Gurmukhi Character Map

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To enable typing in various languages, the Unicode Consortium has drawn up a set of Unicode for individual scripts. With the help of these codes, you can type in any of these scripts. You can also get codes for HTML Symbols and HTML Text Art.

Character Codes
Unicode U+0a00
HTML  &#2560
Decimal 2560
Octal   5000
Hex   0xa00
UTF-8  0xa00
JS    %ua00
Unicode U+0a01
HTML  &#2561
Decimal 2561
Octal   5001
Hex   0xa01
UTF-8  0xa01
JS    %ua01
Unicode U+0a02
HTML  &#2562
Decimal 2562
Octal   5002
Hex   0xa02
UTF-8  0xa02
JS    %ua02
Unicode U+0a03
HTML  &#2563
Decimal 2563
Octal   5003
Hex   0xa03
UTF-8  0xa03
JS    %ua03
Unicode U+0a04
HTML  &#2564
Decimal 2564
Octal   5004
Hex   0xa04
UTF-8  0xa04
JS    %ua04
Unicode U+0a05
HTML  &#2565
Decimal 2565
Octal   5005
Hex   0xa05
UTF-8  0xa05
JS    %ua05
Unicode U+0a06
HTML  &#2566
Decimal 2566
Octal   5006
Hex   0xa06
UTF-8  0xa06
JS    %ua06
Unicode U+0a07
HTML  &#2567
Decimal 2567
Octal   5007
Hex   0xa07
UTF-8  0xa07
JS    %ua07
Unicode U+0a08
HTML  &#2568
Decimal 2568
Octal   5010
Hex   0xa08
UTF-8  0xa08
JS    %ua08
Unicode U+0a09
HTML  &#2569
Decimal 2569
Octal   5011
Hex   0xa09
UTF-8  0xa09
JS    %ua09
Unicode U+0a0a
HTML  &#2570
Decimal 2570
Octal   5012
Hex   0xa0a
UTF-8  0xa0a
JS    %ua0a
Unicode U+0a0b
HTML  &#2571
Decimal 2571
Octal   5013
Hex   0xa0b
UTF-8  0xa0b
JS    %ua0b
Unicode U+0a0c
HTML  &#2572
Decimal 2572
Octal   5014
Hex   0xa0c
UTF-8  0xa0c
JS    %ua0c
Unicode U+0a0d
HTML  &#2573
Decimal 2573
Octal   5015
Hex   0xa0d
UTF-8  0xa0d
JS    %ua0d
Unicode U+0a0e
HTML  &#2574
Decimal 2574
Octal   5016
Hex   0xa0e
UTF-8  0xa0e
JS    %ua0e
Unicode U+0a0f
HTML  &#2575
Decimal 2575
Octal   5017
Hex   0xa0f
UTF-8  0xa0f
JS    %ua0f
Unicode U+0a10
HTML  &#2576
Decimal 2576
Octal   5020
Hex   0xa10
UTF-8  0xa10
JS    %ua10
Unicode U+0a11
HTML  &#2577
Decimal 2577
Octal   5021
Hex   0xa11
UTF-8  0xa11
JS    %ua11
Unicode U+0a12
HTML  &#2578
Decimal 2578
Octal   5022
Hex   0xa12
UTF-8  0xa12
JS    %ua12
Unicode U+0a13
HTML  &#2579
Decimal 2579
Octal   5023
Hex   0xa13
UTF-8  0xa13
JS    %ua13
Unicode U+0a14
HTML  &#2580
Decimal 2580
Octal   5024
Hex   0xa14
UTF-8  0xa14
JS    %ua14
Unicode U+0a15
HTML  &#2581
Decimal 2581
Octal   5025
Hex   0xa15
UTF-8  0xa15
JS    %ua15
Unicode U+0a16
HTML  &#2582
Decimal 2582
Octal   5026
Hex   0xa16
UTF-8  0xa16
JS    %ua16
Unicode U+0a17
HTML  &#2583
Decimal 2583
Octal   5027
Hex   0xa17
UTF-8  0xa17
JS    %ua17
Unicode U+0a18
