Telugu Character Map

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To enable typing in various languages, the Unicode Consortium has drawn up a set of Unicode for individual scripts. With the help of these codes, you can type in any of these scripts. You can also get codes for HTML Symbols and HTML Text Art.

Character Codes
Unicode U+0c00
HTML  &#3072
Decimal 3072
Octal   6000
Hex   0xc00
UTF-8  0xc00
JS    %uc00
Unicode U+0c01
HTML  &#3073
Decimal 3073
Octal   6001
Hex   0xc01
UTF-8  0xc01
JS    %uc01
Unicode U+0c02
HTML  &#3074
Decimal 3074
Octal   6002
Hex   0xc02
UTF-8  0xc02
JS    %uc02
Unicode U+0c03
HTML  &#3075
Decimal 3075
Octal   6003
Hex   0xc03
UTF-8  0xc03
JS    %uc03
Unicode U+0c04
HTML  &#3076
Decimal 3076
Octal   6004
Hex   0xc04
UTF-8  0xc04
JS    %uc04
Unicode U+0c05
HTML  &#3077
Decimal 3077
Octal   6005
Hex   0xc05
UTF-8  0xc05
JS    %uc05
Unicode U+0c06
HTML  &#3078
Decimal 3078
Octal   6006
Hex   0xc06
UTF-8  0xc06
JS    %uc06
Unicode U+0c07
HTML  &#3079
Decimal 3079
Octal   6007
Hex   0xc07
UTF-8  0xc07
JS    %uc07
Unicode U+0c08
HTML  &#3080
Decimal 3080
Octal   6010
Hex   0xc08
UTF-8  0xc08
JS    %uc08
Unicode U+0c09
HTML  &#3081
Decimal 3081
Octal   6011
Hex   0xc09
UTF-8  0xc09
JS    %uc09
Unicode U+0c0a
HTML  &#3082
Decimal 3082
Octal   6012
Hex   0xc0a
UTF-8  0xc0a
JS    %uc0a
Unicode U+0c0b
HTML  &#3083
Decimal 3083
Octal   6013
Hex   0xc0b
UTF-8  0xc0b
JS    %uc0b
Unicode U+0c0c
HTML  &#3084
Decimal 3084
Octal   6014
Hex   0xc0c
UTF-8  0xc0c
JS    %uc0c
Unicode U+0c0d
HTML  &#3085
Decimal 3085
Octal   6015
Hex   0xc0d
UTF-8  0xc0d
JS    %uc0d
Unicode U+0c0e
HTML  &#3086
Decimal 3086
Octal   6016
Hex   0xc0e
UTF-8  0xc0e
JS    %uc0e
Unicode U+0c0f
HTML  &#3087
Decimal 3087
Octal   6017
Hex   0xc0f
UTF-8  0xc0f
JS    %uc0f
Unicode U+0c10
HTML  &#3088
Decimal 3088
Octal   6020
Hex   0xc10
UTF-8  0xc10
JS    %uc10
Unicode U+0c11
HTML  &#3089
Decimal 3089
Octal   6021
Hex   0xc11
UTF-8  0xc11
JS    %uc11
Unicode U+0c12
HTML  &#3090
Decimal 3090
Octal   6022
Hex   0xc12
UTF-8  0xc12
JS    %uc12
Unicode U+0c13
HTML  &#3091
Decimal 3091
Octal   6023
Hex   0xc13
UTF-8  0xc13
JS    %uc13
Unicode U+0c14
HTML  &#3092
Decimal 3092
Octal   6024
Hex   0xc14
UTF-8  0xc14
JS    %uc14
Unicode U+0c15
HTML  &#3093
Decimal 3093
Octal   6025
Hex   0xc15
