Gujarati Character Map

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To enable typing in various languages, the Unicode Consortium has drawn up a set of Unicode for individual scripts. With the help of these codes, you can type in any of these scripts. You can also get codes for HTML Symbols and HTML Text Art.

Character Codes
Unicode U+0a80
HTML  &#2688
Decimal 2688
Octal   5200
Hex   0xa80
UTF-8  0xa80
JS    %ua80
Unicode U+0a81
HTML  &#2689
Decimal 2689
Octal   5201
Hex   0xa81
UTF-8  0xa81
JS    %ua81
Unicode U+0a82
HTML  &#2690
Decimal 2690
Octal   5202
Hex   0xa82
UTF-8  0xa82
JS    %ua82
Unicode U+0a83
HTML  &#2691
Decimal 2691
Octal   5203
Hex   0xa83
UTF-8  0xa83
JS    %ua83
Unicode U+0a84
HTML  &#2692
Decimal 2692
Octal   5204
Hex   0xa84
UTF-8  0xa84
JS    %ua84
Unicode U+0a85
HTML  &#2693
Decimal 2693
Octal   5205
Hex   0xa85
UTF-8  0xa85
JS    %ua85
Unicode U+0a86
HTML  &#2694
Decimal 2694
Octal   5206
Hex   0xa86
UTF-8  0xa86
JS    %ua86
Unicode U+0a87
HTML  &#2695
Decimal 2695
Octal   5207
Hex   0xa87
UTF-8  0xa87
JS    %ua87
Unicode U+0a88
HTML  &#2696
Decimal 2696
Octal   5210
Hex   0xa88
UTF-8  0xa88
JS    %ua88
Unicode U+0a89
HTML  &#2697
Decimal 2697
Octal   5211
Hex   0xa89
UTF-8  0xa89
JS    %ua89
Unicode U+0a8a
HTML  &#2698
Decimal 2698
Octal   5212
Hex   0xa8a
UTF-8  0xa8a
JS    %ua8a
Unicode U+0a8b
HTML  &#2699
Decimal 2699
Octal   5213
Hex   0xa8b
UTF-8  0xa8b
JS    %ua8b
Unicode U+0a8c
HTML  &#2700
Decimal 2700
Octal   5214
Hex   0xa8c
UTF-8  0xa8c
JS    %ua8c
Unicode U+0a8d
HTML  &#2701
Decimal 2701
Octal   5215
Hex   0xa8d
UTF-8  0xa8d
JS    %ua8d
Unicode U+0a8e
HTML  &#2702
Decimal 2702
Octal   5216
Hex   0xa8e
UTF-8  0xa8e
JS    %ua8e
Unicode U+0a8f
HTML  &#2703
Decimal 2703
Octal   5217
Hex   0xa8f
UTF-8  0xa8f
JS    %ua8f
Unicode U+0a90
HTML  &#2704
Decimal 2704
Octal   5220
Hex   0xa90
UTF-8  0xa90
JS    %ua90
Unicode U+0a91
HTML  &#2705
Decimal 2705
Octal   5221
Hex   0xa91
UTF-8  0xa91
JS    %ua91
Unicode U+0a92
HTML  &#2706
Decimal 2706
Octal   5222
Hex   0xa92
UTF-8  0xa92
JS    %ua92
Unicode U+0a93
HTML  &#2707
Decimal 2707
Octal   5223
Hex   0xa93
UTF-8  0xa93
JS    %ua93
Unicode U+0a94
HTML  &#2708
Decimal 2708
Octal   5224
Hex   0xa94
UTF-8  0xa94
JS    %ua94
Unicode U+0a95
HTML  &#2709
Decimal 2709
Octal   5225
Hex   0xa95
UTF-8  0xa95
JS    %ua95
Unicode U+0a96
HTML  &#2710
Decimal 2710
Octal   5226
Hex   0xa96
UTF-8  0xa96
JS    %ua96
Unicode U+0a97
HTML  &#2711
Decimal 2711
Octal   5227
Hex   0xa97
UTF-8  0xa97
JS    %ua97
Unicode U+0a98
