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To enable typing in various languages, the Unicode Consortium has drawn up a set of Unicode for individual scripts. With the help of these codes, you can type in any of these scripts. You can also get codes for HTML Symbols and HTML Text Art.

Character Codes
Unicode U+0b00
HTML  &#2816
Decimal 2816
Octal   5400
Hex   0xb00
UTF-8  0xb00
JS    %ub00
Unicode U+0b01
HTML  &#2817
Decimal 2817
Octal   5401
Hex   0xb01
UTF-8  0xb01
JS    %ub01
Unicode U+0b02
HTML  &#2818
Decimal 2818
Octal   5402
Hex   0xb02
UTF-8  0xb02
JS    %ub02
Unicode U+0b03
HTML  &#2819
Decimal 2819
Octal   5403
Hex   0xb03
UTF-8  0xb03
JS    %ub03
Unicode U+0b04
HTML  &#2820
Decimal 2820
Octal   5404
Hex   0xb04
UTF-8  0xb04
JS    %ub04
Unicode U+0b05
HTML  &#2821
Decimal 2821
Octal   5405
Hex   0xb05
UTF-8  0xb05
JS    %ub05
Unicode U+0b06
HTML  &#2822
Decimal 2822
Octal   5406
Hex   0xb06
UTF-8  0xb06
JS    %ub06
Unicode U+0b07
HTML  &#2823
Decimal 2823
Octal   5407
Hex   0xb07
UTF-8  0xb07
JS    %ub07
Unicode U+0b08
HTML  &#2824
Decimal 2824
Octal   5410
Hex   0xb08
UTF-8  0xb08
JS    %ub08
Unicode U+0b09
HTML  &#2825
Decimal 2825
Octal   5411
Hex   0xb09
UTF-8  0xb09
JS    %ub09
Unicode U+0b0a
HTML  &#2826
Decimal 2826
Octal   5412
Hex   0xb0a
UTF-8  0xb0a
JS    %ub0a
Unicode U+0b0b
HTML  &#2827
Decimal 2827
Octal   5413
Hex   0xb0b
UTF-8  0xb0b
JS    %ub0b
Unicode U+0b0c
HTML  &#2828
Decimal 2828
Octal   5414
Hex   0xb0c
UTF-8  0xb0c
JS    %ub0c
Unicode U+0b0d
HTML  &#2829
Decimal 2829
Octal   5415
Hex   0xb0d
UTF-8  0xb0d
JS    %ub0d
Unicode U+0b0e
HTML  &#2830
Decimal 2830
Octal   5416
Hex   0xb0e
UTF-8  0xb0e
JS    %ub0e
Unicode U+0b0f
HTML  &#2831
Decimal 2831
Octal   5417
Hex   0xb0f
UTF-8  0xb0f
JS    %ub0f
Unicode U+0b10
HTML  &#2832
Decimal 2832
Octal   5420
Hex   0xb10
UTF-8  0xb10
JS    %ub10
Unicode U+0b11
HTML  &#2833
Decimal 2833
Octal   5421
Hex   0xb11
UTF-8  0xb11
JS    %ub11
Unicode U+0b12
HTML  &#2834
Decimal 2834
Octal   5422
Hex   0xb12
UTF-8  0xb12
JS    %ub12
Unicode U+0b13
HTML  &#2835
Decimal 2835
Octal   5423
Hex   0xb13
UTF-8  0xb13
JS    %ub13
Unicode U+0b14
HTML  &#2836
Decimal 2836
Octal   5424
Hex   0xb14
UTF-8  0xb14
JS    %ub14
Unicode U+0b15
HTML  &#2837
Decimal 2837
Octal   5425
Hex   0xb15
UTF-8  0xb15
JS    %ub15
Unicode U+0b16
HTML  &#2838
Decimal 2838
Octal   5426
Hex   0xb16
UTF-8  0xb16
JS    %ub16
Unicode U+0b17
HTML  &#2839
Decimal 2839
Octal   5427
Hex   0xb17
UTF-8  0xb17
JS    %ub17
Unicode U+0b18
HTML  &#2840
Decimal 2840
