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Counting Letters

This TechWelkin Letter Counter free tool counts number of characters (letters), words, paragraphs and spaces in a given piece of text. You can type or copy-paste any text in the above given box and this tool with automatically count characters, words, paragraphs and spaces. You get various counts as you type or paste the text.

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Why you need to count letters?

Traditionally, we having been using the word processors like MS-Word. All the word processing software provide the feature of counting characters and other features of the text. With the advent of Internet and mobile smart phones, more and more people are typing text on various websites like Facebook, Gmail, Twitter etc. As all the text submitted online costs bandwidth, many of these websites put a restriction on the number of letters that can be posted. For example, at present the Twitter character limit is 140; which means you can not post a tweet of more than 140 characters.

Character limits of some of the popular online services:

We need to know how many characters our text contains before posting on these websites. Services like WhatsApp do not put any such restrictions.

There could be any number of different reasons why we would want to count characters, spaces, words and paragraphs. This tool helps you regardless of the reasons!

How does Letter Counter Counts Characters?

Exact online counting of characters is affected by the type of platform and browsers you are using. Also different tools use different logic to come up with the count results. TechWelkin Letter Counter does counting as below:

We will continue to add more features to this tool.

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