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To enable typing in various languages, the Unicode Consortium has drawn up a set of Unicode for individual scripts. With the help of these codes, you can type in any of these scripts. You can also get codes for HTML Symbols and HTML Text Art.

Character Codes
Unicode U+0b80
HTML  &#2944
Decimal 2944
Octal   5600
Hex   0xb80
UTF-8  0xb80
JS    %ub80
Unicode U+0b81
HTML  &#2945
Decimal 2945
Octal   5601
Hex   0xb81
UTF-8  0xb81
JS    %ub81
Unicode U+0b82
HTML  &#2946
Decimal 2946
Octal   5602
Hex   0xb82
UTF-8  0xb82
JS    %ub82
Unicode U+0b83
HTML  &#2947
Decimal 2947
Octal   5603
Hex   0xb83
UTF-8  0xb83
JS    %ub83
Unicode U+0b84
HTML  &#2948
Decimal 2948
Octal   5604
Hex   0xb84
UTF-8  0xb84
JS    %ub84
Unicode U+0b85
HTML  &#2949
Decimal 2949
Octal   5605
Hex   0xb85
UTF-8  0xb85
JS    %ub85
Unicode U+0b86
HTML  &#2950
Decimal 2950
Octal   5606
Hex   0xb86
UTF-8  0xb86
JS    %ub86
Unicode U+0b87
HTML  &#2951
Decimal 2951
Octal   5607
Hex   0xb87
UTF-8  0xb87
JS    %ub87
Unicode U+0b88
HTML  &#2952
Decimal 2952
Octal   5610
Hex   0xb88
UTF-8  0xb88
JS    %ub88
Unicode U+0b89
HTML  &#2953
Decimal 2953
Octal   5611
Hex   0xb89
UTF-8  0xb89
JS    %ub89
Unicode U+0b8a
HTML  &#2954
Decimal 2954
Octal   5612
Hex   0xb8a
UTF-8  0xb8a
JS    %ub8a
Unicode U+0b8b
HTML  &#2955
Decimal 2955
Octal   5613
Hex   0xb8b
UTF-8  0xb8b
JS    %ub8b
Unicode U+0b8c
HTML  &#2956
Decimal 2956
Octal   5614
Hex   0xb8c
UTF-8  0xb8c
JS    %ub8c
Unicode U+0b8d
HTML  &#2957
Decimal 2957
Octal   5615
Hex   0xb8d
UTF-8  0xb8d
JS    %ub8d
Unicode U+0b8e
HTML  &#2958
Decimal 2958
Octal   5616
Hex   0xb8e
UTF-8  0xb8e
JS    %ub8e
Unicode U+0b8f
HTML  &#2959
Decimal 2959
Octal   5617
Hex   0xb8f
UTF-8  0xb8f
JS    %ub8f
Unicode U+0b90
HTML  &#2960
Decimal 2960
Octal   5620
Hex   0xb90
UTF-8  0xb90
JS    %ub90
Unicode U+0b91
HTML  &#2961
Decimal 2961
Octal   5621
Hex   0xb91
UTF-8  0xb91
JS    %ub91
Unicode U+0b92
HTML  &#2962
Decimal 2962
Octal   5622
Hex   0xb92
UTF-8  0xb92
JS    %ub92
Unicode U+0b93
HTML  &#2963
Decimal 2963
Octal   5623
Hex   0xb93
UTF-8  0xb93
JS    %ub93
Unicode U+0b94
HTML  &#2964
Decimal 2964
Octal   5624
Hex   0xb94
UTF-8  0xb94
JS    %ub94
Unicode U+0b95
HTML  &#2965
Decimal 2965
Octal   5625
Hex   0xb95
UTF-8  0xb95
JS    %ub95
Unicode U+0b96
HTML  &#2966
Decimal 2966
Octal   5626
Hex   0xb96
UTF-8  0xb96
JS    %ub96
Unicode U+0b97
HTML  &#2967
Decimal 2967
Octal   5627
Hex   0xb97
UTF-8  0xb97
JS    %ub97
Unicode U+0b98
HTML  &#2968
Decimal 2968
