0x90f
JS    %u90f
Unicode U+0910
HTML  &#2320
Decimal 2320
Octal   4420
Hex   0x910
UTF-8  0x910
JS    %u910
Unicode U+0911
HTML  &#2321
Decimal 2321
Octal   4421
Hex   0x911
UTF-8  0x911
JS    %u911
Unicode U+0912
HTML  &#2322
Decimal 2322
Octal   4422
Hex   0x912
UTF-8  0x912
JS    %u912
Unicode U+0913
HTML  &#2323
Decimal 2323
Octal   4423
Hex   0x913
UTF-8  0x913
JS    %u913
Unicode U+0914
HTML  &#2324
Decimal 2324
Octal   4424
Hex   0x914
UTF-8  0x914
JS    %u914
Unicode U+0915
HTML  &#2325
Decimal 2325
Octal   4425
Hex   0x915
UTF-8  0x915
JS    %u915
Unicode U+0916
HTML  &#2326
Decimal 2326
Octal   4426
Hex   0x916
UTF-8  0x916
JS    %u916
Unicode U+0917
HTML  &#2327
Decimal 2327
Octal   4427
Hex   0x917
UTF-8  0x917
JS    %u917
Unicode U+0918
HTML  &#2328
Decimal 2328
Octal   4430
Hex   0x918
UTF-8  0x918
JS    %u918
Unicode U+0919
HTML  &#2329
Decimal 2329
Octal   4431
Hex   0x919
UTF-8  0x919
JS    %u919
Unicode U+091a
HTML  &#2330
Decimal 2330
Octal   4432
Hex   0x91a
UTF-8  0x91a
JS    %u91a
Unicode U+091b
HTML  &#2331
Decimal 2331
Octal   4433
Hex   0x91b
UTF-8  0x91b
JS    %u91b
Unicode U+091c
HTML  &#2332
Decimal 2332
Octal   4434
Hex   0x91c
UTF-8  0x91c
JS    %u91c
Unicode U+091d
HTML  &#2333
Decimal 2333
Octal   4435
Hex   0x91d
UTF-8  0x91d
JS    %u91d
Unicode U+091e
HTML  &#2334
Decimal 2334
Octal   4436
Hex   0x91e
UTF-8  0x91e
JS    %u91e
Unicode U+091f
HTML  &#2335
Decimal 2335
Octal   4437
Hex   0x91f
UTF-8  0x91f
JS    %u91f
Unicode U+0920
HTML  &#2336
Decimal 2336
Octal   4440
Hex   0x920
UTF-8  0x920
JS    %u920
Unicode U+0921
HTML  &#2337
Decimal 2337
Octal   4441
Hex   0x921
UTF-8  0x921
JS    %u921
Unicode U+0922
HTML  &#2338
Decimal 2338
Octal   4442
Hex   0x922
UTF-8  0x922
JS    %u922
Unicode U+0923
HTML  &#2339
Decimal 2339
Octal   4443
Hex   0x923
UTF-8  0x923
JS    %u923
Unicode U+0924
HTML  &#2340
Decimal 2340
Octal   4444
Hex   0x924
UTF-8  0x924
JS    %u924
Unicode U+0925
HTML  &#2341
Decimal 2341
Octal   4445
Hex   0x925
UTF-8  0x925
JS    %u925
Unicode U+0926
HTML  &#2342
Decimal 2342
Octal   4446
Hex   0x926
UTF-8  0x926
JS    %u926
Unicode U+0927
HTML  &#2343
Decimal 2343
Octal   4447
Hex   0x927
UTF-8  0x927
JS    %u927
Unicode U+0928
HTML  &#2344
Decimal 2344
Octal   4450
Hex   0x928
UTF-8  0x928
JS    %u928
Unicode U+0929
HTML  &#2345
Decimal 2345
Octal   4451
Hex   0x929
UTF-8  0x929
JS    %u929
Unicode U+092a
HTML  &#2346
Decimal 2346
Octal   4452
Hex   0x92a
UTF-8  0x92a
JS    %u92a
Unicode U+092b
HTML  &#2347
Decimal 2347
Octal   4453
Hex   0x92b
UTF-8  0x92b
JS    %u92b
Unicode U+092c
HTML  &#2348
Decimal 2348
Octal   4454
Hex   0x92c
UTF-8  0x92c
JS    %u92c
Unicode U+092d
HTML  &#2349
Decimal 2349
Octal   4455
Hex   0x92d
UTF-8  0x92d
