Khmer Character Map

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To enable typing in various languages, the Unicode Consortium has drawn up a set of Unicode for individual scripts. With the help of these codes, you can type in any of these scripts. You can also get codes for HTML Symbols and HTML Text Art.

Character Codes
Unicode U+01780
HTML  &#6016
Decimal 6016
Octal   13600
Hex   0x1780
UTF-8  0x1780
JS    %u1780
Unicode U+01781
HTML  &#6017
Decimal 6017
Octal   13601
Hex   0x1781
UTF-8  0x1781
JS    %u1781
Unicode U+01782
HTML  &#6018
Decimal 6018
Octal   13602
Hex   0x1782
UTF-8  0x1782
JS    %u1782
Unicode U+01783
HTML  &#6019
Decimal 6019
Octal   13603
Hex   0x1783
UTF-8  0x1783
JS    %u1783
Unicode U+01784
HTML  &#6020
Decimal 6020
Octal   13604
Hex   0x1784
UTF-8  0x1784
JS    %u1784
Unicode U+01785
HTML  &#6021
Decimal 6021
Octal   13605
Hex   0x1785
UTF-8  0x1785
JS    %u1785
Unicode U+01786
HTML  &#6022
Decimal 6022
Octal   13606
Hex   0x1786
UTF-8  0x1786
JS    %u1786
Unicode U+01787
HTML  &#6023
Decimal 6023
Octal   13607
Hex   0x1787
UTF-8  0x1787
JS    %u1787
Unicode U+01788
HTML  &#6024
Decimal 6024
Octal   13610
Hex   0x1788
UTF-8  0x1788
JS    %u1788
Unicode U+01789
HTML  &#6025
Decimal 6025
Octal   13611
Hex   0x1789
UTF-8  0x1789
JS    %u1789
Unicode U+0178a
HTML  &#6026
Decimal 6026
Octal   13612
Hex   0x178a
UTF-8  0x178a
JS    %u178a
Unicode U+0178b
HTML  &#6027
Decimal 6027
Octal   13613
Hex   0x178b
UTF-8  0x178b
JS    %u178b
Unicode U+0178c
HTML  &#6028
Decimal 6028
Octal   13614
Hex   0x178c
UTF-8  0x178c
JS    %u178c
Unicode U+0178d
HTML  &#6029
Decimal 6029
Octal   13615
Hex   0x178d
UTF-8  0x178d
JS    %u178d
Unicode U+0178e
HTML  &#6030
Decimal 6030
Octal   13616
Hex   0x178e
UTF-8  0x178e
JS    %u178e
Unicode U+0178f
HTML  &#6031
Decimal 6031
Octal   13617
Hex   0x178f
UTF-8  0x178f
JS    %u178f
Unicode U+01790
HTML  &#6032
Decimal 6032
Octal   13620
Hex   0x1790
UTF-8  0x1790
JS    %u1790
Unicode U+01791
HTML  &#6033
Decimal 6033
Octal   13621
Hex   0x1791
UTF-8  0x1791
JS    %u1791
Unicode U+01792
HTML  &#6034
Decimal 6034
Octal   13622
Hex   0x1792
UTF-8  0x1792
JS    %u1792
Unicode U+01793
HTML  &#6035
Decimal 6035
Octal   13623
Hex   0x1793
UTF-8  0x1793
JS    %u1793
Unicode U+01794
HTML  &#6036
Decimal 6036
Octal   13624
Hex   0x1794
UTF-8  0x1794
JS    %u1794
Unicode U+01795
HTML  &#6037
Decimal 6037
Octal   13625
Hex   0x1795
UTF-8  0x1795
JS    %u1795
Unicode U+01796
HTML  &#6038
Decimal 6038
Octal   13626
Hex   0x1796
UTF-8  0x1796
JS    %u1796
Unicode U+01797
HTML  &#6039
Decimal 6039
Octal   13627
Hex   0x1797
UTF-8  0x1797
JS    %u1797
Unicode U+01798
HTML  &#6040