UTF-8  0xc15
JS    %uc15
Unicode U+0c16
HTML  &#3094
Decimal 3094
Octal   6026
Hex   0xc16
UTF-8  0xc16
JS    %uc16
Unicode U+0c17
HTML  &#3095
Decimal 3095
Octal   6027
Hex   0xc17
UTF-8  0xc17
JS    %uc17
Unicode U+0c18
HTML  &#3096
Decimal 3096
Octal   6030
Hex   0xc18
UTF-8  0xc18
JS    %uc18
Unicode U+0c19
HTML  &#3097
Decimal 3097
Octal   6031
Hex   0xc19
UTF-8  0xc19
JS    %uc19
Unicode U+0c1a
HTML  &#3098
Decimal 3098
Octal   6032
Hex   0xc1a
UTF-8  0xc1a
JS    %uc1a
Unicode U+0c1b
HTML  &#3099
Decimal 3099
Octal   6033
Hex   0xc1b
UTF-8  0xc1b
JS    %uc1b
Unicode U+0c1c
HTML  &#3100
Decimal 3100
Octal   6034
Hex   0xc1c
UTF-8  0xc1c
JS    %uc1c
Unicode U+0c1d
HTML  &#3101
Decimal 3101
Octal   6035
Hex   0xc1d
UTF-8  0xc1d
JS    %uc1d
Unicode U+0c1e
HTML  &#3102
Decimal 3102
Octal   6036
Hex   0xc1e
UTF-8  0xc1e
JS    %uc1e
Unicode U+0c1f
HTML  &#3103
Decimal 3103
Octal   6037
Hex   0xc1f
UTF-8  0xc1f
JS    %uc1f
Unicode U+0c20
HTML  &#3104
Decimal 3104
Octal   6040
Hex   0xc20
UTF-8  0xc20
JS    %uc20
Unicode U+0c21
HTML  &#3105
Decimal 3105
Octal   6041
Hex   0xc21
UTF-8  0xc21
JS    %uc21
Unicode U+0c22
HTML  &#3106
Decimal 3106
Octal   6042
Hex   0xc22
UTF-8  0xc22
JS    %uc22
Unicode U+0c23
HTML  &#3107
Decimal 3107
Octal   6043
Hex   0xc23
UTF-8  0xc23
JS    %uc23
Unicode U+0c24
HTML  &#3108
Decimal 3108
Octal   6044
Hex   0xc24
UTF-8  0xc24
JS    %uc24
Unicode U+0c25
HTML  &#3109
Decimal 3109
Octal   6045
Hex   0xc25
UTF-8  0xc25
JS    %uc25
Unicode U+0c26
HTML  &#3110
Decimal 3110
Octal   6046
Hex   0xc26
UTF-8  0xc26
JS    %uc26
Unicode U+0c27
HTML  &#3111
Decimal 3111
Octal   6047
Hex   0xc27
UTF-8  0xc27
JS    %uc27
Unicode U+0c28
HTML  &#3112
Decimal 3112
Octal   6050
Hex   0xc28
UTF-8  0xc28
JS    %uc28
Unicode U+0c29
HTML  &#3113
Decimal 3113
Octal   6051
Hex   0xc29
UTF-8  0xc29
JS    %uc29
Unicode U+0c2a
HTML  &#3114
Decimal 3114
Octal   6052
Hex   0xc2a
UTF-8  0xc2a
JS    %uc2a
Unicode U+0c2b
HTML  &#3115
Decimal 3115
Octal   6053
Hex   0xc2b
UTF-8  0xc2b
JS    %uc2b
Unicode U+0c2c
HTML  &#3116
Decimal 3116
Octal   6054
Hex   0xc2c
UTF-8  0xc2c
JS    %uc2c
Unicode U+0c2d
HTML  &#3117
Decimal 3117
Octal   6055
Hex   0xc2d
UTF-8  0xc2d
JS    %uc2d
Unicode U+0c2e
HTML  &#3118
Decimal 3118
Octal   6056
Hex   0xc2e
UTF-8  0xc2e
JS    %uc2e
Unicode U+0c2f
HTML  &#3119
