Bengali Character Map

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To enable typing in various languages, the Unicode Consortium has drawn up a set of Unicode for individual scripts. With the help of these codes, you can type in any of these scripts. You can also get codes for HTML Symbols and HTML Text Art.

Character Codes
Unicode U+0980
HTML  &#2432
Decimal 2432
Octal   4600
Hex   0x980
UTF-8  0x980
JS    %u980
Unicode U+0981
HTML  &#2433
Decimal 2433
Octal   4601
Hex   0x981
UTF-8  0x981
JS    %u981
Unicode U+0982
HTML  &#2434
Decimal 2434
Octal   4602
Hex   0x982
UTF-8  0x982
JS    %u982
Unicode U+0983
HTML  &#2435
Decimal 2435
Octal   4603
Hex   0x983
UTF-8  0x983
JS    %u983
Unicode U+0984
HTML  &#2436
Decimal 2436
Octal   4604
Hex   0x984
UTF-8  0x984
JS    %u984
Unicode U+0985
HTML  &#2437
Decimal 2437
Octal   4605
Hex   0x985
UTF-8  0x985
JS    %u985
Unicode U+0986
HTML  &#2438
Decimal 2438
Octal   4606
Hex   0x986
UTF-8  0x986
JS    %u986
Unicode U+0987
HTML  &#2439
Decimal 2439
Octal   4607
Hex   0x987
UTF-8  0x987
JS    %u987
Unicode U+0988
HTML  &#2440
Decimal 2440
Octal   4610
Hex   0x988
UTF-8  0x988
JS    %u988
Unicode U+0989
HTML  &#2441
Decimal 2441
Octal   4611
Hex   0x989
UTF-8  0x989
JS    %u989
Unicode U+098a
HTML  &#2442
Decimal 2442
Octal   4612
Hex   0x98a
UTF-8  0x98a
JS    %u98a
Unicode U+098b
HTML  &#2443
Decimal 2443
Octal   4613
Hex   0x98b
UTF-8  0x98b
JS    %u98b
Unicode U+098c
HTML  &#2444
Decimal 2444
Octal   4614
Hex   0x98c
UTF-8  0x98c
JS    %u98c
Unicode U+098d
HTML  &#2445
Decimal 2445
Octal   4615
Hex   0x98d
UTF-8  0x98d
JS    %u98d
Unicode U+098e
HTML  &#2446
Decimal 2446
Octal   4616
Hex   0x98e
UTF-8  0x98e
JS    %u98e
Unicode U+098f
HTML  &#2447
Decimal 2447
Octal   4617
Hex   0x98f
UTF-8  0x98f
JS    %u98f
Unicode U+0990
HTML  &#2448
Decimal 2448
Octal   4620
Hex   0x990
UTF-8  0x990
JS    %u990
Unicode U+0991
HTML  &#2449
Decimal 2449
Octal   4621
Hex   0x991
UTF-8  0x991
JS    %u991
Unicode U+0992
HTML  &#2450
Decimal 2450
Octal   4622
Hex   0x992
UTF-8  0x992
JS    %u992
Unicode U+0993
HTML  &#2451
Decimal 2451
Octal   4623
Hex   0x993
UTF-8  0x993
JS    %u993
Unicode U+0994
HTML  &#2452
Decimal 2452
Octal   4624
Hex   0x994
UTF-8  0x994
JS    %u994
Unicode U+0995
HTML  &#2453
Decimal 2453
Octal   4625
Hex   0x995
UTF-8  0x995
JS    %u995
Unicode U+0996
HTML  &#2454
Decimal 2454
Octal   4626
Hex   0x996
UTF-8  0x996
JS    %u996
Unicode U+0997
HTML  &#2455
Decimal 2455
Octal   4627
Hex   0x997
UTF-8  0x997
JS    %u997
Unicode U+0998