Decimal 6040
Octal   13630
Hex   0x1798
UTF-8  0x1798
JS    %u1798
Unicode U+01799
HTML  &#6041
Decimal 6041
Octal   13631
Hex   0x1799
UTF-8  0x1799
JS    %u1799
Unicode U+0179a
HTML  &#6042
Decimal 6042
Octal   13632
Hex   0x179a
UTF-8  0x179a
JS    %u179a
Unicode U+0179b
HTML  &#6043
Decimal 6043
Octal   13633
Hex   0x179b
UTF-8  0x179b
JS    %u179b
Unicode U+0179c
HTML  &#6044
Decimal 6044
Octal   13634
Hex   0x179c
UTF-8  0x179c
JS    %u179c
Unicode U+0179d
HTML  &#6045
Decimal 6045
Octal   13635
Hex   0x179d
UTF-8  0x179d
JS    %u179d
Unicode U+0179e
HTML  &#6046
Decimal 6046
Octal   13636
Hex   0x179e
UTF-8  0x179e
JS    %u179e
Unicode U+0179f
HTML  &#6047
Decimal 6047
Octal   13637
Hex   0x179f
UTF-8  0x179f
JS    %u179f
Unicode U+017a0
HTML  &#6048
Decimal 6048
Octal   13640
Hex   0x17a0
UTF-8  0x17a0
JS    %u17a0
Unicode U+017a1
HTML  &#6049
Decimal 6049
Octal   13641
Hex   0x17a1
UTF-8  0x17a1
JS    %u17a1
Unicode U+017a2
HTML  &#6050
Decimal 6050
Octal   13642
Hex   0x17a2
UTF-8  0x17a2
JS    %u17a2
Unicode U+017a3
HTML  &#6051
Decimal 6051
Octal   13643
Hex   0x17a3
UTF-8  0x17a3
JS    %u17a3
Unicode U+017a4
HTML  &#6052
Decimal 6052
Octal   13644
Hex   0x17a4
UTF-8  0x17a4
JS    %u17a4
Unicode U+017a5
HTML  &#6053
Decimal 6053
Octal   13645
Hex   0x17a5
UTF-8  0x17a5
JS    %u17a5
Unicode U+017a6
HTML  &#6054
Decimal 6054
Octal   13646
Hex   0x17a6
UTF-8  0x17a6
JS    %u17a6
Unicode U+017a7
HTML  &#6055
Decimal 6055
Octal   13647
Hex   0x17a7
UTF-8  0x17a7
JS    %u17a7
Unicode U+017a8
HTML  &#6056
Decimal 6056
Octal   13650
Hex   0x17a8
UTF-8  0x17a8
JS    %u17a8
Unicode U+017a9
HTML  &#6057
Decimal 6057
Octal   13651
Hex   0x17a9
UTF-8  0x17a9
JS    %u17a9
Unicode U+017aa
HTML  &#6058
Decimal 6058
Octal   13652
Hex   0x17aa
UTF-8  0x17aa
JS    %u17aa
Unicode U+017ab
HTML  &#6059
Decimal 6059
Octal   13653
Hex   0x17ab
UTF-8  0x17ab
JS    %u17ab
Unicode U+017ac
HTML  &#6060
Decimal 6060
Octal   13654
Hex   0x17ac
UTF-8  0x17ac
JS    %u17ac
Unicode U+017ad
HTML  &#6061
Decimal 6061
Octal   13655
Hex   0x17ad
UTF-8  0x17ad
JS    %u17ad
Unicode U+017ae
HTML  &#6062
Decimal 6062
Octal   13656
Hex   0x17ae
UTF-8  0x17ae
JS    %u17ae
Unicode U+017af
HTML  &#6063
Decimal 6063
Octal   13657
Hex   0x17af
UTF-8  0x17af
JS    %u17af
Unicode U+017b0
HTML  &#6064
Decimal 6064
Octal   13660
Hex   0x17b0
UTF-8  0x17b0
JS    %u17b0
Unicode U+017b1
HTML  &#6065
Decimal 6065
Octal   13661
Hex   0x17b1
UTF-8  0x17b1
JS    %u17b1
Unicode U+017b2
HTML  &#6066
Decimal 6066
Octal   13662
Hex   0x17b2
UTF-8  0x17b2
JS    %u17b2
Unicode U+017b3
HTML  &#6067
Decimal 6067
Octal   13663
Hex   0x17b3
UTF-8  0x17b3
JS    %u17b3
