Kannada Character Map

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To enable typing in various languages, the Unicode Consortium has drawn up a set of Unicode for individual scripts. With the help of these codes, you can type in any of these scripts. You can also get codes for HTML Symbols and HTML Text Art.

Character Codes
Unicode U+0c80
HTML  &#3200
Decimal 3200
Octal   6200
Hex   0xc80
UTF-8  0xc80
JS    %uc80
Unicode U+0c81
HTML  &#3201
Decimal 3201
Octal   6201
Hex   0xc81
UTF-8  0xc81
JS    %uc81
Unicode U+0c82
HTML  &#3202
Decimal 3202
Octal   6202
Hex   0xc82
UTF-8  0xc82
JS    %uc82
Unicode U+0c83
HTML  &#3203
Decimal 3203
Octal   6203
Hex   0xc83
UTF-8  0xc83
JS    %uc83
Unicode U+0c84
HTML  &#3204
Decimal 3204
Octal   6204
Hex   0xc84
UTF-8  0xc84
JS    %uc84
Unicode U+0c85
HTML  &#3205
Decimal 3205
Octal   6205
Hex   0xc85
UTF-8  0xc85
JS    %uc85
Unicode U+0c86
HTML  &#3206
Decimal 3206
Octal   6206
Hex   0xc86
UTF-8  0xc86
JS    %uc86
Unicode U+0c87
HTML  &#3207
Decimal 3207
Octal   6207
Hex   0xc87
UTF-8  0xc87
JS    %uc87
Unicode U+0c88
HTML  &#3208
Decimal 3208
Octal   6210
Hex   0xc88
UTF-8  0xc88
JS    %uc88
Unicode U+0c89
HTML  &#3209
Decimal 3209
Octal   6211
Hex   0xc89
UTF-8  0xc89
JS    %uc89
Unicode U+0c8a
HTML  &#3210
Decimal 3210
Octal   6212
Hex   0xc8a
UTF-8  0xc8a
JS    %uc8a
Unicode U+0c8b
HTML  &#3211
Decimal 3211
Octal   6213
Hex   0xc8b
UTF-8  0xc8b
JS    %uc8b
Unicode U+0c8c
HTML  &#3212
Decimal 3212
Octal   6214
Hex   0xc8c
UTF-8  0xc8c
JS    %uc8c
Unicode U+0c8d
HTML  &#3213
Decimal 3213
Octal   6215
Hex   0xc8d
UTF-8  0xc8d
JS    %uc8d
Unicode U+0c8e
HTML  &#3214
Decimal 3214
Octal   6216
Hex   0xc8e
UTF-8  0xc8e
JS    %uc8e
Unicode U+0c8f
HTML  &#3215
Decimal 3215
Octal   6217
Hex   0xc8f
UTF-8  0xc8f
JS    %uc8f
Unicode U+0c90
HTML  &#3216
Decimal 3216
Octal   6220
Hex   0xc90
UTF-8  0xc90
JS    %uc90
Unicode U+0c91
HTML  &#3217
Decimal 3217
Octal   6221
Hex   0xc91
UTF-8  0xc91
JS    %uc91
Unicode U+0c92
HTML  &#3218
Decimal 3218
Octal   6222
Hex   0xc92
UTF-8  0xc92
JS    %uc92
Unicode U+0c93
HTML  &#3219
Decimal 3219
Octal   6223
Hex   0xc93
UTF-8  0xc93
JS    %uc93
Unicode U+0c94
HTML  &#3220
Decimal 3220
Octal   6224
Hex   0xc94
UTF-8  0xc94
JS    %uc94
Unicode U+0c95
HTML  &#3221
Decimal 3221
Octal   6225
Hex   0xc95
UTF-8  0xc95
JS    %uc95
Unicode U+0c96
HTML  &#3222
Decimal 3222
Octal   6226
Hex   0xc96
UTF-8  0xc96
JS    %uc96
Unicode U+0c97
HTML  &#3223
Decimal 3223
Octal   6227
Hex   0xc97
UTF-8  0xc97
JS    %uc97
Unicode U+0c98