Octal   5630
Hex   0xb98
UTF-8  0xb98
JS    %ub98
Unicode U+0b99
HTML  &#2969
Decimal 2969
Octal   5631
Hex   0xb99
UTF-8  0xb99
JS    %ub99
Unicode U+0b9a
HTML  &#2970
Decimal 2970
Octal   5632
Hex   0xb9a
UTF-8  0xb9a
JS    %ub9a
Unicode U+0b9b
HTML  &#2971
Decimal 2971
Octal   5633
Hex   0xb9b
UTF-8  0xb9b
JS    %ub9b
Unicode U+0b9c
HTML  &#2972
Decimal 2972
Octal   5634
Hex   0xb9c
UTF-8  0xb9c
JS    %ub9c
Unicode U+0b9d
HTML  &#2973
Decimal 2973
Octal   5635
Hex   0xb9d
UTF-8  0xb9d
JS    %ub9d
Unicode U+0b9e
HTML  &#2974
Decimal 2974
Octal   5636
Hex   0xb9e
UTF-8  0xb9e
JS    %ub9e
Unicode U+0b9f
HTML  &#2975
Decimal 2975
Octal   5637
Hex   0xb9f
UTF-8  0xb9f
JS    %ub9f
Unicode U+0ba0
HTML  &#2976
Decimal 2976
Octal   5640
Hex   0xba0
UTF-8  0xba0
JS    %uba0
Unicode U+0ba1
HTML  &#2977
Decimal 2977
Octal   5641
Hex   0xba1
UTF-8  0xba1
JS    %uba1
Unicode U+0ba2
HTML  &#2978
Decimal 2978
Octal   5642
Hex   0xba2
UTF-8  0xba2
JS    %uba2
Unicode U+0ba3
HTML  &#2979
Decimal 2979
Octal   5643
Hex   0xba3
UTF-8  0xba3
JS    %uba3
Unicode U+0ba4
HTML  &#2980
Decimal 2980
Octal   5644
Hex   0xba4
UTF-8  0xba4
JS    %uba4
Unicode U+0ba5
HTML  &#2981
Decimal 2981
Octal   5645
Hex   0xba5
UTF-8  0xba5
JS    %uba5
Unicode U+0ba6
HTML  &#2982
Decimal 2982
Octal   5646
Hex   0xba6
UTF-8  0xba6
JS    %uba6
Unicode U+0ba7
HTML  &#2983
Decimal 2983
Octal   5647
Hex   0xba7
UTF-8  0xba7
JS    %uba7
Unicode U+0ba8
HTML  &#2984
Decimal 2984
Octal   5650
Hex   0xba8
UTF-8  0xba8
JS    %uba8
Unicode U+0ba9
HTML  &#2985
Decimal 2985
Octal   5651
Hex   0xba9
UTF-8  0xba9
JS    %uba9
Unicode U+0baa
HTML  &#2986
Decimal 2986
Octal   5652
Hex   0xbaa
UTF-8  0xbaa
JS    %ubaa
Unicode U+0bab
HTML  &#2987
Decimal 2987
Octal   5653
Hex   0xbab
UTF-8  0xbab
JS    %ubab
Unicode U+0bac
HTML  &#2988
Decimal 2988
Octal   5654
Hex   0xbac
UTF-8  0xbac
JS    %ubac
Unicode U+0bad
HTML  &#2989
Decimal 2989
Octal   5655
Hex   0xbad
UTF-8  0xbad
JS    %ubad
Unicode U+0bae
HTML  &#2990
Decimal 2990
Octal   5656
Hex   0xbae
UTF-8  0xbae
JS    %ubae
Unicode U+0baf
HTML  &#2991
Decimal 2991
Octal   5657
Hex   0xbaf
UTF-8  0xbaf
JS    %ubaf
Unicode U+0bb0
HTML  &#2992
Decimal 2992
Octal   5660
Hex   0xbb0
UTF-8  0xbb0
JS    %ubb0
Unicode U+0bb1
HTML  &#2993
Decimal 2993
Octal   5661
Hex   0xbb1
UTF-8  0xbb1
JS    %ubb1
Unicode U+0bb2
HTML  &#2994
Decimal 2994
Octal   5662
Hex   0xbb2
UTF-8  0xbb2
JS    %ubb2
Unicode U+0bb3
HTML  &#2995
Decimal 2995
Octal   5663
Hex   0xbb3
UTF-8  0xbb3
JS    %ubb3
Unicode U+0bb4
HTML  &#2996