Unicode U+017b4
HTML  &#6068
Decimal 6068
Octal   13664
Hex   0x17b4
UTF-8  0x17b4
JS    %u17b4
Unicode U+017b5
HTML  &#6069
Decimal 6069
Octal   13665
Hex   0x17b5
UTF-8  0x17b5
JS    %u17b5
Unicode U+017b6
HTML  &#6070
Decimal 6070
Octal   13666
Hex   0x17b6
UTF-8  0x17b6
JS    %u17b6
Unicode U+017b7
HTML  &#6071
Decimal 6071
Octal   13667
Hex   0x17b7
UTF-8  0x17b7
JS    %u17b7
Unicode U+017b8
HTML  &#6072
Decimal 6072
Octal   13670
Hex   0x17b8
UTF-8  0x17b8
JS    %u17b8
Unicode U+017b9
HTML  &#6073
Decimal 6073
Octal   13671
Hex   0x17b9
UTF-8  0x17b9
JS    %u17b9
Unicode U+017ba
HTML  &#6074
Decimal 6074
Octal   13672
Hex   0x17ba
UTF-8  0x17ba
JS    %u17ba
Unicode U+017bb
HTML  &#6075
Decimal 6075
Octal   13673
Hex   0x17bb
UTF-8  0x17bb
JS    %u17bb
Unicode U+017bc
HTML  &#6076
Decimal 6076
Octal   13674
Hex   0x17bc
UTF-8  0x17bc
JS    %u17bc
Unicode U+017bd
HTML  &#6077
Decimal 6077
Octal   13675
Hex   0x17bd
UTF-8  0x17bd
JS    %u17bd
Unicode U+017be
HTML  &#6078
Decimal 6078
Octal   13676
Hex   0x17be
UTF-8  0x17be
JS    %u17be
Unicode U+017bf
HTML  &#6079
Decimal 6079
Octal   13677
Hex   0x17bf
UTF-8  0x17bf
JS    %u17bf
Unicode U+017c0
HTML  &#6080
Decimal 6080
Octal   13700
Hex   0x17c0
UTF-8  0x17c0
JS    %u17c0
Unicode U+017c1
HTML  &#6081
Decimal 6081
Octal   13701
Hex   0x17c1
UTF-8  0x17c1
JS    %u17c1
Unicode U+017c2
HTML  &#6082
Decimal 6082
Octal   13702
Hex   0x17c2
UTF-8  0x17c2
JS    %u17c2
Unicode U+017c3
HTML  &#6083
Decimal 6083
Octal   13703
Hex   0x17c3
UTF-8  0x17c3
JS    %u17c3
Unicode U+017c4
HTML  &#6084
Decimal 6084
Octal   13704
Hex   0x17c4
UTF-8  0x17c4
JS    %u17c4
Unicode U+017c5
HTML  &#6085
Decimal 6085
Octal   13705
Hex   0x17c5
UTF-8  0x17c5
JS    %u17c5
Unicode U+017c6
HTML  &#6086
Decimal 6086
Octal   13706
Hex   0x17c6
UTF-8  0x17c6
JS    %u17c6
Unicode U+017c7
HTML  &#6087
Decimal 6087
Octal   13707
Hex   0x17c7
UTF-8  0x17c7
JS    %u17c7
Unicode U+017c8
HTML  &#6088
Decimal 6088
Octal   13710
Hex   0x17c8
UTF-8  0x17c8
JS    %u17c8
Unicode U+017c9
HTML  &#6089
Decimal 6089
Octal   13711
Hex   0x17c9
UTF-8  0x17c9
JS    %u17c9
Unicode U+017ca
HTML  &#6090
Decimal 6090
Octal   13712
Hex   0x17ca
UTF-8  0x17ca
JS    %u17ca
Unicode U+017cb
HTML  &#6091
Decimal 6091
Octal   13713
Hex   0x17cb
UTF-8  0x17cb
JS    %u17cb
Unicode U+017cc
HTML  &#6092
Decimal 6092
Octal   13714
Hex   0x17cc
UTF-8  0x17cc
JS    %u17cc
Unicode U+017cd
HTML  &#6093
Decimal 6093
Octal   13715
Hex   0x17cd
UTF-8  0x17cd
JS    %u17cd
Unicode U+017ce
HTML  &#6094
Decimal 6094
Octal   13716
Hex   0x17ce
UTF-8  0x17ce
JS    %u17ce
Unicode U+017cf
HTML  &#6095
Decimal 6095
Octal   13717
Hex   0x17cf
UTF-8  0x17cf