Octal   5430
Hex   0xb18
UTF-8  0xb18
JS    %ub18
Unicode U+0b19
HTML  &#2841
Decimal 2841
Octal   5431
Hex   0xb19
UTF-8  0xb19
JS    %ub19
Unicode U+0b1a
HTML  &#2842
Decimal 2842
Octal   5432
Hex   0xb1a
UTF-8  0xb1a
JS    %ub1a
Unicode U+0b1b
HTML  &#2843
Decimal 2843
Octal   5433
Hex   0xb1b
UTF-8  0xb1b
JS    %ub1b
Unicode U+0b1c
HTML  &#2844
Decimal 2844
Octal   5434
Hex   0xb1c
UTF-8  0xb1c
JS    %ub1c
Unicode U+0b1d
HTML  &#2845
Decimal 2845
Octal   5435
Hex   0xb1d
UTF-8  0xb1d
JS    %ub1d
Unicode U+0b1e
HTML  &#2846
Decimal 2846
Octal   5436
Hex   0xb1e
UTF-8  0xb1e
JS    %ub1e
Unicode U+0b1f
HTML  &#2847
Decimal 2847
Octal   5437
Hex   0xb1f
UTF-8  0xb1f
JS    %ub1f
Unicode U+0b20
HTML  &#2848
Decimal 2848
Octal   5440
Hex   0xb20
UTF-8  0xb20
JS    %ub20
Unicode U+0b21
HTML  &#2849
Decimal 2849
Octal   5441
Hex   0xb21
UTF-8  0xb21
JS    %ub21
Unicode U+0b22
HTML  &#2850
Decimal 2850
Octal   5442
Hex   0xb22
UTF-8  0xb22
JS    %ub22
Unicode U+0b23
HTML  &#2851
Decimal 2851
Octal   5443
Hex   0xb23
UTF-8  0xb23
JS    %ub23
Unicode U+0b24
HTML  &#2852
Decimal 2852
Octal   5444
Hex   0xb24
UTF-8  0xb24
JS    %ub24
Unicode U+0b25
HTML  &#2853
Decimal 2853
Octal   5445
Hex   0xb25
UTF-8  0xb25
JS    %ub25
Unicode U+0b26
HTML  &#2854
Decimal 2854
Octal   5446
Hex   0xb26
UTF-8  0xb26
JS    %ub26
Unicode U+0b27
HTML  &#2855
Decimal 2855
Octal   5447
Hex   0xb27
UTF-8  0xb27
JS    %ub27
Unicode U+0b28
HTML  &#2856
Decimal 2856
Octal   5450
Hex   0xb28
UTF-8  0xb28
JS    %ub28
Unicode U+0b29
HTML  &#2857
Decimal 2857
Octal   5451
Hex   0xb29
UTF-8  0xb29
JS    %ub29
Unicode U+0b2a
HTML  &#2858
Decimal 2858
Octal   5452
Hex   0xb2a
UTF-8  0xb2a
JS    %ub2a
Unicode U+0b2b
HTML  &#2859
Decimal 2859
Octal   5453
Hex   0xb2b
UTF-8  0xb2b
JS    %ub2b
Unicode U+0b2c
HTML  &#2860
Decimal 2860
Octal   5454
Hex   0xb2c
UTF-8  0xb2c
JS    %ub2c
Unicode U+0b2d
HTML  &#2861
Decimal 2861
Octal   5455
Hex   0xb2d
UTF-8  0xb2d
JS    %ub2d
Unicode U+0b2e
HTML  &#2862
Decimal 2862
Octal   5456
Hex   0xb2e
UTF-8  0xb2e
JS    %ub2e
Unicode U+0b2f
HTML  &#2863
Decimal 2863
Octal   5457
Hex   0xb2f
UTF-8  0xb2f
JS    %ub2f
Unicode U+0b30
HTML  &#2864
Decimal 2864
Octal   5460
Hex   0xb30
UTF-8  0xb30
JS    %ub30
Unicode U+0b31
HTML  &#2865
Decimal 2865
Octal   5461
Hex   0xb31
UTF-8  0xb31
JS    %ub31
Unicode U+0b32
HTML  &#2866
Decimal 2866
Octal   5462
Hex   0xb32
UTF-8  0xb32
JS    %ub32
Unicode U+0b33
HTML  &#2867
Decimal 2867
Octal   5463
Hex   0xb33
UTF-8  0xb33
JS    %ub33
Unicode U+0b34
HTML  &#2868