HTML  &#2584
Decimal 2584
Octal   5030
Hex   0xa18
UTF-8  0xa18
JS    %ua18
Unicode U+0a19
HTML  &#2585
Decimal 2585
Octal   5031
Hex   0xa19
UTF-8  0xa19
JS    %ua19
Unicode U+0a1a
HTML  &#2586
Decimal 2586
Octal   5032
Hex   0xa1a
UTF-8  0xa1a
JS    %ua1a
Unicode U+0a1b
HTML  &#2587
Decimal 2587
Octal   5033
Hex   0xa1b
UTF-8  0xa1b
JS    %ua1b
Unicode U+0a1c
HTML  &#2588
Decimal 2588
Octal   5034
Hex   0xa1c
UTF-8  0xa1c
JS    %ua1c
Unicode U+0a1d
HTML  &#2589
Decimal 2589
Octal   5035
Hex   0xa1d
UTF-8  0xa1d
JS    %ua1d
Unicode U+0a1e
HTML  &#2590
Decimal 2590
Octal   5036
Hex   0xa1e
UTF-8  0xa1e
JS    %ua1e
Unicode U+0a1f
HTML  &#2591
Decimal 2591
Octal   5037
Hex   0xa1f
UTF-8  0xa1f
JS    %ua1f
Unicode U+0a20
HTML  &#2592
Decimal 2592
Octal   5040
Hex   0xa20
UTF-8  0xa20
JS    %ua20
Unicode U+0a21
HTML  &#2593
Decimal 2593
Octal   5041
Hex   0xa21
UTF-8  0xa21
JS    %ua21
Unicode U+0a22
HTML  &#2594
Decimal 2594
Octal   5042
Hex   0xa22
UTF-8  0xa22
JS    %ua22
Unicode U+0a23
HTML  &#2595
Decimal 2595
Octal   5043
Hex   0xa23
UTF-8  0xa23
JS    %ua23
Unicode U+0a24
HTML  &#2596
Decimal 2596
Octal   5044
Hex   0xa24
UTF-8  0xa24
JS    %ua24
Unicode U+0a25
HTML  &#2597
Decimal 2597
Octal   5045
Hex   0xa25
UTF-8  0xa25
JS    %ua25
Unicode U+0a26
HTML  &#2598
Decimal 2598
Octal   5046
Hex   0xa26
UTF-8  0xa26
JS    %ua26
Unicode U+0a27
HTML  &#2599
Decimal 2599
Octal   5047
Hex   0xa27
UTF-8  0xa27
JS    %ua27
Unicode U+0a28
HTML  &#2600
Decimal 2600
Octal   5050
Hex   0xa28
UTF-8  0xa28
JS    %ua28
Unicode U+0a29
HTML  &#2601
Decimal 2601
Octal   5051
Hex   0xa29
UTF-8  0xa29
JS    %ua29
Unicode U+0a2a
HTML  &#2602
Decimal 2602
Octal   5052
Hex   0xa2a
UTF-8  0xa2a
JS    %ua2a
Unicode U+0a2b
HTML  &#2603
Decimal 2603
Octal   5053
Hex   0xa2b
UTF-8  0xa2b
JS    %ua2b
Unicode U+0a2c
HTML  &#2604
Decimal 2604
Octal   5054
Hex   0xa2c
UTF-8  0xa2c
JS    %ua2c
Unicode U+0a2d
HTML  &#2605
Decimal 2605
Octal   5055
Hex   0xa2d
UTF-8  0xa2d
JS    %ua2d
Unicode U+0a2e
HTML  &#2606
Decimal 2606
Octal   5056
Hex   0xa2e
UTF-8  0xa2e
JS    %ua2e
Unicode U+0a2f
HTML  &#2607
Decimal 2607
Octal   5057
Hex   0xa2f
UTF-8  0xa2f
JS    %ua2f
Unicode U+0a30
HTML  &#2608
Decimal 2608
Octal   5060
Hex   0xa30
UTF-8  0xa30
JS    %ua30
Unicode U+0a31
HTML  &#2609
Decimal 2609
Octal   5061
Hex   0xa31
UTF-8  0xa31
JS    %ua31
Unicode U+0a32
HTML  &#2610
Decimal 2610
Octal   5062
Hex   0xa32
UTF-8  0xa32
JS    %ua32
Unicode U+0a33
HTML  &#2611
Decimal 2611
Octal   5063
Hex   0xa33
UTF-8  0xa33
JS    %ua33