Decimal 2996
Octal   5664
Hex   0xbb4
UTF-8  0xbb4
JS    %ubb4
Unicode U+0bb5
HTML  &#2997
Decimal 2997
Octal   5665
Hex   0xbb5
UTF-8  0xbb5
JS    %ubb5
Unicode U+0bb6
HTML  &#2998
Decimal 2998
Octal   5666
Hex   0xbb6
UTF-8  0xbb6
JS    %ubb6
Unicode U+0bb7
HTML  &#2999
Decimal 2999
Octal   5667
Hex   0xbb7
UTF-8  0xbb7
JS    %ubb7
Unicode U+0bb8
HTML  &#3000
Decimal 3000
Octal   5670
Hex   0xbb8
UTF-8  0xbb8
JS    %ubb8
Unicode U+0bb9
HTML  &#3001
Decimal 3001
Octal   5671
Hex   0xbb9
UTF-8  0xbb9
JS    %ubb9
Unicode U+0bba
HTML  &#3002
Decimal 3002
Octal   5672
Hex   0xbba
UTF-8  0xbba
JS    %ubba
Unicode U+0bbb
HTML  &#3003
Decimal 3003
Octal   5673
Hex   0xbbb
UTF-8  0xbbb
JS    %ubbb
Unicode U+0bbc
HTML  &#3004
Decimal 3004
Octal   5674
Hex   0xbbc
UTF-8  0xbbc
JS    %ubbc
Unicode U+0bbd
HTML  &#3005
Decimal 3005
Octal   5675
Hex   0xbbd
UTF-8  0xbbd
JS    %ubbd
Unicode U+0bbe
HTML  &#3006
Decimal 3006
Octal   5676
Hex   0xbbe
UTF-8  0xbbe
JS    %ubbe
Unicode U+0bbf
HTML  &#3007
Decimal 3007
Octal   5677
Hex   0xbbf
UTF-8  0xbbf
JS    %ubbf
Unicode U+0bc0
HTML  &#3008
Decimal 3008
Octal   5700
Hex   0xbc0
UTF-8  0xbc0
JS    %ubc0
Unicode U+0bc1
HTML  &#3009
Decimal 3009
Octal   5701
Hex   0xbc1
UTF-8  0xbc1
JS    %ubc1
Unicode U+0bc2
HTML  &#3010
Decimal 3010
Octal   5702
Hex   0xbc2
UTF-8  0xbc2
JS    %ubc2
Unicode U+0bc3
HTML  &#3011
Decimal 3011
Octal   5703
Hex   0xbc3
UTF-8  0xbc3
JS    %ubc3
Unicode U+0bc4
HTML  &#3012
Decimal 3012
Octal   5704
Hex   0xbc4
UTF-8  0xbc4
JS    %ubc4
Unicode U+0bc5
HTML  &#3013
Decimal 3013
Octal   5705
Hex   0xbc5
UTF-8  0xbc5
JS    %ubc5
Unicode U+0bc6
HTML  &#3014
Decimal 3014
Octal   5706
Hex   0xbc6
UTF-8  0xbc6
JS    %ubc6
Unicode U+0bc7
HTML  &#3015
Decimal 3015
Octal   5707
Hex   0xbc7
UTF-8  0xbc7
JS    %ubc7
Unicode U+0bc8
HTML  &#3016
Decimal 3016
Octal   5710
Hex   0xbc8
UTF-8  0xbc8
JS    %ubc8
Unicode U+0bc9
HTML  &#3017
Decimal 3017
Octal   5711
Hex   0xbc9
UTF-8  0xbc9
JS    %ubc9
Unicode U+0bca
HTML  &#3018
Decimal 3018
Octal   5712
Hex   0xbca
UTF-8  0xbca
JS    %ubca
Unicode U+0bcb
HTML  &#3019
Decimal 3019
Octal   5713
Hex   0xbcb
UTF-8  0xbcb
JS    %ubcb
Unicode U+0bcc
HTML  &#3020
Decimal 3020
Octal   5714
Hex   0xbcc
UTF-8  0xbcc
JS    %ubcc
Unicode U+0bcd
HTML  &#3021
Decimal 3021
Octal   5715
Hex   0xbcd
UTF-8  0xbcd
JS    %ubcd
Unicode U+0bce
HTML  &#3022
Decimal 3022
Octal   5716
Hex   0xbce
UTF-8  0xbce
JS    %ubce
Unicode U+0bcf
HTML  &#3023
Decimal 3023
Octal   5717
Hex   0xbcf
UTF-8  0xbcf
JS    %ubcf