JS    %u92d
Unicode U+092e
HTML  &#2350
Decimal 2350
Octal   4456
Hex   0x92e
UTF-8  0x92e
JS    %u92e
Unicode U+092f
HTML  &#2351
Decimal 2351
Octal   4457
Hex   0x92f
UTF-8  0x92f
JS    %u92f
Unicode U+0930
HTML  &#2352
Decimal 2352
Octal   4460
Hex   0x930
UTF-8  0x930
JS    %u930
Unicode U+0931
HTML  &#2353
Decimal 2353
Octal   4461
Hex   0x931
UTF-8  0x931
JS    %u931
Unicode U+0932
HTML  &#2354
Decimal 2354
Octal   4462
Hex   0x932
UTF-8  0x932
JS    %u932
Unicode U+0933
HTML  &#2355
Decimal 2355
Octal   4463
Hex   0x933
UTF-8  0x933
JS    %u933
Unicode U+0934
HTML  &#2356
Decimal 2356
Octal   4464
Hex   0x934
UTF-8  0x934
JS    %u934
Unicode U+0935
HTML  &#2357
Decimal 2357
Octal   4465
Hex   0x935
UTF-8  0x935
JS    %u935
Unicode U+0936
HTML  &#2358
Decimal 2358
Octal   4466
Hex   0x936
UTF-8  0x936
JS    %u936
Unicode U+0937
HTML  &#2359
Decimal 2359
Octal   4467
Hex   0x937
UTF-8  0x937
JS    %u937
Unicode U+0938
HTML  &#2360
Decimal 2360
Octal   4470
Hex   0x938
UTF-8  0x938
JS    %u938
Unicode U+0939
HTML  &#2361
Decimal 2361
Octal   4471
Hex   0x939
UTF-8  0x939
JS    %u939
Unicode U+093a
HTML  &#2362
Decimal 2362
Octal   4472
Hex   0x93a
UTF-8  0x93a
JS    %u93a
Unicode U+093b
HTML  &#2363
Decimal 2363
Octal   4473
Hex   0x93b
UTF-8  0x93b
JS    %u93b
Unicode U+093c
HTML  &#2364
Decimal 2364
Octal   4474
Hex   0x93c
UTF-8  0x93c
JS    %u93c
Unicode U+093d
HTML  &#2365
Decimal 2365
Octal   4475
Hex   0x93d
UTF-8  0x93d
JS    %u93d
Unicode U+093e
HTML  &#2366
Decimal 2366
Octal   4476
Hex   0x93e
UTF-8  0x93e
JS    %u93e
Unicode U+093f
HTML  &#2367
Decimal 2367
Octal   4477
Hex   0x93f
UTF-8  0x93f
JS    %u93f
Unicode U+0940
HTML  &#2368
Decimal 2368
Octal   4500
Hex   0x940
UTF-8  0x940
JS    %u940
Unicode U+0941
HTML  &#2369
Decimal 2369
Octal   4501
Hex   0x941
UTF-8  0x941
JS    %u941
Unicode U+0942
HTML  &#2370
Decimal 2370
Octal   4502
Hex   0x942
UTF-8  0x942
JS    %u942
Unicode U+0943
HTML  &#2371
Decimal 2371
Octal   4503
Hex   0x943
UTF-8  0x943
JS    %u943
Unicode U+0944
HTML  &#2372
Decimal 2372
Octal   4504
Hex   0x944
UTF-8  0x944
JS    %u944
Unicode U+0945
HTML  &#2373
Decimal 2373
Octal   4505
Hex   0x945
UTF-8  0x945
JS    %u945
Unicode U+0946
HTML  &#2374
Decimal 2374
Octal   4506
Hex   0x946
UTF-8  0x946
JS    %u946
Unicode U+0947
HTML  &#2375
Decimal 2375
Octal   4507
Hex   0x947
UTF-8  0x947
JS    %u947
Unicode U+0948
HTML  &#2376
Decimal 2376
Octal   4510
Hex   0x948
UTF-8  0x948
JS    %u948
Unicode U+0949
HTML  &#2377
Decimal 2377
Octal   4511
Hex   0x949
UTF-8  0x949
JS    %u949
Unicode U+094a
HTML  &#2378
Decimal 2378
Octal   4512
Hex   0x94a
UTF-8  0x94a
JS    %u94a
Unicode U+094b
HTML  &#2379
Decimal 2379
Octal   4513
Hex   0x94b
UTF-8  0x94b
JS    %u94b