HTML  &#2712
Decimal 2712
Octal   5230
Hex   0xa98
UTF-8  0xa98
JS    %ua98
Unicode U+0a99
HTML  &#2713
Decimal 2713
Octal   5231
Hex   0xa99
UTF-8  0xa99
JS    %ua99
Unicode U+0a9a
HTML  &#2714
Decimal 2714
Octal   5232
Hex   0xa9a
UTF-8  0xa9a
JS    %ua9a
Unicode U+0a9b
HTML  &#2715
Decimal 2715
Octal   5233
Hex   0xa9b
UTF-8  0xa9b
JS    %ua9b
Unicode U+0a9c
HTML  &#2716
Decimal 2716
Octal   5234
Hex   0xa9c
UTF-8  0xa9c
JS    %ua9c
Unicode U+0a9d
HTML  &#2717
Decimal 2717
Octal   5235
Hex   0xa9d
UTF-8  0xa9d
JS    %ua9d
Unicode U+0a9e
HTML  &#2718
Decimal 2718
Octal   5236
Hex   0xa9e
UTF-8  0xa9e
JS    %ua9e
Unicode U+0a9f
HTML  &#2719
Decimal 2719
Octal   5237
Hex   0xa9f
UTF-8  0xa9f
JS    %ua9f
Unicode U+0aa0
HTML  &#2720
Decimal 2720
Octal   5240
Hex   0xaa0
UTF-8  0xaa0
JS    %uaa0
Unicode U+0aa1
HTML  &#2721
Decimal 2721
Octal   5241
Hex   0xaa1
UTF-8  0xaa1
JS    %uaa1
Unicode U+0aa2
HTML  &#2722
Decimal 2722
Octal   5242
Hex   0xaa2
UTF-8  0xaa2
JS    %uaa2
Unicode U+0aa3
HTML  &#2723
Decimal 2723
Octal   5243
Hex   0xaa3
UTF-8  0xaa3
JS    %uaa3
Unicode U+0aa4
HTML  &#2724
Decimal 2724
Octal   5244
Hex   0xaa4
UTF-8  0xaa4
JS    %uaa4
Unicode U+0aa5
HTML  &#2725
Decimal 2725
Octal   5245
Hex   0xaa5
UTF-8  0xaa5
JS    %uaa5
Unicode U+0aa6
HTML  &#2726
Decimal 2726
Octal   5246
Hex   0xaa6
UTF-8  0xaa6
JS    %uaa6
Unicode U+0aa7
HTML  &#2727
Decimal 2727
Octal   5247
Hex   0xaa7
UTF-8  0xaa7
JS    %uaa7
Unicode U+0aa8
HTML  &#2728
Decimal 2728
Octal   5250
Hex   0xaa8
UTF-8  0xaa8
JS    %uaa8
Unicode U+0aa9
HTML  &#2729
Decimal 2729
Octal   5251
Hex   0xaa9
UTF-8  0xaa9
JS    %uaa9
Unicode U+0aaa
HTML  &#2730
Decimal 2730
Octal   5252
Hex   0xaaa
UTF-8  0xaaa
JS    %uaaa
Unicode U+0aab
HTML  &#2731
Decimal 2731
Octal   5253
Hex   0xaab
UTF-8  0xaab
JS    %uaab
Unicode U+0aac
HTML  &#2732
Decimal 2732
Octal   5254
Hex   0xaac
UTF-8  0xaac
JS    %uaac
Unicode U+0aad
HTML  &#2733
Decimal 2733
Octal   5255
Hex   0xaad
UTF-8  0xaad
JS    %uaad
Unicode U+0aae
HTML  &#2734
Decimal 2734
Octal   5256
Hex   0xaae
UTF-8  0xaae
JS    %uaae
Unicode U+0aaf
HTML  &#2735
Decimal 2735
Octal   5257
Hex   0xaaf
UTF-8  0xaaf
JS    %uaaf
Unicode U+0ab0
HTML  &#2736
Decimal 2736
Octal   5260
Hex   0xab0
UTF-8  0xab0
JS    %uab0
Unicode U+0ab1
HTML  &#2737
Decimal 2737
Octal   5261
Hex   0xab1
UTF-8  0xab1
JS    %uab1
Unicode U+0ab2
HTML  &#2738
Decimal 2738
Octal   5262
Hex   0xab2
UTF-8  0xab2
JS    %uab2
Unicode U+0ab3
HTML  &#2739
Decimal 2739
Octal   5263
Hex   0xab3
UTF-8  0xab3
JS    %uab3