JS    %u17cf
Unicode U+017d0
HTML  &#6096
Decimal 6096
Octal   13720
Hex   0x17d0
UTF-8  0x17d0
JS    %u17d0
Unicode U+017d1
HTML  &#6097
Decimal 6097
Octal   13721
Hex   0x17d1
UTF-8  0x17d1
JS    %u17d1
Unicode U+017d2
HTML  &#6098
Decimal 6098
Octal   13722
Hex   0x17d2
UTF-8  0x17d2
JS    %u17d2
Unicode U+017d3
HTML  &#6099
Decimal 6099
Octal   13723
Hex   0x17d3
UTF-8  0x17d3
JS    %u17d3
Unicode U+017d4
HTML  &#6100
Decimal 6100
Octal   13724
Hex   0x17d4
UTF-8  0x17d4
JS    %u17d4
Unicode U+017d5
HTML  &#6101
Decimal 6101
Octal   13725
Hex   0x17d5
UTF-8  0x17d5
JS    %u17d5
Unicode U+017d6
HTML  &#6102
Decimal 6102
Octal   13726
Hex   0x17d6
UTF-8  0x17d6
JS    %u17d6
Unicode U+017d7
HTML  &#6103
Decimal 6103
Octal   13727
Hex   0x17d7
UTF-8  0x17d7
JS    %u17d7
Unicode U+017d8
HTML  &#6104
Decimal 6104
Octal   13730
Hex   0x17d8
UTF-8  0x17d8
JS    %u17d8
Unicode U+017d9
HTML  &#6105
Decimal 6105
Octal   13731
Hex   0x17d9
UTF-8  0x17d9
JS    %u17d9
Unicode U+017da
HTML  &#6106
Decimal 6106
Octal   13732
Hex   0x17da
UTF-8  0x17da
JS    %u17da
Unicode U+017db
HTML  &#6107
Decimal 6107
Octal   13733
Hex   0x17db
UTF-8  0x17db
JS    %u17db
Unicode U+017dc
HTML  &#6108
Decimal 6108
Octal   13734
Hex   0x17dc
UTF-8  0x17dc
JS    %u17dc
Unicode U+017dd
HTML  &#6109
Decimal 6109
Octal   13735
Hex   0x17dd
UTF-8  0x17dd
JS    %u17dd
Unicode U+017de
HTML  &#6110
Decimal 6110
Octal   13736
Hex   0x17de
UTF-8  0x17de
JS    %u17de
Unicode U+017df
HTML  &#6111
Decimal 6111
Octal   13737
Hex   0x17df
UTF-8  0x17df
JS    %u17df
Unicode U+017e0
HTML  &#6112
Decimal 6112
Octal   13740
Hex   0x17e0
UTF-8  0x17e0
JS    %u17e0
Unicode U+017e1
HTML  &#6113
Decimal 6113
Octal   13741
Hex   0x17e1
UTF-8  0x17e1
JS    %u17e1
Unicode U+017e2
HTML  &#6114
Decimal 6114
Octal   13742
Hex   0x17e2
UTF-8  0x17e2
JS    %u17e2
Unicode U+017e3
HTML  &#6115
Decimal 6115
Octal   13743
Hex   0x17e3
UTF-8  0x17e3
JS    %u17e3
Unicode U+017e4
HTML  &#6116
Decimal 6116
Octal   13744
Hex   0x17e4
UTF-8  0x17e4
JS    %u17e4
Unicode U+017e5
HTML  &#6117
Decimal 6117
Octal   13745
Hex   0x17e5
UTF-8  0x17e5
JS    %u17e5
Unicode U+017e6
HTML  &#6118
Decimal 6118
Octal   13746
Hex   0x17e6
UTF-8  0x17e6
JS    %u17e6
Unicode U+017e7
HTML  &#6119
Decimal 6119
Octal   13747
Hex   0x17e7
UTF-8  0x17e7
JS    %u17e7
Unicode U+017e8
HTML  &#6120
Decimal 6120
Octal   13750
Hex   0x17e8
UTF-8  0x17e8
JS    %u17e8
Unicode U+017e9
HTML  &#6121
Decimal 6121
Octal   13751
Hex   0x17e9
UTF-8  0x17e9
JS    %u17e9
Unicode U+017ea
HTML  &#6122
Decimal 6122
Octal   13752
Hex   0x17ea
UTF-8  0x17ea
JS    %u17ea
Unicode U+017eb
HTML  &#6123
Decimal 6123
Octal   13753