Decimal 2868
Octal   5464
Hex   0xb34
UTF-8  0xb34
JS    %ub34
Unicode U+0b35
HTML  &#2869
Decimal 2869
Octal   5465
Hex   0xb35
UTF-8  0xb35
JS    %ub35
Unicode U+0b36
HTML  &#2870
Decimal 2870
Octal   5466
Hex   0xb36
UTF-8  0xb36
JS    %ub36
Unicode U+0b37
HTML  &#2871
Decimal 2871
Octal   5467
Hex   0xb37
UTF-8  0xb37
JS    %ub37
Unicode U+0b38
HTML  &#2872
Decimal 2872
Octal   5470
Hex   0xb38
UTF-8  0xb38
JS    %ub38
Unicode U+0b39
HTML  &#2873
Decimal 2873
Octal   5471
Hex   0xb39
UTF-8  0xb39
JS    %ub39
Unicode U+0b3a
HTML  &#2874
Decimal 2874
Octal   5472
Hex   0xb3a
UTF-8  0xb3a
JS    %ub3a
Unicode U+0b3b
HTML  &#2875
Decimal 2875
Octal   5473
Hex   0xb3b
UTF-8  0xb3b
JS    %ub3b
Unicode U+0b3c
HTML  &#2876
Decimal 2876
Octal   5474
Hex   0xb3c
UTF-8  0xb3c
JS    %ub3c
Unicode U+0b3d
HTML  &#2877
Decimal 2877
Octal   5475
Hex   0xb3d
UTF-8  0xb3d
JS    %ub3d
Unicode U+0b3e
HTML  &#2878
Decimal 2878
Octal   5476
Hex   0xb3e
UTF-8  0xb3e
JS    %ub3e
Unicode U+0b3f
HTML  &#2879
Decimal 2879
Octal   5477
Hex   0xb3f
UTF-8  0xb3f
JS    %ub3f
Unicode U+0b40
HTML  &#2880
Decimal 2880
Octal   5500
Hex   0xb40
UTF-8  0xb40
JS    %ub40
Unicode U+0b41
HTML  &#2881
Decimal 2881
Octal   5501
Hex   0xb41
UTF-8  0xb41
JS    %ub41
Unicode U+0b42
HTML  &#2882
Decimal 2882
Octal   5502
Hex   0xb42
UTF-8  0xb42
JS    %ub42
Unicode U+0b43
HTML  &#2883
Decimal 2883
Octal   5503
Hex   0xb43
UTF-8  0xb43
JS    %ub43
Unicode U+0b44
HTML  &#2884
Decimal 2884
Octal   5504
Hex   0xb44
UTF-8  0xb44
JS    %ub44
Unicode U+0b45
HTML  &#2885
Decimal 2885
Octal   5505
Hex   0xb45
UTF-8  0xb45
JS    %ub45
Unicode U+0b46
HTML  &#2886
Decimal 2886
Octal   5506
Hex   0xb46
UTF-8  0xb46
JS    %ub46
Unicode U+0b47
HTML  &#2887
Decimal 2887
Octal   5507
Hex   0xb47
UTF-8  0xb47
JS    %ub47
Unicode U+0b48
HTML  &#2888
Decimal 2888
Octal   5510
Hex   0xb48
UTF-8  0xb48
JS    %ub48
Unicode U+0b49
HTML  &#2889
Decimal 2889
Octal   5511
Hex   0xb49
UTF-8  0xb49
JS    %ub49
Unicode U+0b4a
HTML  &#2890
Decimal 2890
Octal   5512
Hex   0xb4a
UTF-8  0xb4a
JS    %ub4a
Unicode U+0b4b
HTML  &#2891
Decimal 2891
Octal   5513
Hex   0xb4b
UTF-8  0xb4b
JS    %ub4b
Unicode U+0b4c
HTML  &#2892
Decimal 2892
Octal   5514
Hex   0xb4c
UTF-8  0xb4c
JS    %ub4c
Unicode U+0b4d
HTML  &#2893
Decimal 2893
Octal   5515
Hex   0xb4d
UTF-8  0xb4d
JS    %ub4d
Unicode U+0b4e
HTML  &#2894
Decimal 2894
Octal   5516
Hex   0xb4e
UTF-8  0xb4e
JS    %ub4e
Unicode U+0b4f
HTML  &#2895
Decimal 2895
Octal   5517
Hex   0xb4f
UTF-8  0xb4f
JS    %ub4f