HTML  &#3224
Decimal 3224
Octal   6230
Hex   0xc98
UTF-8  0xc98
JS    %uc98
Unicode U+0c99
HTML  &#3225
Decimal 3225
Octal   6231
Hex   0xc99
UTF-8  0xc99
JS    %uc99
Unicode U+0c9a
HTML  &#3226
Decimal 3226
Octal   6232
Hex   0xc9a
UTF-8  0xc9a
JS    %uc9a
Unicode U+0c9b
HTML  &#3227
Decimal 3227
Octal   6233
Hex   0xc9b
UTF-8  0xc9b
JS    %uc9b
Unicode U+0c9c
HTML  &#3228
Decimal 3228
Octal   6234
Hex   0xc9c
UTF-8  0xc9c
JS    %uc9c
Unicode U+0c9d
HTML  &#3229
Decimal 3229
Octal   6235
Hex   0xc9d
UTF-8  0xc9d
JS    %uc9d
Unicode U+0c9e
HTML  &#3230
Decimal 3230
Octal   6236
Hex   0xc9e
UTF-8  0xc9e
JS    %uc9e
Unicode U+0c9f
HTML  &#3231
Decimal 3231
Octal   6237
Hex   0xc9f
UTF-8  0xc9f
JS    %uc9f
Unicode U+0ca0
HTML  &#3232
Decimal 3232
Octal   6240
Hex   0xca0
UTF-8  0xca0
JS    %uca0
Unicode U+0ca1
HTML  &#3233
Decimal 3233
Octal   6241
Hex   0xca1
UTF-8  0xca1
JS    %uca1
Unicode U+0ca2
HTML  &#3234
Decimal 3234
Octal   6242
Hex   0xca2
UTF-8  0xca2
JS    %uca2
Unicode U+0ca3
HTML  &#3235
Decimal 3235
Octal   6243
Hex   0xca3
UTF-8  0xca3
JS    %uca3
Unicode U+0ca4
HTML  &#3236
Decimal 3236
Octal   6244
Hex   0xca4
UTF-8  0xca4
JS    %uca4
Unicode U+0ca5
HTML  &#3237
Decimal 3237
Octal   6245
Hex   0xca5
UTF-8  0xca5
JS    %uca5
Unicode U+0ca6
HTML  &#3238
Decimal 3238
Octal   6246
Hex   0xca6
UTF-8  0xca6
JS    %uca6
Unicode U+0ca7
HTML  &#3239
Decimal 3239
Octal   6247
Hex   0xca7
UTF-8  0xca7
JS    %uca7
Unicode U+0ca8
HTML  &#3240
Decimal 3240
Octal   6250
Hex   0xca8
UTF-8  0xca8
JS    %uca8
Unicode U+0ca9
HTML  &#3241
Decimal 3241
Octal   6251
Hex   0xca9
UTF-8  0xca9
JS    %uca9
Unicode U+0caa
HTML  &#3242
Decimal 3242
Octal   6252
Hex   0xcaa
UTF-8  0xcaa
JS    %ucaa
Unicode U+0cab
HTML  &#3243
Decimal 3243
Octal   6253
Hex   0xcab
UTF-8  0xcab
JS    %ucab
Unicode U+0cac
HTML  &#3244
Decimal 3244
Octal   6254
Hex   0xcac
UTF-8  0xcac
JS    %ucac
Unicode U+0cad
HTML  &#3245
Decimal 3245
Octal   6255
Hex   0xcad
UTF-8  0xcad
JS    %ucad
Unicode U+0cae
HTML  &#3246
Decimal 3246
Octal   6256
Hex   0xcae
UTF-8  0xcae
JS    %ucae
Unicode U+0caf
HTML  &#3247
Decimal 3247
Octal   6257
Hex   0xcaf
UTF-8  0xcaf
JS    %ucaf
Unicode U+0cb0
HTML  &#3248
Decimal 3248
Octal   6260
Hex   0xcb0
UTF-8  0xcb0
JS    %ucb0
Unicode U+0cb1
HTML  &#3249
Decimal 3249
Octal   6261
Hex   0xcb1
UTF-8  0xcb1
JS    %ucb1
Unicode U+0cb2
HTML  &#3250
Decimal 3250
Octal   6262
Hex   0xcb2
UTF-8  0xcb2
JS    %ucb2
Unicode U+0cb3
HTML  &#3251
Decimal 3251
Octal   6263
Hex   0xcb3
UTF-8  0xcb3
JS    %ucb3
Unicode U+0cb4