HTML  &#2456
Decimal 2456
Octal   4630
Hex   0x998
UTF-8  0x998
JS    %u998
Unicode U+0999
HTML  &#2457
Decimal 2457
Octal   4631
Hex   0x999
UTF-8  0x999
JS    %u999
Unicode U+099a
HTML  &#2458
Decimal 2458
Octal   4632
Hex   0x99a
UTF-8  0x99a
JS    %u99a
Unicode U+099b
HTML  &#2459
Decimal 2459
Octal   4633
Hex   0x99b
UTF-8  0x99b
JS    %u99b
Unicode U+099c
HTML  &#2460
Decimal 2460
Octal   4634
Hex   0x99c
UTF-8  0x99c
JS    %u99c
Unicode U+099d
HTML  &#2461
Decimal 2461
Octal   4635
Hex   0x99d
UTF-8  0x99d
JS    %u99d
Unicode U+099e
HTML  &#2462
Decimal 2462
Octal   4636
Hex   0x99e
UTF-8  0x99e
JS    %u99e
Unicode U+099f
HTML  &#2463
Decimal 2463
Octal   4637
Hex   0x99f
UTF-8  0x99f
JS    %u99f
Unicode U+09a0
HTML  &#2464
Decimal 2464
Octal   4640
Hex   0x9a0
UTF-8  0x9a0
JS    %u9a0
Unicode U+09a1
HTML  &#2465
Decimal 2465
Octal   4641
Hex   0x9a1
UTF-8  0x9a1
JS    %u9a1
Unicode U+09a2
HTML  &#2466
Decimal 2466
Octal   4642
Hex   0x9a2
UTF-8  0x9a2
JS    %u9a2
Unicode U+09a3
HTML  &#2467
Decimal 2467
Octal   4643
Hex   0x9a3
UTF-8  0x9a3
JS    %u9a3
Unicode U+09a4
HTML  &#2468
Decimal 2468
Octal   4644
Hex   0x9a4
UTF-8  0x9a4
JS    %u9a4
Unicode U+09a5
HTML  &#2469
Decimal 2469
Octal   4645
Hex   0x9a5
UTF-8  0x9a5
JS    %u9a5
Unicode U+09a6
HTML  &#2470
Decimal 2470
Octal   4646
Hex   0x9a6
UTF-8  0x9a6
JS    %u9a6
Unicode U+09a7
HTML  &#2471
Decimal 2471
Octal   4647
Hex   0x9a7
UTF-8  0x9a7
JS    %u9a7
Unicode U+09a8
HTML  &#2472
Decimal 2472
Octal   4650
Hex   0x9a8
UTF-8  0x9a8
JS    %u9a8
Unicode U+09a9
HTML  &#2473
Decimal 2473
Octal   4651
Hex   0x9a9
UTF-8  0x9a9
JS    %u9a9
Unicode U+09aa
HTML  &#2474
Decimal 2474
Octal   4652
Hex   0x9aa
UTF-8  0x9aa
JS    %u9aa
Unicode U+09ab
HTML  &#2475
Decimal 2475
Octal   4653
Hex   0x9ab
UTF-8  0x9ab
JS    %u9ab
Unicode U+09ac
HTML  &#2476
Decimal 2476
Octal   4654
Hex   0x9ac
UTF-8  0x9ac
JS    %u9ac
Unicode U+09ad
HTML  &#2477
Decimal 2477
Octal   4655
Hex   0x9ad
UTF-8  0x9ad
JS    %u9ad
Unicode U+09ae
HTML  &#2478
Decimal 2478
Octal   4656
Hex   0x9ae
UTF-8  0x9ae
JS    %u9ae
Unicode U+09af
HTML  &#2479
Decimal 2479
Octal   4657
Hex   0x9af
UTF-8  0x9af
JS    %u9af
Unicode U+09b0
HTML  &#2480
Decimal 2480
Octal   4660
Hex   0x9b0
UTF-8  0x9b0
JS    %u9b0
Unicode U+09b1
HTML  &#2481
Decimal 2481
Octal   4661
Hex   0x9b1
UTF-8  0x9b1
JS    %u9b1
Unicode U+09b2
HTML  &#2482
Decimal 2482
Octal   4662
Hex   0x9b2
UTF-8  0x9b2
JS    %u9b2
Unicode U+09b3
HTML  &#2483
Decimal 2483
Octal   4663
Hex   0x9b3
UTF-8  0x9b3
JS    %u9b3
Unicode U+09b4