Unicode U+0ab4
HTML  &#2740
Decimal 2740
Octal   5264
Hex   0xab4
UTF-8  0xab4
JS    %uab4
Unicode U+0ab5
HTML  &#2741
Decimal 2741
Octal   5265
Hex   0xab5
UTF-8  0xab5
JS    %uab5
Unicode U+0ab6
HTML  &#2742
Decimal 2742
Octal   5266
Hex   0xab6
UTF-8  0xab6
JS    %uab6
Unicode U+0ab7
HTML  &#2743
Decimal 2743
Octal   5267
Hex   0xab7
UTF-8  0xab7
JS    %uab7
Unicode U+0ab8
HTML  &#2744
Decimal 2744
Octal   5270
Hex   0xab8
UTF-8  0xab8
JS    %uab8
Unicode U+0ab9
HTML  &#2745
Decimal 2745
Octal   5271
Hex   0xab9
UTF-8  0xab9
JS    %uab9
Unicode U+0aba
HTML  &#2746
Decimal 2746
Octal   5272
Hex   0xaba
UTF-8  0xaba
JS    %uaba
Unicode U+0abb
HTML  &#2747
Decimal 2747
Octal   5273
Hex   0xabb
UTF-8  0xabb
JS    %uabb
Unicode U+0abc
HTML  &#2748
Decimal 2748
Octal   5274
Hex   0xabc
UTF-8  0xabc
JS    %uabc
Unicode U+0abd
HTML  &#2749
Decimal 2749
Octal   5275
Hex   0xabd
UTF-8  0xabd
JS    %uabd
Unicode U+0abe
HTML  &#2750
Decimal 2750
Octal   5276
Hex   0xabe
UTF-8  0xabe
JS    %uabe
Unicode U+0abf
HTML  &#2751
Decimal 2751
Octal   5277
Hex   0xabf
UTF-8  0xabf
JS    %uabf
Unicode U+0ac0
HTML  &#2752
Decimal 2752
Octal   5300
Hex   0xac0
UTF-8  0xac0
JS    %uac0
Unicode U+0ac1
HTML  &#2753
Decimal 2753
Octal   5301
Hex   0xac1
UTF-8  0xac1
JS    %uac1
Unicode U+0ac2
HTML  &#2754
Decimal 2754
Octal   5302
Hex   0xac2
UTF-8  0xac2
JS    %uac2
Unicode U+0ac3
HTML  &#2755
Decimal 2755
Octal   5303
Hex   0xac3
UTF-8  0xac3
JS    %uac3
Unicode U+0ac4
HTML  &#2756
Decimal 2756
Octal   5304
Hex   0xac4
UTF-8  0xac4
JS    %uac4
Unicode U+0ac5
HTML  &#2757
Decimal 2757
Octal   5305
Hex   0xac5
UTF-8  0xac5
JS    %uac5
Unicode U+0ac6
HTML  &#2758
Decimal 2758
Octal   5306
Hex   0xac6
UTF-8  0xac6
JS    %uac6
Unicode U+0ac7
HTML  &#2759
Decimal 2759
Octal   5307
Hex   0xac7
UTF-8  0xac7
JS    %uac7
Unicode U+0ac8
HTML  &#2760
Decimal 2760
Octal   5310
Hex   0xac8
UTF-8  0xac8
JS    %uac8
Unicode U+0ac9
HTML  &#2761
Decimal 2761
Octal   5311
Hex   0xac9
UTF-8  0xac9
JS    %uac9
Unicode U+0aca
HTML  &#2762
Decimal 2762
Octal   5312
Hex   0xaca
UTF-8  0xaca
JS    %uaca
Unicode U+0acb
HTML  &#2763
Decimal 2763
Octal   5313
Hex   0xacb
UTF-8  0xacb
JS    %uacb
Unicode U+0acc
HTML  &#2764
Decimal 2764
Octal   5314
Hex   0xacc
UTF-8  0xacc
JS    %uacc
Unicode U+0acd
HTML  &#2765
Decimal 2765
Octal   5315
Hex   0xacd
UTF-8  0xacd
JS    %uacd
Unicode U+0ace
HTML  &#2766
Decimal 2766
Octal   5316
Hex   0xace
UTF-8  0xace
JS    %uace
Unicode U+0acf
HTML  &#2767
Decimal 2767
Octal   5317
Hex   0xacf
UTF-8  0xacf
JS    %uacf