Decimal 3119
Octal   6057
Hex   0xc2f
UTF-8  0xc2f
JS    %uc2f
Unicode U+0c30
HTML  &#3120
Decimal 3120
Octal   6060
Hex   0xc30
UTF-8  0xc30
JS    %uc30
Unicode U+0c31
HTML  &#3121
Decimal 3121
Octal   6061
Hex   0xc31
UTF-8  0xc31
JS    %uc31
Unicode U+0c32
HTML  &#3122
Decimal 3122
Octal   6062
Hex   0xc32
UTF-8  0xc32
JS    %uc32
Unicode U+0c33
HTML  &#3123
Decimal 3123
Octal   6063
Hex   0xc33
UTF-8  0xc33
JS    %uc33
Unicode U+0c34
HTML  &#3124
Decimal 3124
Octal   6064
Hex   0xc34
UTF-8  0xc34
JS    %uc34
Unicode U+0c35
HTML  &#3125
Decimal 3125
Octal   6065
Hex   0xc35
UTF-8  0xc35
JS    %uc35
Unicode U+0c36
HTML  &#3126
Decimal 3126
Octal   6066
Hex   0xc36
UTF-8  0xc36
JS    %uc36
Unicode U+0c37
HTML  &#3127
Decimal 3127
Octal   6067
Hex   0xc37
UTF-8  0xc37
JS    %uc37
Unicode U+0c38
HTML  &#3128
Decimal 3128
Octal   6070
Hex   0xc38
UTF-8  0xc38
JS    %uc38
Unicode U+0c39
HTML  &#3129
Decimal 3129
Octal   6071
Hex   0xc39
UTF-8  0xc39
JS    %uc39
Unicode U+0c3a
HTML  &#3130
Decimal 3130
Octal   6072
Hex   0xc3a
UTF-8  0xc3a
JS    %uc3a
Unicode U+0c3b
HTML  &#3131
Decimal 3131
Octal   6073
Hex   0xc3b
UTF-8  0xc3b
JS    %uc3b
Unicode U+0c3c
HTML  &#3132
Decimal 3132
Octal   6074
Hex   0xc3c
UTF-8  0xc3c
JS    %uc3c
Unicode U+0c3d
HTML  &#3133
Decimal 3133
Octal   6075
Hex   0xc3d
UTF-8  0xc3d
JS    %uc3d
Unicode U+0c3e
HTML  &#3134
Decimal 3134
Octal   6076
Hex   0xc3e
UTF-8  0xc3e
JS    %uc3e
Unicode U+0c3f
HTML  &#3135
Decimal 3135
Octal   6077
Hex   0xc3f
UTF-8  0xc3f
JS    %uc3f
Unicode U+0c40
HTML  &#3136
Decimal 3136
Octal   6100
Hex   0xc40
UTF-8  0xc40
JS    %uc40
Unicode U+0c41
HTML  &#3137
Decimal 3137
Octal   6101
Hex   0xc41
UTF-8  0xc41
JS    %uc41
Unicode U+0c42
HTML  &#3138
Decimal 3138
Octal   6102
Hex   0xc42
UTF-8  0xc42
JS    %uc42
Unicode U+0c43
HTML  &#3139
Decimal 3139
Octal   6103
Hex   0xc43
UTF-8  0xc43
JS    %uc43
Unicode U+0c44
HTML  &#3140
Decimal 3140
Octal   6104
Hex   0xc44
UTF-8  0xc44
JS    %uc44
Unicode U+0c45
HTML  &#3141
Decimal 3141
Octal   6105
Hex   0xc45
UTF-8  0xc45
JS    %uc45
Unicode U+0c46
HTML  &#3142
Decimal 3142
Octal   6106
Hex   0xc46
UTF-8  0xc46
JS    %uc46
Unicode U+0c47
HTML  &#3143
Decimal 3143
Octal   6107
Hex   0xc47
UTF-8  0xc47
JS    %uc47
Unicode U+0c48
HTML  &#3144
Decimal 3144
Octal   6110
Hex   0xc48