Hex   0x17eb
UTF-8  0x17eb
JS    %u17eb
Unicode U+017ec
HTML  &#6124
Decimal 6124
Octal   13754
Hex   0x17ec
UTF-8  0x17ec
JS    %u17ec
Unicode U+017ed
HTML  &#6125
Decimal 6125
Octal   13755
Hex   0x17ed
UTF-8  0x17ed
JS    %u17ed
Unicode U+017ee
HTML  &#6126
Decimal 6126
Octal   13756
Hex   0x17ee
UTF-8  0x17ee
JS    %u17ee
Unicode U+017ef
HTML  &#6127
Decimal 6127
Octal   13757
Hex   0x17ef
UTF-8  0x17ef
JS    %u17ef
Unicode U+017f0
HTML  &#6128
Decimal 6128
Octal   13760
Hex   0x17f0
UTF-8  0x17f0
JS    %u17f0
Unicode U+017f1
HTML  &#6129
Decimal 6129
Octal   13761
Hex   0x17f1
UTF-8  0x17f1
JS    %u17f1
Unicode U+017f2
HTML  &#6130
Decimal 6130
Octal   13762
Hex   0x17f2
UTF-8  0x17f2
JS    %u17f2
Unicode U+017f3
HTML  &#6131
Decimal 6131
Octal   13763
Hex   0x17f3
UTF-8  0x17f3
JS    %u17f3
Unicode U+017f4
HTML  &#6132
Decimal 6132
Octal   13764
Hex   0x17f4
UTF-8  0x17f4
JS    %u17f4
Unicode U+017f5
HTML  &#6133
Decimal 6133
Octal   13765
Hex   0x17f5
UTF-8  0x17f5
JS    %u17f5
Unicode U+017f6
HTML  &#6134
Decimal 6134
Octal   13766
Hex   0x17f6
UTF-8  0x17f6
JS    %u17f6
Unicode U+017f7
HTML  &#6135
Decimal 6135
Octal   13767
Hex   0x17f7
UTF-8  0x17f7
JS    %u17f7
Unicode U+017f8
HTML  &#6136
Decimal 6136
Octal   13770
Hex   0x17f8
UTF-8  0x17f8
JS    %u17f8
Unicode U+017f9
HTML  &#6137
Decimal 6137
Octal   13771
Hex   0x17f9
UTF-8  0x17f9
JS    %u17f9
Unicode U+017fa
HTML  &#6138
Decimal 6138
Octal   13772
Hex   0x17fa
UTF-8  0x17fa
JS    %u17fa
Unicode U+017fb
HTML  &#6139
Decimal 6139
Octal   13773
Hex   0x17fb
UTF-8  0x17fb
JS    %u17fb
Unicode U+017fc
HTML  &#6140
Decimal 6140
Octal   13774
Hex   0x17fc
UTF-8  0x17fc
JS    %u17fc
Unicode U+017fd
HTML  &#6141
Decimal 6141
Octal   13775
Hex   0x17fd
UTF-8  0x17fd
JS    %u17fd
Unicode U+017fe
HTML  &#6142
Decimal 6142
Octal   13776
Hex   0x17fe
UTF-8  0x17fe
JS    %u17fe
Unicode U+017ff
HTML  &#6143
Decimal 6143
Octal   13777
Hex   0x17ff
UTF-8  0x17ff
JS    %u17ff

When you'll Hover over any of the symbol, you'll see various codes associated with that code. Decimal, Octal value, Hex value, Unicode, HTML entity code and JavaScript escaped codes have been provided. If you want to use these symbols in your web page, you should use HTML entity code. Just copy it and paste it in your HTML code.

In the above list, if you see an empty character —it means no Unicode has yet been defined for that code. In case you see a gibberish box instead proper character, it means your computer does not have appropriate glyph to display that character.

List of Available Character Maps

Following is the list of various languages for which we have character map charts available.