Unicode U+0b50
HTML  &#2896
Decimal 2896
Octal   5520
Hex   0xb50
UTF-8  0xb50
JS    %ub50
Unicode U+0b51
HTML  &#2897
Decimal 2897
Octal   5521
Hex   0xb51
UTF-8  0xb51
JS    %ub51
Unicode U+0b52
HTML  &#2898
Decimal 2898
Octal   5522
Hex   0xb52
UTF-8  0xb52
JS    %ub52
Unicode U+0b53
HTML  &#2899
Decimal 2899
Octal   5523
Hex   0xb53
UTF-8  0xb53
JS    %ub53
Unicode U+0b54
HTML  &#2900
Decimal 2900
Octal   5524
Hex   0xb54
UTF-8  0xb54
JS    %ub54
Unicode U+0b55
HTML  &#2901
Decimal 2901
Octal   5525
Hex   0xb55
UTF-8  0xb55
JS    %ub55
Unicode U+0b56
HTML  &#2902
Decimal 2902
Octal   5526
Hex   0xb56
UTF-8  0xb56
JS    %ub56
Unicode U+0b57
HTML  &#2903
Decimal 2903
Octal   5527
Hex   0xb57
UTF-8  0xb57
JS    %ub57
Unicode U+0b58
HTML  &#2904
Decimal 2904
Octal   5530
Hex   0xb58
UTF-8  0xb58
JS    %ub58
Unicode U+0b59
HTML  &#2905
Decimal 2905
Octal   5531
Hex   0xb59
UTF-8  0xb59
JS    %ub59
Unicode U+0b5a
HTML  &#2906
Decimal 2906
Octal   5532
Hex   0xb5a
UTF-8  0xb5a
JS    %ub5a
Unicode U+0b5b
HTML  &#2907
Decimal 2907
Octal   5533
Hex   0xb5b
UTF-8  0xb5b
JS    %ub5b
Unicode U+0b5c
HTML  &#2908
Decimal 2908
Octal   5534
Hex   0xb5c
UTF-8  0xb5c
JS    %ub5c
Unicode U+0b5d
HTML  &#2909
Decimal 2909
Octal   5535
Hex   0xb5d
UTF-8  0xb5d
JS    %ub5d
Unicode U+0b5e
HTML  &#2910
Decimal 2910
Octal   5536
Hex   0xb5e
UTF-8  0xb5e
JS    %ub5e
Unicode U+0b5f
HTML  &#2911
Decimal 2911
Octal   5537
Hex   0xb5f
UTF-8  0xb5f
JS    %ub5f
Unicode U+0b60
HTML  &#2912
Decimal 2912
Octal   5540
Hex   0xb60
UTF-8  0xb60
JS    %ub60
Unicode U+0b61
HTML  &#2913
Decimal 2913
Octal   5541
Hex   0xb61
UTF-8  0xb61
JS    %ub61
Unicode U+0b62
HTML  &#2914
Decimal 2914
Octal   5542
Hex   0xb62
UTF-8  0xb62
JS    %ub62
Unicode U+0b63
HTML  &#2915
Decimal 2915
Octal   5543
Hex   0xb63
UTF-8  0xb63
JS    %ub63
Unicode U+0b64
HTML  &#2916
Decimal 2916
Octal   5544
Hex   0xb64
UTF-8  0xb64
JS    %ub64
Unicode U+0b65
HTML  &#2917
Decimal 2917
Octal   5545
Hex   0xb65
UTF-8  0xb65
JS    %ub65
Unicode U+0b66
HTML  &#2918
Decimal 2918
Octal   5546
Hex   0xb66
UTF-8  0xb66
JS    %ub66
Unicode U+0b67
HTML  &#2919
Decimal 2919
Octal   5547
Hex   0xb67
UTF-8  0xb67
JS    %ub67
Unicode U+0b68
HTML  &#2920
Decimal 2920
Octal   5550
Hex   0xb68
UTF-8  0xb68
JS    %ub68
Unicode U+0b69
HTML  &#2921
Decimal 2921
Octal   5551
Hex   0xb69
UTF-8  0xb69
JS    %ub69
Unicode U+0b6a
HTML  &#2922
Decimal 2922
Octal   5552
Hex   0xb6a
UTF-8  0xb6a
JS    %ub6a
Unicode U+0b6b
HTML  &#2923
Decimal 2923
Octal   5553
Hex   0xb6b
UTF-8  0xb6b