Unicode U+0a34
HTML  &#2612
Decimal 2612
Octal   5064
Hex   0xa34
UTF-8  0xa34
JS    %ua34
Unicode U+0a35
HTML  &#2613
Decimal 2613
Octal   5065
Hex   0xa35
UTF-8  0xa35
JS    %ua35
Unicode U+0a36
HTML  &#2614
Decimal 2614
Octal   5066
Hex   0xa36
UTF-8  0xa36
JS    %ua36
Unicode U+0a37
HTML  &#2615
Decimal 2615
Octal   5067
Hex   0xa37
UTF-8  0xa37
JS    %ua37
Unicode U+0a38
HTML  &#2616
Decimal 2616
Octal   5070
Hex   0xa38
UTF-8  0xa38
JS    %ua38
Unicode U+0a39
HTML  &#2617
Decimal 2617
Octal   5071
Hex   0xa39
UTF-8  0xa39
JS    %ua39
Unicode U+0a3a
HTML  &#2618
Decimal 2618
Octal   5072
Hex   0xa3a
UTF-8  0xa3a
JS    %ua3a
Unicode U+0a3b
HTML  &#2619
Decimal 2619
Octal   5073
Hex   0xa3b
UTF-8  0xa3b
JS    %ua3b
Unicode U+0a3c
HTML  &#2620
Decimal 2620
Octal   5074
Hex   0xa3c
UTF-8  0xa3c
JS    %ua3c
Unicode U+0a3d
HTML  &#2621
Decimal 2621
Octal   5075
Hex   0xa3d
UTF-8  0xa3d
JS    %ua3d
Unicode U+0a3e
HTML  &#2622
Decimal 2622
Octal   5076
Hex   0xa3e
UTF-8  0xa3e
JS    %ua3e
Unicode U+0a3f
HTML  &#2623
Decimal 2623
Octal   5077
Hex   0xa3f
UTF-8  0xa3f
JS    %ua3f
Unicode U+0a40
HTML  &#2624
Decimal 2624
Octal   5100
Hex   0xa40
UTF-8  0xa40
JS    %ua40
Unicode U+0a41
HTML  &#2625
Decimal 2625
Octal   5101
Hex   0xa41
UTF-8  0xa41
JS    %ua41
Unicode U+0a42
HTML  &#2626
Decimal 2626
Octal   5102
Hex   0xa42
UTF-8  0xa42
JS    %ua42
Unicode U+0a43
HTML  &#2627
Decimal 2627
Octal   5103
Hex   0xa43
UTF-8  0xa43
JS    %ua43
Unicode U+0a44
HTML  &#2628
Decimal 2628
Octal   5104
Hex   0xa44
UTF-8  0xa44
JS    %ua44
Unicode U+0a45
HTML  &#2629
Decimal 2629
Octal   5105
Hex   0xa45
UTF-8  0xa45
JS    %ua45
Unicode U+0a46
HTML  &#2630
Decimal 2630
Octal   5106
Hex   0xa46
UTF-8  0xa46
JS    %ua46
Unicode U+0a47
HTML  &#2631
Decimal 2631
Octal   5107
Hex   0xa47
UTF-8  0xa47
JS    %ua47
Unicode U+0a48
HTML  &#2632
Decimal 2632
Octal   5110
Hex   0xa48
UTF-8  0xa48
JS    %ua48
Unicode U+0a49
HTML  &#2633
Decimal 2633
Octal   5111
Hex   0xa49
UTF-8  0xa49
JS    %ua49
Unicode U+0a4a
HTML  &#2634
Decimal 2634
Octal   5112
Hex   0xa4a
UTF-8  0xa4a
JS    %ua4a
Unicode U+0a4b
HTML  &#2635
Decimal 2635
Octal   5113
Hex   0xa4b
UTF-8  0xa4b
JS    %ua4b
Unicode U+0a4c
HTML  &#2636
Decimal 2636
Octal   5114
Hex   0xa4c
UTF-8  0xa4c
JS    %ua4c
Unicode U+0a4d
HTML  &#2637
Decimal 2637
Octal   5115
Hex   0xa4d
UTF-8  0xa4d
JS    %ua4d
Unicode U+0a4e
HTML  &#2638
Decimal 2638
Octal   5116
Hex   0xa4e
UTF-8  0xa4e
JS    %ua4e
Unicode U+0a4f
HTML  &#2639
Decimal 2639
Octal   5117
Hex   0xa4f
UTF-8  0xa4f
JS    %ua4f
