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To enable typing in various languages, the Unicode Consortium has drawn up a set of Unicode for individual scripts. With the help of these codes, you can type in any of these scripts. You can also get codes for HTML Symbols and HTML Text Art.

Character Codes
Unicode U+030a0
HTML  &#12448
Decimal 12448
Octal   30240
Hex   0x30a0
UTF-8  0x30a0
JS    %u30a0
Unicode U+030a1
HTML  &#12449
Decimal 12449
Octal   30241
Hex   0x30a1
UTF-8  0x30a1
JS    %u30a1
Unicode U+030a2
HTML  &#12450
Decimal 12450
Octal   30242
Hex   0x30a2
UTF-8  0x30a2
JS    %u30a2
Unicode U+030a3
HTML  &#12451
Decimal 12451
Octal   30243
Hex   0x30a3
UTF-8  0x30a3
JS    %u30a3
Unicode U+030a4
HTML  &#12452
Decimal 12452
Octal   30244
Hex   0x30a4
UTF-8  0x30a4
JS    %u30a4
Unicode U+030a5
HTML  &#12453
Decimal 12453
Octal   30245
Hex   0x30a5
UTF-8  0x30a5
JS    %u30a5
Unicode U+030a6
HTML  &#12454
Decimal 12454
Octal   30246
Hex   0x30a6
UTF-8  0x30a6
JS    %u30a6
Unicode U+030a7
HTML  &#12455
Decimal 12455
Octal   30247
Hex   0x30a7
UTF-8  0x30a7
JS    %u30a7
Unicode U+030a8
HTML  &#12456
Decimal 12456
Octal   30250
Hex   0x30a8
UTF-8  0x30a8
JS    %u30a8
Unicode U+030a9
HTML  &#12457
Decimal 12457
Octal   30251
Hex   0x30a9
UTF-8  0x30a9
JS    %u30a9
Unicode U+030aa
HTML  &#12458
Decimal 12458
Octal   30252
Hex   0x30aa
UTF-8  0x30aa
JS    %u30aa
Unicode U+030ab
HTML  &#12459
Decimal 12459
Octal   30253
Hex   0x30ab
UTF-8  0x30ab
JS    %u30ab
Unicode U+030ac
HTML  &#12460
Decimal 12460
Octal   30254
Hex   0x30ac
UTF-8  0x30ac
JS    %u30ac
Unicode U+030ad
HTML  &#12461
Decimal 12461
Octal   30255
Hex   0x30ad
UTF-8  0x30ad
JS    %u30ad
Unicode U+030ae
HTML  &#12462
Decimal 12462
Octal   30256
Hex   0x30ae
UTF-8  0x30ae
JS    %u30ae
Unicode U+030af
HTML  &#12463
Decimal 12463
Octal   30257
Hex   0x30af
UTF-8  0x30af
JS    %u30af
Unicode U+030b0
HTML  &#12464
Decimal 12464
Octal   30260
Hex   0x30b0
UTF-8  0x30b0
JS    %u30b0
Unicode U+030b1
HTML  &#12465
Decimal 12465
Octal   30261
Hex   0x30b1
UTF-8  0x30b1
JS    %u30b1
Unicode U+030b2
HTML  &#12466
Decimal 12466
Octal   30262
Hex   0x30b2
UTF-8  0x30b2
JS    %u30b2
Unicode U+030b3
HTML  &#12467
Decimal 12467
Octal   30263
Hex   0x30b3
UTF-8  0x30b3
JS    %u30b3
Unicode U+030b4
HTML  &#12468
Decimal 12468
Octal   30264
Hex   0x30b4
UTF-8  0x30b4
JS    %u30b4
Unicode U+030b5
HTML  &#12469
Decimal 12469
Octal   30265
Hex   0x30b5
UTF-8  0x30b5
JS    %u30b5
Unicode U+030b6
HTML  &#12470
Decimal 12470
Octal   30266
Hex   0x30b6
UTF-8  0x30b6
JS    %u30b6
Unicode U+030b7
HTML  &#12471
Decimal 12471