JS    %ub6b
Unicode U+0b6c
HTML  &#2924
Decimal 2924
Octal   5554
Hex   0xb6c
UTF-8  0xb6c
JS    %ub6c
Unicode U+0b6d
HTML  &#2925
Decimal 2925
Octal   5555
Hex   0xb6d
UTF-8  0xb6d
JS    %ub6d
Unicode U+0b6e
HTML  &#2926
Decimal 2926
Octal   5556
Hex   0xb6e
UTF-8  0xb6e
JS    %ub6e
Unicode U+0b6f
HTML  &#2927
Decimal 2927
Octal   5557
Hex   0xb6f
UTF-8  0xb6f
JS    %ub6f
Unicode U+0b70
HTML  &#2928
Decimal 2928
Octal   5560
Hex   0xb70
UTF-8  0xb70
JS    %ub70
Unicode U+0b71
HTML  &#2929
Decimal 2929
Octal   5561
Hex   0xb71
UTF-8  0xb71
JS    %ub71
Unicode U+0b72
HTML  &#2930
Decimal 2930
Octal   5562
Hex   0xb72
UTF-8  0xb72
JS    %ub72
Unicode U+0b73
HTML  &#2931
Decimal 2931
Octal   5563
Hex   0xb73
UTF-8  0xb73
JS    %ub73
Unicode U+0b74
HTML  &#2932
Decimal 2932
Octal   5564
Hex   0xb74
UTF-8  0xb74
JS    %ub74
Unicode U+0b75
HTML  &#2933
Decimal 2933
Octal   5565
Hex   0xb75
UTF-8  0xb75
JS    %ub75
Unicode U+0b76
HTML  &#2934
Decimal 2934
Octal   5566
Hex   0xb76
UTF-8  0xb76
JS    %ub76
Unicode U+0b77
HTML  &#2935
Decimal 2935
Octal   5567
Hex   0xb77
UTF-8  0xb77
JS    %ub77
Unicode U+0b78
HTML  &#2936
Decimal 2936
Octal   5570
Hex   0xb78
UTF-8  0xb78
JS    %ub78
Unicode U+0b79
HTML  &#2937
Decimal 2937
Octal   5571
Hex   0xb79
UTF-8  0xb79
JS    %ub79
Unicode U+0b7a
HTML  &#2938
Decimal 2938
Octal   5572
Hex   0xb7a
UTF-8  0xb7a
JS    %ub7a
Unicode U+0b7b
HTML  &#2939
Decimal 2939
Octal   5573
Hex   0xb7b
UTF-8  0xb7b
JS    %ub7b
Unicode U+0b7c
HTML  &#2940
Decimal 2940
Octal   5574
Hex   0xb7c
UTF-8  0xb7c
JS    %ub7c
Unicode U+0b7d
HTML  &#2941
Decimal 2941
Octal   5575
Hex   0xb7d
UTF-8  0xb7d
JS    %ub7d
Unicode U+0b7e
HTML  &#2942
Decimal 2942
Octal   5576
Hex   0xb7e
UTF-8  0xb7e
JS    %ub7e
Unicode U+0b7f
HTML  &#2943
Decimal 2943
Octal   5577
Hex   0xb7f
UTF-8  0xb7f
JS    %ub7f

When you'll Hover over any of the symbol, you'll see various codes associated with that code. Decimal, Octal value, Hex value, Unicode, HTML entity code and JavaScript escaped codes have been provided. If you want to use these symbols in your web page, you should use HTML entity code. Just copy it and paste it in your HTML code.

In the above list, if you see an empty character —it means no Unicode has yet been defined for that code. In case you see a gibberish box instead proper character, it means your computer does not have appropriate glyph to display that character.

List of Available Character Maps

Following is the list of various languages for which we have character map charts available.