Unicode U+0bd0
HTML  &#3024
Decimal 3024
Octal   5720
Hex   0xbd0
UTF-8  0xbd0
JS    %ubd0
Unicode U+0bd1
HTML  &#3025
Decimal 3025
Octal   5721
Hex   0xbd1
UTF-8  0xbd1
JS    %ubd1
Unicode U+0bd2
HTML  &#3026
Decimal 3026
Octal   5722
Hex   0xbd2
UTF-8  0xbd2
JS    %ubd2
Unicode U+0bd3
HTML  &#3027
Decimal 3027
Octal   5723
Hex   0xbd3
UTF-8  0xbd3
JS    %ubd3
Unicode U+0bd4
HTML  &#3028
Decimal 3028
Octal   5724
Hex   0xbd4
UTF-8  0xbd4
JS    %ubd4
Unicode U+0bd5
HTML  &#3029
Decimal 3029
Octal   5725
Hex   0xbd5
UTF-8  0xbd5
JS    %ubd5
Unicode U+0bd6
HTML  &#3030
Decimal 3030
Octal   5726
Hex   0xbd6
UTF-8  0xbd6
JS    %ubd6
Unicode U+0bd7
HTML  &#3031
Decimal 3031
Octal   5727
Hex   0xbd7
UTF-8  0xbd7
JS    %ubd7
Unicode U+0bd8
HTML  &#3032
Decimal 3032
Octal   5730
Hex   0xbd8
UTF-8  0xbd8
JS    %ubd8
Unicode U+0bd9
HTML  &#3033
Decimal 3033
Octal   5731
Hex   0xbd9
UTF-8  0xbd9
JS    %ubd9
Unicode U+0bda
HTML  &#3034
Decimal 3034
Octal   5732
Hex   0xbda
UTF-8  0xbda
JS    %ubda
Unicode U+0bdb
HTML  &#3035
Decimal 3035
Octal   5733
Hex   0xbdb
UTF-8  0xbdb
JS    %ubdb
Unicode U+0bdc
HTML  &#3036
Decimal 3036
Octal   5734
Hex   0xbdc
UTF-8  0xbdc
JS    %ubdc
Unicode U+0bdd
HTML  &#3037
Decimal 3037
Octal   5735
Hex   0xbdd
UTF-8  0xbdd
JS    %ubdd
Unicode U+0bde
HTML  &#3038
Decimal 3038
Octal   5736
Hex   0xbde
UTF-8  0xbde
JS    %ubde
Unicode U+0bdf
HTML  &#3039
Decimal 3039
Octal   5737
Hex   0xbdf
UTF-8  0xbdf
JS    %ubdf
Unicode U+0be0
HTML  &#3040
Decimal 3040
Octal   5740
Hex   0xbe0
UTF-8  0xbe0
JS    %ube0
Unicode U+0be1
HTML  &#3041
Decimal 3041
Octal   5741
Hex   0xbe1
UTF-8  0xbe1
JS    %ube1
Unicode U+0be2
HTML  &#3042
Decimal 3042
Octal   5742
Hex   0xbe2
UTF-8  0xbe2
JS    %ube2
Unicode U+0be3
HTML  &#3043
Decimal 3043
Octal   5743
Hex   0xbe3
UTF-8  0xbe3
JS    %ube3
Unicode U+0be4
HTML  &#3044
Decimal 3044
Octal   5744
Hex   0xbe4
UTF-8  0xbe4
JS    %ube4
Unicode U+0be5
HTML  &#3045
Decimal 3045
Octal   5745
Hex   0xbe5
UTF-8  0xbe5
JS    %ube5
Unicode U+0be6
HTML  &#3046
Decimal 3046
Octal   5746
Hex   0xbe6
UTF-8  0xbe6
JS    %ube6
Unicode U+0be7
HTML  &#3047
Decimal 3047
Octal   5747
Hex   0xbe7
UTF-8  0xbe7
JS    %ube7
Unicode U+0be8
HTML  &#3048
Decimal 3048
Octal   5750
Hex   0xbe8
UTF-8  0xbe8
JS    %ube8
Unicode U+0be9
HTML  &#3049
Decimal 3049
Octal   5751
Hex   0xbe9
UTF-8  0xbe9
JS    %ube9
Unicode U+0bea
HTML  &#3050
Decimal 3050
Octal   5752
Hex   0xbea
UTF-8  0xbea
JS    %ubea
Unicode U+0beb
HTML  &#3051
Decimal 3051
Octal   5753
Hex   0xbeb
UTF-8  0xbeb