HTML  &#2484
Decimal 2484
Octal   4664
Hex   0x9b4
UTF-8  0x9b4
JS    %u9b4
Unicode U+09b5
HTML  &#2485
Decimal 2485
Octal   4665
Hex   0x9b5
UTF-8  0x9b5
JS    %u9b5
Unicode U+09b6
HTML  &#2486
Decimal 2486
Octal   4666
Hex   0x9b6
UTF-8  0x9b6
JS    %u9b6
Unicode U+09b7
HTML  &#2487
Decimal 2487
Octal   4667
Hex   0x9b7
UTF-8  0x9b7
JS    %u9b7
Unicode U+09b8
HTML  &#2488
Decimal 2488
Octal   4670
Hex   0x9b8
UTF-8  0x9b8
JS    %u9b8
Unicode U+09b9
HTML  &#2489
Decimal 2489
Octal   4671
Hex   0x9b9
UTF-8  0x9b9
JS    %u9b9
Unicode U+09ba
HTML  &#2490
Decimal 2490
Octal   4672
Hex   0x9ba
UTF-8  0x9ba
JS    %u9ba
Unicode U+09bb
HTML  &#2491
Decimal 2491
Octal   4673
Hex   0x9bb
UTF-8  0x9bb
JS    %u9bb
Unicode U+09bc
HTML  &#2492
Decimal 2492
Octal   4674
Hex   0x9bc
UTF-8  0x9bc
JS    %u9bc
Unicode U+09bd
HTML  &#2493
Decimal 2493
Octal   4675
Hex   0x9bd
UTF-8  0x9bd
JS    %u9bd
Unicode U+09be
HTML  &#2494
Decimal 2494
Octal   4676
Hex   0x9be
UTF-8  0x9be
JS    %u9be
Unicode U+09bf
HTML  &#2495
Decimal 2495
Octal   4677
Hex   0x9bf
UTF-8  0x9bf
JS    %u9bf
Unicode U+09c0
HTML  &#2496
Decimal 2496
Octal   4700
Hex   0x9c0
UTF-8  0x9c0
JS    %u9c0
Unicode U+09c1
HTML  &#2497
Decimal 2497
Octal   4701
Hex   0x9c1
UTF-8  0x9c1
JS    %u9c1
Unicode U+09c2
HTML  &#2498
Decimal 2498
Octal   4702
Hex   0x9c2
UTF-8  0x9c2
JS    %u9c2
Unicode U+09c3
HTML  &#2499
Decimal 2499
Octal   4703
Hex   0x9c3
UTF-8  0x9c3
JS    %u9c3
Unicode U+09c4
HTML  &#2500
Decimal 2500
Octal   4704
Hex   0x9c4
UTF-8  0x9c4
JS    %u9c4
Unicode U+09c5
HTML  &#2501
Decimal 2501
Octal   4705
Hex   0x9c5
UTF-8  0x9c5
JS    %u9c5
Unicode U+09c6
HTML  &#2502
Decimal 2502
Octal   4706
Hex   0x9c6
UTF-8  0x9c6
JS    %u9c6
Unicode U+09c7
HTML  &#2503
Decimal 2503
Octal   4707
Hex   0x9c7
UTF-8  0x9c7
JS    %u9c7
Unicode U+09c8
HTML  &#2504
Decimal 2504
Octal   4710
Hex   0x9c8
UTF-8  0x9c8
JS    %u9c8
Unicode U+09c9
HTML  &#2505
Decimal 2505
Octal   4711
Hex   0x9c9
UTF-8  0x9c9
JS    %u9c9
Unicode U+09ca
HTML  &#2506
Decimal 2506
Octal   4712
Hex   0x9ca
UTF-8  0x9ca
JS    %u9ca
Unicode U+09cb
HTML  &#2507
Decimal 2507
Octal   4713
Hex   0x9cb
UTF-8  0x9cb
JS    %u9cb
Unicode U+09cc
HTML  &#2508
Decimal 2508
Octal   4714
Hex   0x9cc
UTF-8  0x9cc
JS    %u9cc
Unicode U+09cd
HTML  &#2509
Decimal 2509
Octal   4715
Hex   0x9cd
UTF-8  0x9cd
JS    %u9cd
Unicode U+09ce
HTML  &#2510
Decimal 2510
Octal   4716
Hex   0x9ce
UTF-8  0x9ce
JS    %u9ce
Unicode U+09cf
HTML  &#2511
Decimal 2511
Octal   4717
Hex   0x9cf
UTF-8  0x9cf
JS    %u9cf