Octal   30267
Hex   0x30b7
UTF-8  0x30b7
JS    %u30b7
Unicode U+030b8
HTML  &#12472
Decimal 12472
Octal   30270
Hex   0x30b8
UTF-8  0x30b8
JS    %u30b8
Unicode U+030b9
HTML  &#12473
Decimal 12473
Octal   30271
Hex   0x30b9
UTF-8  0x30b9
JS    %u30b9
Unicode U+030ba
HTML  &#12474
Decimal 12474
Octal   30272
Hex   0x30ba
UTF-8  0x30ba
JS    %u30ba
Unicode U+030bb
HTML  &#12475
Decimal 12475
Octal   30273
Hex   0x30bb
UTF-8  0x30bb
JS    %u30bb
Unicode U+030bc
HTML  &#12476
Decimal 12476
Octal   30274
Hex   0x30bc
UTF-8  0x30bc
JS    %u30bc
Unicode U+030bd
HTML  &#12477
Decimal 12477
Octal   30275
Hex   0x30bd
UTF-8  0x30bd
JS    %u30bd
Unicode U+030be
HTML  &#12478
Decimal 12478
Octal   30276
Hex   0x30be
UTF-8  0x30be
JS    %u30be
Unicode U+030bf
HTML  &#12479
Decimal 12479
Octal   30277
Hex   0x30bf
UTF-8  0x30bf
JS    %u30bf
Unicode U+030c0
HTML  &#12480
Decimal 12480
Octal   30300
Hex   0x30c0
UTF-8  0x30c0
JS    %u30c0
Unicode U+030c1
HTML  &#12481
Decimal 12481
Octal   30301
Hex   0x30c1
UTF-8  0x30c1
JS    %u30c1
Unicode U+030c2
HTML  &#12482
Decimal 12482
Octal   30302
Hex   0x30c2
UTF-8  0x30c2
JS    %u30c2
Unicode U+030c3
HTML  &#12483
Decimal 12483
Octal   30303
Hex   0x30c3
UTF-8  0x30c3
JS    %u30c3
Unicode U+030c4
HTML  &#12484
Decimal 12484
Octal   30304
Hex   0x30c4
UTF-8  0x30c4
JS    %u30c4
Unicode U+030c5
HTML  &#12485
Decimal 12485
Octal   30305
Hex   0x30c5
UTF-8  0x30c5
JS    %u30c5
Unicode U+030c6
HTML  &#12486
Decimal 12486
Octal   30306
Hex   0x30c6
UTF-8  0x30c6
JS    %u30c6
Unicode U+030c7
HTML  &#12487
Decimal 12487
Octal   30307
Hex   0x30c7
UTF-8  0x30c7
JS    %u30c7
Unicode U+030c8
HTML  &#12488
Decimal 12488
Octal   30310
Hex   0x30c8
UTF-8  0x30c8
JS    %u30c8
Unicode U+030c9
HTML  &#12489
Decimal 12489
Octal   30311
Hex   0x30c9
UTF-8  0x30c9
JS    %u30c9
Unicode U+030ca
HTML  &#12490
Decimal 12490
Octal   30312
Hex   0x30ca
UTF-8  0x30ca
JS    %u30ca
Unicode U+030cb
HTML  &#12491
Decimal 12491
Octal   30313
Hex   0x30cb
UTF-8  0x30cb
JS    %u30cb
Unicode U+030cc
HTML  &#12492
Decimal 12492
Octal   30314
Hex   0x30cc
UTF-8  0x30cc
JS    %u30cc
Unicode U+030cd
HTML  &#12493
Decimal 12493
Octal   30315
Hex   0x30cd
UTF-8  0x30cd
JS    %u30cd
Unicode U+030ce
HTML  &#12494
Decimal 12494
Octal   30316
Hex   0x30ce
UTF-8  0x30ce
JS    %u30ce
Unicode U+030cf
HTML  &#12495
Decimal 12495
Octal   30317
Hex   0x30cf
UTF-8  0x30cf
JS    %u30cf
Unicode U+030d0
HTML  &#12496
Decimal 12496
Octal   30320
Hex   0x30d0
UTF-8  0x30d0
JS    %u30d0
Unicode U+030d1
HTML  &#12497
Decimal 12497
Octal   30321
Hex   0x30d1
UTF-8  0x30d1
JS    %u30d1