Unicode U+0a50
HTML  &#2640
Decimal 2640
Octal   5120
Hex   0xa50
UTF-8  0xa50
JS    %ua50
Unicode U+0a51
HTML  &#2641
Decimal 2641
Octal   5121
Hex   0xa51
UTF-8  0xa51
JS    %ua51
Unicode U+0a52
HTML  &#2642
Decimal 2642
Octal   5122
Hex   0xa52
UTF-8  0xa52
JS    %ua52
Unicode U+0a53
HTML  &#2643
Decimal 2643
Octal   5123
Hex   0xa53
UTF-8  0xa53
JS    %ua53
Unicode U+0a54
HTML  &#2644
Decimal 2644
Octal   5124
Hex   0xa54
UTF-8  0xa54
JS    %ua54
Unicode U+0a55
HTML  &#2645
Decimal 2645
Octal   5125
Hex   0xa55
UTF-8  0xa55
JS    %ua55
Unicode U+0a56
HTML  &#2646
Decimal 2646
Octal   5126
Hex   0xa56
UTF-8  0xa56
JS    %ua56
Unicode U+0a57
HTML  &#2647
Decimal 2647
Octal   5127
Hex   0xa57
UTF-8  0xa57
JS    %ua57
Unicode U+0a58
HTML  &#2648
Decimal 2648
Octal   5130
Hex   0xa58
UTF-8  0xa58
JS    %ua58
Unicode U+0a59
HTML  &#2649
Decimal 2649
Octal   5131
Hex   0xa59
UTF-8  0xa59
JS    %ua59
Unicode U+0a5a
HTML  &#2650
Decimal 2650
Octal   5132
Hex   0xa5a
UTF-8  0xa5a
JS    %ua5a
Unicode U+0a5b
HTML  &#2651
Decimal 2651
Octal   5133
Hex   0xa5b
UTF-8  0xa5b
JS    %ua5b
Unicode U+0a5c
HTML  &#2652
Decimal 2652
Octal   5134
Hex   0xa5c
UTF-8  0xa5c
JS    %ua5c
Unicode U+0a5d
HTML  &#2653
Decimal 2653
Octal   5135
Hex   0xa5d
UTF-8  0xa5d
JS    %ua5d
Unicode U+0a5e
HTML  &#2654
Decimal 2654
Octal   5136
Hex   0xa5e
UTF-8  0xa5e
JS    %ua5e
Unicode U+0a5f
HTML  &#2655
Decimal 2655
Octal   5137
Hex   0xa5f
UTF-8  0xa5f
JS    %ua5f
Unicode U+0a60
HTML  &#2656
Decimal 2656
Octal   5140
Hex   0xa60
UTF-8  0xa60
JS    %ua60
Unicode U+0a61
HTML  &#2657
Decimal 2657
Octal   5141
Hex   0xa61
UTF-8  0xa61
JS    %ua61
Unicode U+0a62
HTML  &#2658
Decimal 2658
Octal   5142
Hex   0xa62
UTF-8  0xa62
JS    %ua62
Unicode U+0a63
HTML  &#2659
Decimal 2659
Octal   5143
Hex   0xa63
UTF-8  0xa63
JS    %ua63
Unicode U+0a64
HTML  &#2660
Decimal 2660
Octal   5144
Hex   0xa64
UTF-8  0xa64
JS    %ua64
Unicode U+0a65
HTML  &#2661
Decimal 2661
Octal   5145
Hex   0xa65
UTF-8  0xa65
JS    %ua65
Unicode U+0a66
HTML  &#2662
Decimal 2662
Octal   5146
Hex   0xa66
UTF-8  0xa66
JS    %ua66
Unicode U+0a67
HTML  &#2663
Decimal 2663
Octal   5147
Hex   0xa67
UTF-8  0xa67
JS    %ua67
Unicode U+0a68
HTML  &#2664
Decimal 2664
Octal   5150
Hex   0xa68
UTF-8  0xa68
JS    %ua68
Unicode U+0a69
HTML  &#2665
Decimal 2665
Octal   5151
Hex   0xa69
UTF-8  0xa69
JS    %ua69
Unicode U+0a6a
HTML  &#2666
Decimal 2666
Octal   5152
Hex   0xa6a
UTF-8  0xa6a
JS    %ua6a
Unicode U+0a6b
HTML  &#2667
Decimal 2667
Octal   5153
Hex   0xa6b
UTF-8  0xa6b