Unicode U+09d0
HTML  &#2512
Decimal 2512
Octal   4720
Hex   0x9d0
UTF-8  0x9d0
JS    %u9d0
Unicode U+09d1
HTML  &#2513
Decimal 2513
Octal   4721
Hex   0x9d1
UTF-8  0x9d1
JS    %u9d1
Unicode U+09d2
HTML  &#2514
Decimal 2514
Octal   4722
Hex   0x9d2
UTF-8  0x9d2
JS    %u9d2
Unicode U+09d3
HTML  &#2515
Decimal 2515
Octal   4723
Hex   0x9d3
UTF-8  0x9d3
JS    %u9d3
Unicode U+09d4
HTML  &#2516
Decimal 2516
Octal   4724
Hex   0x9d4
UTF-8  0x9d4
JS    %u9d4
Unicode U+09d5
HTML  &#2517
Decimal 2517
Octal   4725
Hex   0x9d5
UTF-8  0x9d5
JS    %u9d5
Unicode U+09d6
HTML  &#2518
Decimal 2518
Octal   4726
Hex   0x9d6
UTF-8  0x9d6
JS    %u9d6
Unicode U+09d7
HTML  &#2519
Decimal 2519
Octal   4727
Hex   0x9d7
UTF-8  0x9d7
JS    %u9d7
Unicode U+09d8
HTML  &#2520
Decimal 2520
Octal   4730
Hex   0x9d8
UTF-8  0x9d8
JS    %u9d8
Unicode U+09d9
HTML  &#2521
Decimal 2521
Octal   4731
Hex   0x9d9
UTF-8  0x9d9
JS    %u9d9
Unicode U+09da
HTML  &#2522
Decimal 2522
Octal   4732
Hex   0x9da
UTF-8  0x9da
JS    %u9da
Unicode U+09db
HTML  &#2523
Decimal 2523
Octal   4733
Hex   0x9db
UTF-8  0x9db
JS    %u9db
Unicode U+09dc
HTML  &#2524
Decimal 2524
Octal   4734
Hex   0x9dc
UTF-8  0x9dc
JS    %u9dc
Unicode U+09dd
HTML  &#2525
Decimal 2525
Octal   4735
Hex   0x9dd
UTF-8  0x9dd
JS    %u9dd
Unicode U+09de
HTML  &#2526
Decimal 2526
Octal   4736
Hex   0x9de
UTF-8  0x9de
JS    %u9de
Unicode U+09df
HTML  &#2527
Decimal 2527
Octal   4737
Hex   0x9df
UTF-8  0x9df
JS    %u9df
Unicode U+09e0
HTML  &#2528
Decimal 2528
Octal   4740
Hex   0x9e0
UTF-8  0x9e0
JS    %u9e0
Unicode U+09e1
HTML  &#2529
Decimal 2529
Octal   4741
Hex   0x9e1
UTF-8  0x9e1
JS    %u9e1
Unicode U+09e2
HTML  &#2530
Decimal 2530
Octal   4742
Hex   0x9e2
UTF-8  0x9e2
JS    %u9e2
Unicode U+09e3
HTML  &#2531
Decimal 2531
Octal   4743
Hex   0x9e3
UTF-8  0x9e3
JS    %u9e3
Unicode U+09e4
HTML  &#2532
Decimal 2532
Octal   4744
Hex   0x9e4
UTF-8  0x9e4
JS    %u9e4
Unicode U+09e5
HTML  &#2533
Decimal 2533
Octal   4745
Hex   0x9e5
UTF-8  0x9e5
JS    %u9e5
Unicode U+09e6
HTML  &#2534
Decimal 2534
Octal   4746
Hex   0x9e6
UTF-8  0x9e6
JS    %u9e6
Unicode U+09e7
HTML  &#2535
Decimal 2535
Octal   4747
Hex   0x9e7
UTF-8  0x9e7
JS    %u9e7
Unicode U+09e8
HTML  &#2536
Decimal 2536
Octal   4750
Hex   0x9e8
UTF-8  0x9e8
JS    %u9e8
Unicode U+09e9
HTML  &#2537
Decimal 2537
Octal   4751
Hex   0x9e9
UTF-8  0x9e9
JS    %u9e9
Unicode U+09ea
HTML  &#2538
Decimal 2538
Octal   4752
Hex   0x9ea
UTF-8  0x9ea
JS    %u9ea
Unicode U+09eb
HTML  &#2539
Decimal 2539
Octal   4753
Hex   0x9eb
UTF-8  0x9eb