UTF-8  0xc48
JS    %uc48
Unicode U+0c49
HTML  &#3145
Decimal 3145
Octal   6111
Hex   0xc49
UTF-8  0xc49
JS    %uc49
Unicode U+0c4a
HTML  &#3146
Decimal 3146
Octal   6112
Hex   0xc4a
UTF-8  0xc4a
JS    %uc4a
Unicode U+0c4b
HTML  &#3147
Decimal 3147
Octal   6113
Hex   0xc4b
UTF-8  0xc4b
JS    %uc4b
Unicode U+0c4c
HTML  &#3148
Decimal 3148
Octal   6114
Hex   0xc4c
UTF-8  0xc4c
JS    %uc4c
Unicode U+0c4d
HTML  &#3149
Decimal 3149
Octal   6115
Hex   0xc4d
UTF-8  0xc4d
JS    %uc4d
Unicode U+0c4e
HTML  &#3150
Decimal 3150
Octal   6116
Hex   0xc4e
UTF-8  0xc4e
JS    %uc4e
Unicode U+0c4f
HTML  &#3151
Decimal 3151
Octal   6117
Hex   0xc4f
UTF-8  0xc4f
JS    %uc4f
Unicode U+0c50
HTML  &#3152
Decimal 3152
Octal   6120
Hex   0xc50
UTF-8  0xc50
JS    %uc50
Unicode U+0c51
HTML  &#3153
Decimal 3153
Octal   6121
Hex   0xc51
UTF-8  0xc51
JS    %uc51
Unicode U+0c52
HTML  &#3154
Decimal 3154
Octal   6122
Hex   0xc52
UTF-8  0xc52
JS    %uc52
Unicode U+0c53
HTML  &#3155
Decimal 3155
Octal   6123
Hex   0xc53
UTF-8  0xc53
JS    %uc53
Unicode U+0c54
HTML  &#3156
Decimal 3156
Octal   6124
Hex   0xc54
UTF-8  0xc54
JS    %uc54
Unicode U+0c55
HTML  &#3157
Decimal 3157
Octal   6125
Hex   0xc55
UTF-8  0xc55
JS    %uc55
Unicode U+0c56
HTML  &#3158
Decimal 3158
Octal   6126
Hex   0xc56
UTF-8  0xc56
JS    %uc56
Unicode U+0c57
HTML  &#3159
Decimal 3159
Octal   6127
Hex   0xc57
UTF-8  0xc57
JS    %uc57
Unicode U+0c58
HTML  &#3160
Decimal 3160
Octal   6130
Hex   0xc58
UTF-8  0xc58
JS    %uc58
Unicode U+0c59
HTML  &#3161
Decimal 3161
Octal   6131
Hex   0xc59
UTF-8  0xc59
JS    %uc59
Unicode U+0c5a
HTML  &#3162
Decimal 3162
Octal   6132
Hex   0xc5a
UTF-8  0xc5a
JS    %uc5a
Unicode U+0c5b
HTML  &#3163
Decimal 3163
Octal   6133
Hex   0xc5b
UTF-8  0xc5b
JS    %uc5b
Unicode U+0c5c
HTML  &#3164
Decimal 3164
Octal   6134
Hex   0xc5c
UTF-8  0xc5c
JS    %uc5c
Unicode U+0c5d
HTML  &#3165
Decimal 3165
Octal   6135
Hex   0xc5d
UTF-8  0xc5d
JS    %uc5d
Unicode U+0c5e
HTML  &#3166
Decimal 3166
Octal   6136
Hex   0xc5e
UTF-8  0xc5e
JS    %uc5e
Unicode U+0c5f
HTML  &#3167
Decimal 3167
Octal   6137
Hex   0xc5f
UTF-8  0xc5f
JS    %uc5f
Unicode U+0c60
HTML  &#3168
Decimal 3168
Octal   6140
Hex   0xc60
UTF-8  0xc60
JS    %uc60
Unicode U+0c61
HTML  &#3169
Decimal 3169
Octal   6141
Hex   0xc61
UTF-8  0xc61
JS    %uc61
Unicode U+0c62