Unicode U+094c
HTML  &#2380
Decimal 2380
Octal   4514
Hex   0x94c
UTF-8  0x94c
JS    %u94c
Unicode U+094d
HTML  &#2381
Decimal 2381
Octal   4515
Hex   0x94d
UTF-8  0x94d
JS    %u94d
Unicode U+094e
HTML  &#2382
Decimal 2382
Octal   4516
Hex   0x94e
UTF-8  0x94e
JS    %u94e
Unicode U+094f
HTML  &#2383
Decimal 2383
Octal   4517
Hex   0x94f
UTF-8  0x94f
JS    %u94f
Unicode U+0950
HTML  &#2384
Decimal 2384
Octal   4520
Hex   0x950
UTF-8  0x950
JS    %u950
Unicode U+0951
HTML  &#2385
Decimal 2385
Octal   4521
Hex   0x951
UTF-8  0x951
JS    %u951
Unicode U+0952
HTML  &#2386
Decimal 2386
Octal   4522
Hex   0x952
UTF-8  0x952
JS    %u952
Unicode U+0953
HTML  &#2387
Decimal 2387
Octal   4523
Hex   0x953
UTF-8  0x953
JS    %u953
Unicode U+0954
HTML  &#2388
Decimal 2388
Octal   4524
Hex   0x954
UTF-8  0x954
JS    %u954
Unicode U+0955
HTML  &#2389
Decimal 2389
Octal   4525
Hex   0x955
UTF-8  0x955
JS    %u955
Unicode U+0956
HTML  &#2390
Decimal 2390
Octal   4526
Hex   0x956
UTF-8  0x956
JS    %u956
Unicode U+0957
HTML  &#2391
Decimal 2391
Octal   4527
Hex   0x957
UTF-8  0x957
JS    %u957
Unicode U+0958
HTML  &#2392
Decimal 2392
Octal   4530
Hex   0x958
UTF-8  0x958
JS    %u958
Unicode U+0959
HTML  &#2393
Decimal 2393
Octal   4531
Hex   0x959
UTF-8  0x959
JS    %u959
Unicode U+095a
HTML  &#2394
Decimal 2394
Octal   4532
Hex   0x95a
UTF-8  0x95a
JS    %u95a
Unicode U+095b
HTML  &#2395
Decimal 2395
Octal   4533
Hex   0x95b
UTF-8  0x95b
JS    %u95b
Unicode U+095c
HTML  &#2396
Decimal 2396
Octal   4534
Hex   0x95c
UTF-8  0x95c
JS    %u95c
Unicode U+095d
HTML  &#2397
Decimal 2397
Octal   4535
Hex   0x95d
UTF-8  0x95d
JS    %u95d
Unicode U+095e
HTML  &#2398
Decimal 2398
Octal   4536
Hex   0x95e
UTF-8  0x95e
JS    %u95e
Unicode U+095f
HTML  &#2399
Decimal 2399
Octal   4537
Hex   0x95f
UTF-8  0x95f
JS    %u95f
Unicode U+0960
HTML  &#2400
Decimal 2400
Octal   4540
Hex   0x960
UTF-8  0x960
JS    %u960
Unicode U+0961
HTML  &#2401
Decimal 2401
Octal   4541
Hex   0x961
UTF-8  0x961
JS    %u961
Unicode U+0962
HTML  &#2402
Decimal 2402
Octal   4542
Hex   0x962
UTF-8  0x962
JS    %u962
Unicode U+0963
HTML  &#2403
Decimal 2403
Octal   4543
Hex   0x963
UTF-8  0x963
JS    %u963
Unicode U+0964
HTML  &#2404
Decimal 2404
Octal   4544
Hex   0x964
UTF-8  0x964
JS    %u964
Unicode U+0965
HTML  &#2405
Decimal 2405
Octal   4545
Hex   0x965
UTF-8  0x965
JS    %u965
Unicode U+0966
HTML  &#2406
Decimal 2406
Octal   4546
Hex   0x966
UTF-8  0x966
JS    %u966
Unicode U+0967
HTML  &#2407
Decimal 2407
Octal   4547
Hex   0x967
UTF-8  0x967
JS    %u967
Unicode U+0968
HTML  &#2408
Decimal 2408
Octal   4550
Hex   0x968
UTF-8  0x968
JS    %u968
Unicode U+0969
HTML  &#2409
Decimal 2409
Octal   4551
Hex   0x969
UTF-8  0x969
JS    %u969