JS    %u9eb
Unicode U+09ec
HTML  &#2540
Decimal 2540
Octal   4754
Hex   0x9ec
UTF-8  0x9ec
JS    %u9ec
Unicode U+09ed
HTML  &#2541
Decimal 2541
Octal   4755
Hex   0x9ed
UTF-8  0x9ed
JS    %u9ed
Unicode U+09ee
HTML  &#2542
Decimal 2542
Octal   4756
Hex   0x9ee
UTF-8  0x9ee
JS    %u9ee
Unicode U+09ef
HTML  &#2543
Decimal 2543
Octal   4757
Hex   0x9ef
UTF-8  0x9ef
JS    %u9ef
Unicode U+09f0
HTML  &#2544
Decimal 2544
Octal   4760
Hex   0x9f0
UTF-8  0x9f0
JS    %u9f0
Unicode U+09f1
HTML  &#2545
Decimal 2545
Octal   4761
Hex   0x9f1
UTF-8  0x9f1
JS    %u9f1
Unicode U+09f2
HTML  &#2546
Decimal 2546
Octal   4762
Hex   0x9f2
UTF-8  0x9f2
JS    %u9f2
Unicode U+09f3
HTML  &#2547
Decimal 2547
Octal   4763
Hex   0x9f3
UTF-8  0x9f3
JS    %u9f3
Unicode U+09f4
HTML  &#2548
Decimal 2548
Octal   4764
Hex   0x9f4
UTF-8  0x9f4
JS    %u9f4
Unicode U+09f5
HTML  &#2549
Decimal 2549
Octal   4765
Hex   0x9f5
UTF-8  0x9f5
JS    %u9f5
Unicode U+09f6
HTML  &#2550
Decimal 2550
Octal   4766
Hex   0x9f6
UTF-8  0x9f6
JS    %u9f6
Unicode U+09f7
HTML  &#2551
Decimal 2551
Octal   4767
Hex   0x9f7
UTF-8  0x9f7
JS    %u9f7
Unicode U+09f8
HTML  &#2552
Decimal 2552
Octal   4770
Hex   0x9f8
UTF-8  0x9f8
JS    %u9f8
Unicode U+09f9
HTML  &#2553
Decimal 2553
Octal   4771
Hex   0x9f9
UTF-8  0x9f9
JS    %u9f9
Unicode U+09fa
HTML  &#2554
Decimal 2554
Octal   4772
Hex   0x9fa
UTF-8  0x9fa
JS    %u9fa
Unicode U+09fb
HTML  &#2555
Decimal 2555
Octal   4773
Hex   0x9fb
UTF-8  0x9fb
JS    %u9fb
Unicode U+09fc
HTML  &#2556
Decimal 2556
Octal   4774
Hex   0x9fc
UTF-8  0x9fc
JS    %u9fc
Unicode U+09fd
HTML  &#2557
Decimal 2557
Octal   4775
Hex   0x9fd
UTF-8  0x9fd
JS    %u9fd
Unicode U+09fe
HTML  &#2558
Decimal 2558
Octal   4776
Hex   0x9fe
UTF-8  0x9fe
JS    %u9fe
Unicode U+09ff
HTML  &#2559
Decimal 2559
Octal   4777
Hex   0x9ff
UTF-8  0x9ff
JS    %u9ff

When you'll Hover over any of the symbol, you'll see various codes associated with that code. Decimal, Octal value, Hex value, Unicode, HTML entity code and JavaScript escaped codes have been provided. If you want to use these symbols in your web page, you should use HTML entity code. Just copy it and paste it in your HTML code.

In the above list, if you see an empty character —it means no Unicode has yet been defined for that code. In case you see a gibberish box instead proper character, it means your computer does not have appropriate glyph to display that character.

List of Available Character Maps

Following is the list of various languages for which we have character map charts available.