JS    %ua6b
Unicode U+0a6c
HTML  &#2668
Decimal 2668
Octal   5154
Hex   0xa6c
UTF-8  0xa6c
JS    %ua6c
Unicode U+0a6d
HTML  &#2669
Decimal 2669
Octal   5155
Hex   0xa6d
UTF-8  0xa6d
JS    %ua6d
Unicode U+0a6e
HTML  &#2670
Decimal 2670
Octal   5156
Hex   0xa6e
UTF-8  0xa6e
JS    %ua6e
Unicode U+0a6f
HTML  &#2671
Decimal 2671
Octal   5157
Hex   0xa6f
UTF-8  0xa6f
JS    %ua6f
Unicode U+0a70
HTML  &#2672
Decimal 2672
Octal   5160
Hex   0xa70
UTF-8  0xa70
JS    %ua70
Unicode U+0a71
HTML  &#2673
Decimal 2673
Octal   5161
Hex   0xa71
UTF-8  0xa71
JS    %ua71
Unicode U+0a72
HTML  &#2674
Decimal 2674
Octal   5162
Hex   0xa72
UTF-8  0xa72
JS    %ua72
Unicode U+0a73
HTML  &#2675
Decimal 2675
Octal   5163
Hex   0xa73
UTF-8  0xa73
JS    %ua73
Unicode U+0a74
HTML  &#2676
Decimal 2676
Octal   5164
Hex   0xa74
UTF-8  0xa74
JS    %ua74
Unicode U+0a75
HTML  &#2677
Decimal 2677
Octal   5165
Hex   0xa75
UTF-8  0xa75
JS    %ua75
Unicode U+0a76
HTML  &#2678
Decimal 2678
Octal   5166
Hex   0xa76
UTF-8  0xa76
JS    %ua76
Unicode U+0a77
HTML  &#2679
Decimal 2679
Octal   5167
Hex   0xa77
UTF-8  0xa77
JS    %ua77
Unicode U+0a78
HTML  &#2680
Decimal 2680
Octal   5170
Hex   0xa78
UTF-8  0xa78
JS    %ua78
Unicode U+0a79
HTML  &#2681
Decimal 2681
Octal   5171
Hex   0xa79
UTF-8  0xa79
JS    %ua79
Unicode U+0a7a
HTML  &#2682
Decimal 2682
Octal   5172
Hex   0xa7a
UTF-8  0xa7a
JS    %ua7a
Unicode U+0a7b
HTML  &#2683
Decimal 2683
Octal   5173
Hex   0xa7b
UTF-8  0xa7b
JS    %ua7b
Unicode U+0a7c
HTML  &#2684
Decimal 2684
Octal   5174
Hex   0xa7c
UTF-8  0xa7c
JS    %ua7c
Unicode U+0a7d
HTML  &#2685
Decimal 2685
Octal   5175
Hex   0xa7d
UTF-8  0xa7d
JS    %ua7d
Unicode U+0a7e
HTML  &#2686
Decimal 2686
Octal   5176
Hex   0xa7e
UTF-8  0xa7e
JS    %ua7e
Unicode U+0a7f
HTML  &#2687
Decimal 2687
Octal   5177
Hex   0xa7f
UTF-8  0xa7f
JS    %ua7f

When you'll Hover over any of the symbol, you'll see various codes associated with that code. Decimal, Octal value, Hex value, Unicode, HTML entity code and JavaScript escaped codes have been provided. If you want to use these symbols in your web page, you should use HTML entity code. Just copy it and paste it in your HTML code.

In the above list, if you see an empty character —it means no Unicode has yet been defined for that code. In case you see a gibberish box instead proper character, it means your computer does not have appropriate glyph to display that character.

List of Available Character Maps

Following is the list of various languages for which we have character map charts available.