Unicode U+0ad0
HTML  &#2768
Decimal 2768
Octal   5320
Hex   0xad0
UTF-8  0xad0
JS    %uad0
Unicode U+0ad1
HTML  &#2769
Decimal 2769
Octal   5321
Hex   0xad1
UTF-8  0xad1
JS    %uad1
Unicode U+0ad2
HTML  &#2770
Decimal 2770
Octal   5322
Hex   0xad2
UTF-8  0xad2
JS    %uad2
Unicode U+0ad3
HTML  &#2771
Decimal 2771
Octal   5323
Hex   0xad3
UTF-8  0xad3
JS    %uad3
Unicode U+0ad4
HTML  &#2772
Decimal 2772
Octal   5324
Hex   0xad4
UTF-8  0xad4
JS    %uad4
Unicode U+0ad5
HTML  &#2773
Decimal 2773
Octal   5325
Hex   0xad5
UTF-8  0xad5
JS    %uad5
Unicode U+0ad6
HTML  &#2774
Decimal 2774
Octal   5326
Hex   0xad6
UTF-8  0xad6
JS    %uad6
Unicode U+0ad7
HTML  &#2775
Decimal 2775
Octal   5327
Hex   0xad7
UTF-8  0xad7
JS    %uad7
Unicode U+0ad8
HTML  &#2776
Decimal 2776
Octal   5330
Hex   0xad8
UTF-8  0xad8
JS    %uad8
Unicode U+0ad9
HTML  &#2777
Decimal 2777
Octal   5331
Hex   0xad9
UTF-8  0xad9
JS    %uad9
Unicode U+0ada
HTML  &#2778
Decimal 2778
Octal   5332
Hex   0xada
UTF-8  0xada
JS    %uada
Unicode U+0adb
HTML  &#2779
Decimal 2779
Octal   5333
Hex   0xadb
UTF-8  0xadb
JS    %uadb
Unicode U+0adc
HTML  &#2780
Decimal 2780
Octal   5334
Hex   0xadc
UTF-8  0xadc
JS    %uadc
Unicode U+0add
HTML  &#2781
Decimal 2781
Octal   5335
Hex   0xadd
UTF-8  0xadd
JS    %uadd
Unicode U+0ade
HTML  &#2782
Decimal 2782
Octal   5336
Hex   0xade
UTF-8  0xade
JS    %uade
Unicode U+0adf
HTML  &#2783
Decimal 2783
Octal   5337
Hex   0xadf
UTF-8  0xadf
JS    %uadf
Unicode U+0ae0
HTML  &#2784
Decimal 2784
Octal   5340
Hex   0xae0
UTF-8  0xae0
JS    %uae0
Unicode U+0ae1
HTML  &#2785
Decimal 2785
Octal   5341
Hex   0xae1
UTF-8  0xae1
JS    %uae1
Unicode U+0ae2
HTML  &#2786
Decimal 2786
Octal   5342
Hex   0xae2
UTF-8  0xae2
JS    %uae2
Unicode U+0ae3
HTML  &#2787
Decimal 2787
Octal   5343
Hex   0xae3
UTF-8  0xae3
JS    %uae3
Unicode U+0ae4
HTML  &#2788
Decimal 2788
Octal   5344
Hex   0xae4
UTF-8  0xae4
JS    %uae4
Unicode U+0ae5
HTML  &#2789
Decimal 2789
Octal   5345
Hex   0xae5
UTF-8  0xae5
JS    %uae5
Unicode U+0ae6
HTML  &#2790
Decimal 2790
Octal   5346
Hex   0xae6
UTF-8  0xae6
JS    %uae6
Unicode U+0ae7
HTML  &#2791
Decimal 2791
Octal   5347
Hex   0xae7
UTF-8  0xae7
JS    %uae7
Unicode U+0ae8
HTML  &#2792
Decimal 2792
Octal   5350
Hex   0xae8
UTF-8  0xae8
JS    %uae8
Unicode U+0ae9
HTML  &#2793
Decimal 2793
Octal   5351
Hex   0xae9
UTF-8  0xae9
JS    %uae9
Unicode U+0aea
HTML  &#2794
Decimal 2794
Octal   5352
Hex   0xaea
UTF-8  0xaea
JS    %uaea
Unicode U+0aeb
HTML  &#2795
Decimal 2795
Octal   5353
Hex   0xaeb
UTF-8  0xaeb