HTML  &#3252
Decimal 3252
Octal   6264
Hex   0xcb4
UTF-8  0xcb4
JS    %ucb4
Unicode U+0cb5
HTML  &#3253
Decimal 3253
Octal   6265
Hex   0xcb5
UTF-8  0xcb5
JS    %ucb5
Unicode U+0cb6
HTML  &#3254
Decimal 3254
Octal   6266
Hex   0xcb6
UTF-8  0xcb6
JS    %ucb6
Unicode U+0cb7
HTML  &#3255
Decimal 3255
Octal   6267
Hex   0xcb7
UTF-8  0xcb7
JS    %ucb7
Unicode U+0cb8
HTML  &#3256
Decimal 3256
Octal   6270
Hex   0xcb8
UTF-8  0xcb8
JS    %ucb8
Unicode U+0cb9
HTML  &#3257
Decimal 3257
Octal   6271
Hex   0xcb9
UTF-8  0xcb9
JS    %ucb9
Unicode U+0cba
HTML  &#3258
Decimal 3258
Octal   6272
Hex   0xcba
UTF-8  0xcba
JS    %ucba
Unicode U+0cbb
HTML  &#3259
Decimal 3259
Octal   6273
Hex   0xcbb
UTF-8  0xcbb
JS    %ucbb
Unicode U+0cbc
HTML  &#3260
Decimal 3260
Octal   6274
Hex   0xcbc
UTF-8  0xcbc
JS    %ucbc
Unicode U+0cbd
HTML  &#3261
Decimal 3261
Octal   6275
Hex   0xcbd
UTF-8  0xcbd
JS    %ucbd
Unicode U+0cbe
HTML  &#3262
Decimal 3262
Octal   6276
Hex   0xcbe
UTF-8  0xcbe
JS    %ucbe
Unicode U+0cbf
HTML  &#3263
Decimal 3263
Octal   6277
Hex   0xcbf
UTF-8  0xcbf
JS    %ucbf
Unicode U+0cc0
HTML  &#3264
Decimal 3264
Octal   6300
Hex   0xcc0
UTF-8  0xcc0
JS    %ucc0
Unicode U+0cc1
HTML  &#3265
Decimal 3265
Octal   6301
Hex   0xcc1
UTF-8  0xcc1
JS    %ucc1
Unicode U+0cc2
HTML  &#3266
Decimal 3266
Octal   6302
Hex   0xcc2
UTF-8  0xcc2
JS    %ucc2
Unicode U+0cc3
HTML  &#3267
Decimal 3267
Octal   6303
Hex   0xcc3
UTF-8  0xcc3
JS    %ucc3
Unicode U+0cc4
HTML  &#3268
Decimal 3268
Octal   6304
Hex   0xcc4
UTF-8  0xcc4
JS    %ucc4
Unicode U+0cc5
HTML  &#3269
Decimal 3269
Octal   6305
Hex   0xcc5
UTF-8  0xcc5
JS    %ucc5
Unicode U+0cc6
HTML  &#3270
Decimal 3270
Octal   6306
Hex   0xcc6
UTF-8  0xcc6
JS    %ucc6
Unicode U+0cc7
HTML  &#3271
Decimal 3271
Octal   6307
Hex   0xcc7
UTF-8  0xcc7
JS    %ucc7
Unicode U+0cc8
HTML  &#3272
Decimal 3272
Octal   6310
Hex   0xcc8
UTF-8  0xcc8
JS    %ucc8
Unicode U+0cc9
HTML  &#3273
Decimal 3273
Octal   6311
Hex   0xcc9
UTF-8  0xcc9
JS    %ucc9
Unicode U+0cca
HTML  &#3274
Decimal 3274
Octal   6312
Hex   0xcca
UTF-8  0xcca
JS    %ucca
Unicode U+0ccb
HTML  &#3275
Decimal 3275
Octal   6313
Hex   0xccb
UTF-8  0xccb
JS    %uccb
Unicode U+0ccc
HTML  &#3276
Decimal 3276
Octal   6314
Hex   0xccc
UTF-8  0xccc
JS    %uccc
Unicode U+0ccd
HTML  &#3277
Decimal 3277
Octal   6315
Hex   0xccd
UTF-8  0xccd
JS    %uccd
Unicode U+0cce
HTML  &#3278
Decimal 3278
Octal   6316
Hex   0xcce
UTF-8  0xcce
JS    %ucce
Unicode U+0ccf
HTML  &#3279
Decimal 3279
Octal   6317
Hex   0xccf
UTF-8  0xccf
JS    %uccf