Unicode U+030d2
HTML  &#12498
Decimal 12498
Octal   30322
Hex   0x30d2
UTF-8  0x30d2
JS    %u30d2
Unicode U+030d3
HTML  &#12499
Decimal 12499
Octal   30323
Hex   0x30d3
UTF-8  0x30d3
JS    %u30d3
Unicode U+030d4
HTML  &#12500
Decimal 12500
Octal   30324
Hex   0x30d4
UTF-8  0x30d4
JS    %u30d4
Unicode U+030d5
HTML  &#12501
Decimal 12501
Octal   30325
Hex   0x30d5
UTF-8  0x30d5
JS    %u30d5
Unicode U+030d6
HTML  &#12502
Decimal 12502
Octal   30326
Hex   0x30d6
UTF-8  0x30d6
JS    %u30d6
Unicode U+030d7
HTML  &#12503
Decimal 12503
Octal   30327
Hex   0x30d7
UTF-8  0x30d7
JS    %u30d7
Unicode U+030d8
HTML  &#12504
Decimal 12504
Octal   30330
Hex   0x30d8
UTF-8  0x30d8
JS    %u30d8
Unicode U+030d9
HTML  &#12505
Decimal 12505
Octal   30331
Hex   0x30d9
UTF-8  0x30d9
JS    %u30d9
Unicode U+030da
HTML  &#12506
Decimal 12506
Octal   30332
Hex   0x30da
UTF-8  0x30da
JS    %u30da
Unicode U+030db
HTML  &#12507
Decimal 12507
Octal   30333
Hex   0x30db
UTF-8  0x30db
JS    %u30db
Unicode U+030dc
HTML  &#12508
Decimal 12508
Octal   30334
Hex   0x30dc
UTF-8  0x30dc
JS    %u30dc
Unicode U+030dd
HTML  &#12509
Decimal 12509
Octal   30335
Hex   0x30dd
UTF-8  0x30dd
JS    %u30dd
Unicode U+030de
HTML  &#12510
Decimal 12510
Octal   30336
Hex   0x30de
UTF-8  0x30de
JS    %u30de
Unicode U+030df
HTML  &#12511
Decimal 12511
Octal   30337
Hex   0x30df
UTF-8  0x30df
JS    %u30df
Unicode U+030e0
HTML  &#12512
Decimal 12512
Octal   30340
Hex   0x30e0
UTF-8  0x30e0
JS    %u30e0
Unicode U+030e1
HTML  &#12513
Decimal 12513
Octal   30341
Hex   0x30e1
UTF-8  0x30e1
JS    %u30e1
Unicode U+030e2
HTML  &#12514
Decimal 12514
Octal   30342
Hex   0x30e2
UTF-8  0x30e2
JS    %u30e2
Unicode U+030e3
HTML  &#12515
Decimal 12515
Octal   30343
Hex   0x30e3
UTF-8  0x30e3
JS    %u30e3
Unicode U+030e4
HTML  &#12516
Decimal 12516
Octal   30344
Hex   0x30e4
UTF-8  0x30e4
JS    %u30e4
Unicode U+030e5
HTML  &#12517
Decimal 12517
Octal   30345
Hex   0x30e5
UTF-8  0x30e5
JS    %u30e5
Unicode U+030e6
HTML  &#12518
Decimal 12518
Octal   30346
Hex   0x30e6
UTF-8  0x30e6
JS    %u30e6
Unicode U+030e7
HTML  &#12519
Decimal 12519
Octal   30347
Hex   0x30e7
UTF-8  0x30e7
JS    %u30e7
Unicode U+030e8
HTML  &#12520
Decimal 12520
Octal   30350
Hex   0x30e8
UTF-8  0x30e8
JS    %u30e8
Unicode U+030e9
HTML  &#12521
Decimal 12521
Octal   30351
Hex   0x30e9
UTF-8  0x30e9
JS    %u30e9
Unicode U+030ea
HTML  &#12522
Decimal 12522
Octal   30352
Hex   0x30ea
UTF-8  0x30ea
JS    %u30ea
Unicode U+030eb
HTML  &#12523
Decimal 12523
Octal   30353
Hex   0x30eb
UTF-8  0x30eb
JS    %u30eb
Unicode U+030ec
HTML  &#12524
Decimal 12524
Octal   30354