JS    %uaeb
Unicode U+0aec
HTML  &#2796
Decimal 2796
Octal   5354
Hex   0xaec
UTF-8  0xaec
JS    %uaec
Unicode U+0aed
HTML  &#2797
Decimal 2797
Octal   5355
Hex   0xaed
UTF-8  0xaed
JS    %uaed
Unicode U+0aee
HTML  &#2798
Decimal 2798
Octal   5356
Hex   0xaee
UTF-8  0xaee
JS    %uaee
Unicode U+0aef
HTML  &#2799
Decimal 2799
Octal   5357
Hex   0xaef
UTF-8  0xaef
JS    %uaef
Unicode U+0af0
HTML  &#2800
Decimal 2800
Octal   5360
Hex   0xaf0
UTF-8  0xaf0
JS    %uaf0
Unicode U+0af1
HTML  &#2801
Decimal 2801
Octal   5361
Hex   0xaf1
UTF-8  0xaf1
JS    %uaf1
Unicode U+0af2
HTML  &#2802
Decimal 2802
Octal   5362
Hex   0xaf2
UTF-8  0xaf2
JS    %uaf2
Unicode U+0af3
HTML  &#2803
Decimal 2803
Octal   5363
Hex   0xaf3
UTF-8  0xaf3
JS    %uaf3
Unicode U+0af4
HTML  &#2804
Decimal 2804
Octal   5364
Hex   0xaf4
UTF-8  0xaf4
JS    %uaf4
Unicode U+0af5
HTML  &#2805
Decimal 2805
Octal   5365
Hex   0xaf5
UTF-8  0xaf5
JS    %uaf5
Unicode U+0af6
HTML  &#2806
Decimal 2806
Octal   5366
Hex   0xaf6
UTF-8  0xaf6
JS    %uaf6
Unicode U+0af7
HTML  &#2807
Decimal 2807
Octal   5367
Hex   0xaf7
UTF-8  0xaf7
JS    %uaf7
Unicode U+0af8
HTML  &#2808
Decimal 2808
Octal   5370
Hex   0xaf8
UTF-8  0xaf8
JS    %uaf8
Unicode U+0af9
HTML  &#2809
Decimal 2809
Octal   5371
Hex   0xaf9
UTF-8  0xaf9
JS    %uaf9
Unicode U+0afa
HTML  &#2810
Decimal 2810
Octal   5372
Hex   0xafa
UTF-8  0xafa
JS    %uafa
Unicode U+0afb
HTML  &#2811
Decimal 2811
Octal   5373
Hex   0xafb
UTF-8  0xafb
JS    %uafb
Unicode U+0afc
HTML  &#2812
Decimal 2812
Octal   5374
Hex   0xafc
UTF-8  0xafc
JS    %uafc
Unicode U+0afd
HTML  &#2813
Decimal 2813
Octal   5375
Hex   0xafd
UTF-8  0xafd
JS    %uafd
Unicode U+0afe
HTML  &#2814
Decimal 2814
Octal   5376
Hex   0xafe
UTF-8  0xafe
JS    %uafe
Unicode U+0aff
HTML  &#2815
Decimal 2815
Octal   5377
Hex   0xaff
UTF-8  0xaff
JS    %uaff

When you'll Hover over any of the symbol, you'll see various codes associated with that code. Decimal, Octal value, Hex value, Unicode, HTML entity code and JavaScript escaped codes have been provided. If you want to use these symbols in your web page, you should use HTML entity code. Just copy it and paste it in your HTML code.

In the above list, if you see an empty character —it means no Unicode has yet been defined for that code. In case you see a gibberish box instead proper character, it means your computer does not have appropriate glyph to display that character.

List of Available Character Maps

Following is the list of various languages for which we have character map charts available.