Unicode U+0cd0
HTML  &#3280
Decimal 3280
Octal   6320
Hex   0xcd0
UTF-8  0xcd0
JS    %ucd0
Unicode U+0cd1
HTML  &#3281
Decimal 3281
Octal   6321
Hex   0xcd1
UTF-8  0xcd1
JS    %ucd1
Unicode U+0cd2
HTML  &#3282
Decimal 3282
Octal   6322
Hex   0xcd2
UTF-8  0xcd2
JS    %ucd2
Unicode U+0cd3
HTML  &#3283
Decimal 3283
Octal   6323
Hex   0xcd3
UTF-8  0xcd3
JS    %ucd3
Unicode U+0cd4
HTML  &#3284
Decimal 3284
Octal   6324
Hex   0xcd4
UTF-8  0xcd4
JS    %ucd4
Unicode U+0cd5
HTML  &#3285
Decimal 3285
Octal   6325
Hex   0xcd5
UTF-8  0xcd5
JS    %ucd5
Unicode U+0cd6
HTML  &#3286
Decimal 3286
Octal   6326
Hex   0xcd6
UTF-8  0xcd6
JS    %ucd6
Unicode U+0cd7
HTML  &#3287
Decimal 3287
Octal   6327
Hex   0xcd7
UTF-8  0xcd7
JS    %ucd7
Unicode U+0cd8
HTML  &#3288
Decimal 3288
Octal   6330
Hex   0xcd8
UTF-8  0xcd8
JS    %ucd8
Unicode U+0cd9
HTML  &#3289
Decimal 3289
Octal   6331
Hex   0xcd9
UTF-8  0xcd9
JS    %ucd9
Unicode U+0cda
HTML  &#3290
Decimal 3290
Octal   6332
Hex   0xcda
UTF-8  0xcda
JS    %ucda
Unicode U+0cdb
HTML  &#3291
Decimal 3291
Octal   6333
Hex   0xcdb
UTF-8  0xcdb
JS    %ucdb
Unicode U+0cdc
HTML  &#3292
Decimal 3292
Octal   6334
Hex   0xcdc
UTF-8  0xcdc
JS    %ucdc
Unicode U+0cdd
HTML  &#3293
Decimal 3293
Octal   6335
Hex   0xcdd
UTF-8  0xcdd
JS    %ucdd
Unicode U+0cde
HTML  &#3294
Decimal 3294
Octal   6336
Hex   0xcde
UTF-8  0xcde
JS    %ucde
Unicode U+0cdf
HTML  &#3295
Decimal 3295
Octal   6337
Hex   0xcdf
UTF-8  0xcdf
JS    %ucdf
Unicode U+0ce0
HTML  &#3296
Decimal 3296
Octal   6340
Hex   0xce0
UTF-8  0xce0
JS    %uce0
Unicode U+0ce1
HTML  &#3297
Decimal 3297
Octal   6341
Hex   0xce1
UTF-8  0xce1
JS    %uce1
Unicode U+0ce2
HTML  &#3298
Decimal 3298
Octal   6342
Hex   0xce2
UTF-8  0xce2
JS    %uce2
Unicode U+0ce3
HTML  &#3299
Decimal 3299
Octal   6343
Hex   0xce3
UTF-8  0xce3
JS    %uce3
Unicode U+0ce4
HTML  &#3300
Decimal 3300
Octal   6344
Hex   0xce4
UTF-8  0xce4
JS    %uce4
Unicode U+0ce5
HTML  &#3301
Decimal 3301
Octal   6345
Hex   0xce5
UTF-8  0xce5
JS    %uce5
Unicode U+0ce6
HTML  &#3302
Decimal 3302
Octal   6346
Hex   0xce6
UTF-8  0xce6
JS    %uce6
Unicode U+0ce7
HTML  &#3303
Decimal 3303
Octal   6347
Hex   0xce7
UTF-8  0xce7
JS    %uce7
Unicode U+0ce8
HTML  &#3304
Decimal 3304
Octal   6350
Hex   0xce8
UTF-8  0xce8
JS    %uce8
Unicode U+0ce9
HTML  &#3305
Decimal 3305
Octal   6351
Hex   0xce9
UTF-8  0xce9
JS    %uce9
Unicode U+0cea
HTML  &#3306
Decimal 3306
Octal   6352
Hex   0xcea
UTF-8  0xcea
JS    %ucea
Unicode U+0ceb
HTML  &#3307
Decimal 3307
Octal   6353
Hex   0xceb
UTF-8  0xceb
