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What is percentage?

"Percent" literally means "per 100" or "for every 100". The term "percent" is derived from Lantin language phrase per centum which means "by the hundred". Percentage is a convenient way to show a fraction with denomination 100. So, percentage actually shows a number out of hundred. We all know that in exams, full marks are often given as 100. If someone scores 74 marks in the exam, we say that the person has scored 74% or "74 out of 100" marks. This means 74/100 or 0.75 in decimal form. Percentage is denoted by the "%" sign and sometimes by abbreviations "pct" or "pc". Learn more about percentage

How percentage is calculated?

To understand how percentage is calculated, let's take an example. Let's say a student has scored 219 marks in a test where maximum possible score was 300. We want to know what percentage of marks this student has scored.

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Steps and Formula to Calculate What Percent Of Sums

  • Maximum marks are 300. Therefore, 300 = 100%
  • 219 out of 300 means 219/300
  • Now to get the result in "per hundred" form we do 219x100/300 = 73%