Hex   0x30ec
UTF-8  0x30ec
JS    %u30ec
Unicode U+030ed
HTML  &#12525
Decimal 12525
Octal   30355
Hex   0x30ed
UTF-8  0x30ed
JS    %u30ed
Unicode U+030ee
HTML  &#12526
Decimal 12526
Octal   30356
Hex   0x30ee
UTF-8  0x30ee
JS    %u30ee
Unicode U+030ef
HTML  &#12527
Decimal 12527
Octal   30357
Hex   0x30ef
UTF-8  0x30ef
JS    %u30ef
Unicode U+030f0
HTML  &#12528
Decimal 12528
Octal   30360
Hex   0x30f0
UTF-8  0x30f0
JS    %u30f0
Unicode U+030f1
HTML  &#12529
Decimal 12529
Octal   30361
Hex   0x30f1
UTF-8  0x30f1
JS    %u30f1
Unicode U+030f2
HTML  &#12530
Decimal 12530
Octal   30362
Hex   0x30f2
UTF-8  0x30f2
JS    %u30f2
Unicode U+030f3
HTML  &#12531
Decimal 12531
Octal   30363
Hex   0x30f3
UTF-8  0x30f3
JS    %u30f3
Unicode U+030f4
HTML  &#12532
Decimal 12532
Octal   30364
Hex   0x30f4
UTF-8  0x30f4
JS    %u30f4
Unicode U+030f5
HTML  &#12533
Decimal 12533
Octal   30365
Hex   0x30f5
UTF-8  0x30f5
JS    %u30f5
Unicode U+030f6
HTML  &#12534
Decimal 12534
Octal   30366
Hex   0x30f6
UTF-8  0x30f6
JS    %u30f6
Unicode U+030f7
HTML  &#12535
Decimal 12535
Octal   30367
Hex   0x30f7
UTF-8  0x30f7
JS    %u30f7
Unicode U+030f8
HTML  &#12536
Decimal 12536
Octal   30370
Hex   0x30f8
UTF-8  0x30f8
JS    %u30f8
Unicode U+030f9
HTML  &#12537
Decimal 12537
Octal   30371
Hex   0x30f9
UTF-8  0x30f9
JS    %u30f9
Unicode U+030fa
HTML  &#12538
Decimal 12538
Octal   30372
Hex   0x30fa
UTF-8  0x30fa
JS    %u30fa
Unicode U+030fb
HTML  &#12539
Decimal 12539
Octal   30373
Hex   0x30fb
UTF-8  0x30fb
JS    %u30fb
Unicode U+030fc
HTML  &#12540
Decimal 12540
Octal   30374
Hex   0x30fc
UTF-8  0x30fc
JS    %u30fc
Unicode U+030fd
HTML  &#12541
Decimal 12541
Octal   30375
Hex   0x30fd
UTF-8  0x30fd
JS    %u30fd
Unicode U+030fe
HTML  &#12542
Decimal 12542
Octal   30376
Hex   0x30fe
UTF-8  0x30fe
JS    %u30fe
Unicode U+030ff
HTML  &#12543
Decimal 12543
Octal   30377
Hex   0x30ff
UTF-8  0x30ff
JS    %u30ff

When you'll Hover over any of the symbol, you'll see various codes associated with that code. Decimal, Octal value, Hex value, Unicode, HTML entity code and JavaScript escaped codes have been provided. If you want to use these symbols in your web page, you should use HTML entity code. Just copy it and paste it in your HTML code.

In the above list, if you see an empty character —it means no Unicode has yet been defined for that code. In case you see a gibberish box instead proper character, it means your computer does not have appropriate glyph to display that character.

List of Available Character Maps

Following is the list of various languages for which we have character map charts available.