JS    %uceb
Unicode U+0cec
HTML  &#3308
Decimal 3308
Octal   6354
Hex   0xcec
UTF-8  0xcec
JS    %ucec
Unicode U+0ced
HTML  &#3309
Decimal 3309
Octal   6355
Hex   0xced
UTF-8  0xced
JS    %uced
Unicode U+0cee
HTML  &#3310
Decimal 3310
Octal   6356
Hex   0xcee
UTF-8  0xcee
JS    %ucee
Unicode U+0cef
HTML  &#3311
Decimal 3311
Octal   6357
Hex   0xcef
UTF-8  0xcef
JS    %ucef
Unicode U+0cf0
HTML  &#3312
Decimal 3312
Octal   6360
Hex   0xcf0
UTF-8  0xcf0
JS    %ucf0
Unicode U+0cf1
HTML  &#3313
Decimal 3313
Octal   6361
Hex   0xcf1
UTF-8  0xcf1
JS    %ucf1
Unicode U+0cf2
HTML  &#3314
Decimal 3314
Octal   6362
Hex   0xcf2
UTF-8  0xcf2
JS    %ucf2
Unicode U+0cf3
HTML  &#3315
Decimal 3315
Octal   6363
Hex   0xcf3
UTF-8  0xcf3
JS    %ucf3
Unicode U+0cf4
HTML  &#3316
Decimal 3316
Octal   6364
Hex   0xcf4
UTF-8  0xcf4
JS    %ucf4
Unicode U+0cf5
HTML  &#3317
Decimal 3317
Octal   6365
Hex   0xcf5
UTF-8  0xcf5
JS    %ucf5
Unicode U+0cf6
HTML  &#3318
Decimal 3318
Octal   6366
Hex   0xcf6
UTF-8  0xcf6
JS    %ucf6
Unicode U+0cf7
HTML  &#3319
Decimal 3319
Octal   6367
Hex   0xcf7
UTF-8  0xcf7
JS    %ucf7
Unicode U+0cf8
HTML  &#3320
Decimal 3320
Octal   6370
Hex   0xcf8
UTF-8  0xcf8
JS    %ucf8
Unicode U+0cf9
HTML  &#3321
Decimal 3321
Octal   6371
Hex   0xcf9
UTF-8  0xcf9
JS    %ucf9
Unicode U+0cfa
HTML  &#3322
Decimal 3322
Octal   6372
Hex   0xcfa
UTF-8  0xcfa
JS    %ucfa
Unicode U+0cfb
HTML  &#3323
Decimal 3323
Octal   6373
Hex   0xcfb
UTF-8  0xcfb
JS    %ucfb
Unicode U+0cfc
HTML  &#3324
Decimal 3324
Octal   6374
Hex   0xcfc
UTF-8  0xcfc
JS    %ucfc
Unicode U+0cfd
HTML  &#3325
Decimal 3325
Octal   6375
Hex   0xcfd
UTF-8  0xcfd
JS    %ucfd
Unicode U+0cfe
HTML  &#3326
Decimal 3326
Octal   6376
Hex   0xcfe
UTF-8  0xcfe
JS    %ucfe
Unicode U+0cff
HTML  &#3327
Decimal 3327
Octal   6377
Hex   0xcff
UTF-8  0xcff
JS    %ucff

When you'll Hover over any of the symbol, you'll see various codes associated with that code. Decimal, Octal value, Hex value, Unicode, HTML entity code and JavaScript escaped codes have been provided. If you want to use these symbols in your web page, you should use HTML entity code. Just copy it and paste it in your HTML code.

In the above list, if you see an empty character —it means no Unicode has yet been defined for that code. In case you see a gibberish box instead proper character, it means your computer does not have appropriate glyph to display that character.

List of Available Character Maps

Following is the list of various languages for which we have character map charts available.