Tamil Online Typing

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Help: Type in the box given below using English keyboard. As soon as you'll press SPACE, the word will convert in Tamil. For example, to write "தமிழ்" you should type "tamil" and then press SPACE key. If you want to type something in English in the middle of Tamil text, press CTRL+G to toggle between English and Tamil languages.

What does this tool do?

With the help of this free tool you can easily type in Tamil online. Typing is done with the common English QWERTY keyboard. As a result you don't even need to learn typing.

Features of Tamil Script

  • Abugida System: Like other Brahmic scripts, the Tamil script follows an abugida system, where each character represents a consonant sound with an inherent vowel sound ('a'). Additional vowel sounds are indicated using diacritics attached to the consonant characters.

  • Grantha Ligatures: The Tamil script includes Grantha ligatures, which are combinations of two or more consonant characters joined together to form ligatures. These ligatures are used in Sanskrit loanwords and certain Tamil words.

  • Unique Letter Forms: The Tamil script has its own set of unique letter forms for consonants and vowels. Consonant characters are generally written with curved strokes, while vowel characters are represented by distinct symbols.

  • Writing Direction: The Tamil script is traditionally written from left to right, with each character connected to the next. However, traditional Tamil poetry and some inscriptions may be written vertically from top to bottom.

  • Vowel Diacritics: Vowel diacritics, known as "uyirmei" or "mei ezhuthukkal", are used to represent additional vowel sounds and vowel modifications in Tamil. These diacritics can be attached to consonant characters to modify their pronunciation.

  • Numerals: The Tamil script includes its own set of numerals, which are used for writing numbers in Tamil.

  • Numerous Ligatures and Conjuncts: Tamil script contains many ligatures and conjuncts, where multiple consonant characters are combined into a single character. These ligatures and conjuncts are used in certain combinations of consonants and are found in traditional Tamil texts.