Unicode U+096a
HTML  &#2410
Decimal 2410
Octal   4552
Hex   0x96a
UTF-8  0x96a
JS    %u96a
Unicode U+096b
HTML  &#2411
Decimal 2411
Octal   4553
Hex   0x96b
UTF-8  0x96b
JS    %u96b
Unicode U+096c
HTML  &#2412
Decimal 2412
Octal   4554
Hex   0x96c
UTF-8  0x96c
JS    %u96c
Unicode U+096d
HTML  &#2413
Decimal 2413
Octal   4555
Hex   0x96d
UTF-8  0x96d
JS    %u96d
Unicode U+096e
HTML  &#2414
Decimal 2414
Octal   4556
Hex   0x96e
UTF-8  0x96e
JS    %u96e
Unicode U+096f
HTML  &#2415
Decimal 2415
Octal   4557
Hex   0x96f
UTF-8  0x96f
JS    %u96f
Unicode U+0970
HTML  &#2416
Decimal 2416
Octal   4560
Hex   0x970
UTF-8  0x970
JS    %u970
Unicode U+0971
HTML  &#2417
Decimal 2417
Octal   4561
Hex   0x971
UTF-8  0x971
JS    %u971
Unicode U+0972
HTML  &#2418
Decimal 2418
Octal   4562
Hex   0x972
UTF-8  0x972
JS    %u972
Unicode U+0973
HTML  &#2419
Decimal 2419
Octal   4563
Hex   0x973
UTF-8  0x973
JS    %u973
Unicode U+0974
HTML  &#2420
Decimal 2420
Octal   4564
Hex   0x974
UTF-8  0x974
JS    %u974
Unicode U+0975
HTML  &#2421
Decimal 2421
Octal   4565
Hex   0x975
UTF-8  0x975
JS    %u975
Unicode U+0976
HTML  &#2422
Decimal 2422
Octal   4566
Hex   0x976
UTF-8  0x976
JS    %u976
Unicode U+0977
HTML  &#2423
Decimal 2423
Octal   4567
Hex   0x977
UTF-8  0x977
JS    %u977
Unicode U+0978
HTML  &#2424
Decimal 2424
Octal   4570
Hex   0x978
UTF-8  0x978
JS    %u978
Unicode U+0979
HTML  &#2425
Decimal 2425
Octal   4571
Hex   0x979
UTF-8  0x979
JS    %u979
Unicode U+097a
HTML  &#2426
Decimal 2426
Octal   4572
Hex   0x97a
UTF-8  0x97a
JS    %u97a
Unicode U+097b
HTML  &#2427
Decimal 2427
Octal   4573
Hex   0x97b
UTF-8  0x97b
JS    %u97b
Unicode U+097c
HTML  &#2428
Decimal 2428
Octal   4574
Hex   0x97c
UTF-8  0x97c
JS    %u97c
Unicode U+097d
HTML  &#2429
Decimal 2429
Octal   4575
Hex   0x97d
UTF-8  0x97d
JS    %u97d
Unicode U+097e
HTML  &#2430
Decimal 2430
Octal   4576
Hex   0x97e
UTF-8  0x97e
JS    %u97e
Unicode U+097f
HTML  &#2431
Decimal 2431
Octal   4577
Hex   0x97f
UTF-8  0x97f
JS    %u97f

When you'll Hover over any of the symbol, you'll see various codes associated with that code. Decimal, Octal value, Hex value, Unicode, HTML entity code and JavaScript escaped codes have been provided. If you want to use these symbols in your web page, you should use HTML entity code. Just copy it and paste it in your HTML code.

In the above list, if you see a question mark inside a diamond shape ( � ) it means that no Unicode has yet been assigned for that code. In case you see a gibberish box instead proper character, it means your computer does not have appropriate glyph to display that character.

List of Available Character Maps

Following is the list of various languages for which we have character map charts available.