JS    %ubeb
Unicode U+0bec
HTML  &#3052
Decimal 3052
Octal   5754
Hex   0xbec
UTF-8  0xbec
JS    %ubec
Unicode U+0bed
HTML  &#3053
Decimal 3053
Octal   5755
Hex   0xbed
UTF-8  0xbed
JS    %ubed
Unicode U+0bee
HTML  &#3054
Decimal 3054
Octal   5756
Hex   0xbee
UTF-8  0xbee
JS    %ubee
Unicode U+0bef
HTML  &#3055
Decimal 3055
Octal   5757
Hex   0xbef
UTF-8  0xbef
JS    %ubef
Unicode U+0bf0
HTML  &#3056
Decimal 3056
Octal   5760
Hex   0xbf0
UTF-8  0xbf0
JS    %ubf0
Unicode U+0bf1
HTML  &#3057
Decimal 3057
Octal   5761
Hex   0xbf1
UTF-8  0xbf1
JS    %ubf1
Unicode U+0bf2
HTML  &#3058
Decimal 3058
Octal   5762
Hex   0xbf2
UTF-8  0xbf2
JS    %ubf2
Unicode U+0bf3
HTML  &#3059
Decimal 3059
Octal   5763
Hex   0xbf3
UTF-8  0xbf3
JS    %ubf3
Unicode U+0bf4
HTML  &#3060
Decimal 3060
Octal   5764
Hex   0xbf4
UTF-8  0xbf4
JS    %ubf4
Unicode U+0bf5
HTML  &#3061
Decimal 3061
Octal   5765
Hex   0xbf5
UTF-8  0xbf5
JS    %ubf5
Unicode U+0bf6
HTML  &#3062
Decimal 3062
Octal   5766
Hex   0xbf6
UTF-8  0xbf6
JS    %ubf6
Unicode U+0bf7
HTML  &#3063
Decimal 3063
Octal   5767
Hex   0xbf7
UTF-8  0xbf7
JS    %ubf7
Unicode U+0bf8
HTML  &#3064
Decimal 3064
Octal   5770
Hex   0xbf8
UTF-8  0xbf8
JS    %ubf8
Unicode U+0bf9
HTML  &#3065
Decimal 3065
Octal   5771
Hex   0xbf9
UTF-8  0xbf9
JS    %ubf9
Unicode U+0bfa
HTML  &#3066
Decimal 3066
Octal   5772
Hex   0xbfa
UTF-8  0xbfa
JS    %ubfa
Unicode U+0bfb
HTML  &#3067
Decimal 3067
Octal   5773
Hex   0xbfb
UTF-8  0xbfb
JS    %ubfb
Unicode U+0bfc
HTML  &#3068
Decimal 3068
Octal   5774
Hex   0xbfc
UTF-8  0xbfc
JS    %ubfc
Unicode U+0bfd
HTML  &#3069
Decimal 3069
Octal   5775
Hex   0xbfd
UTF-8  0xbfd
JS    %ubfd
Unicode U+0bfe
HTML  &#3070
Decimal 3070
Octal   5776
Hex   0xbfe
UTF-8  0xbfe
JS    %ubfe
Unicode U+0bff
HTML  &#3071
Decimal 3071
Octal   5777
Hex   0xbff
UTF-8  0xbff
JS    %ubff

When you'll Hover over any of the symbol, you'll see various codes associated with that code. Decimal, Octal value, Hex value, Unicode, HTML entity code and JavaScript escaped codes have been provided. If you want to use these symbols in your web page, you should use HTML entity code. Just copy it and paste it in your HTML code.

In the above list, if you see an empty character —it means no Unicode has yet been defined for that code. In case you see a gibberish box instead proper character, it means your computer does not have appropriate glyph to display that character.

List of Available Character Maps

Following is the list of various languages for which we have character map charts available.