HTML  &#3170
Decimal 3170
Octal   6142
Hex   0xc62
UTF-8  0xc62
JS    %uc62
Unicode U+0c63
HTML  &#3171
Decimal 3171
Octal   6143
Hex   0xc63
UTF-8  0xc63
JS    %uc63
Unicode U+0c64
HTML  &#3172
Decimal 3172
Octal   6144
Hex   0xc64
UTF-8  0xc64
JS    %uc64
Unicode U+0c65
HTML  &#3173
Decimal 3173
Octal   6145
Hex   0xc65
UTF-8  0xc65
JS    %uc65
Unicode U+0c66
HTML  &#3174
Decimal 3174
Octal   6146
Hex   0xc66
UTF-8  0xc66
JS    %uc66
Unicode U+0c67
HTML  &#3175
Decimal 3175
Octal   6147
Hex   0xc67
UTF-8  0xc67
JS    %uc67
Unicode U+0c68
HTML  &#3176
Decimal 3176
Octal   6150
Hex   0xc68
UTF-8  0xc68
JS    %uc68
Unicode U+0c69
HTML  &#3177
Decimal 3177
Octal   6151
Hex   0xc69
UTF-8  0xc69
JS    %uc69
Unicode U+0c6a
HTML  &#3178
Decimal 3178
Octal   6152
Hex   0xc6a
UTF-8  0xc6a
JS    %uc6a
Unicode U+0c6b
HTML  &#3179
Decimal 3179
Octal   6153
Hex   0xc6b
UTF-8  0xc6b
JS    %uc6b
Unicode U+0c6c
HTML  &#3180
Decimal 3180
Octal   6154
Hex   0xc6c
UTF-8  0xc6c
JS    %uc6c
Unicode U+0c6d
HTML  &#3181
Decimal 3181
Octal   6155
Hex   0xc6d
UTF-8  0xc6d
JS    %uc6d
Unicode U+0c6e
HTML  &#3182
Decimal 3182
Octal   6156
Hex   0xc6e
UTF-8  0xc6e
JS    %uc6e
Unicode U+0c6f
HTML  &#3183
Decimal 3183
Octal   6157
Hex   0xc6f
UTF-8  0xc6f
JS    %uc6f
Unicode U+0c70
HTML  &#3184
Decimal 3184
Octal   6160
Hex   0xc70
UTF-8  0xc70
JS    %uc70
Unicode U+0c71
HTML  &#3185
Decimal 3185
Octal   6161
Hex   0xc71
UTF-8  0xc71
JS    %uc71
Unicode U+0c72
HTML  &#3186
Decimal 3186
Octal   6162
Hex   0xc72
UTF-8  0xc72
JS    %uc72
Unicode U+0c73
HTML  &#3187
Decimal 3187
Octal   6163
Hex   0xc73
UTF-8  0xc73
JS    %uc73
Unicode U+0c74
HTML  &#3188
Decimal 3188
Octal   6164
Hex   0xc74
UTF-8  0xc74
JS    %uc74
Unicode U+0c75
HTML  &#3189
Decimal 3189
Octal   6165
Hex   0xc75
UTF-8  0xc75
JS    %uc75
Unicode U+0c76
HTML  &#3190
Decimal 3190
Octal   6166
Hex   0xc76
UTF-8  0xc76
JS    %uc76
Unicode U+0c77
HTML  &#3191
Decimal 3191
Octal   6167
Hex   0xc77
UTF-8  0xc77
JS    %uc77
Unicode U+0c78
HTML  &#3192
Decimal 3192
Octal   6170
Hex   0xc78
UTF-8  0xc78
JS    %uc78
Unicode U+0c79
HTML  &#3193
Decimal 3193
Octal   6171
Hex   0xc79
UTF-8  0xc79
JS    %uc79
Unicode U+0c7a
HTML  &#3194
Decimal 3194
Octal   6172
Hex   0xc7a
UTF-8  0xc7a
JS    %uc7a
Unicode U+0c7b
HTML  &#3195
Decimal 3195
Octal   6173
Hex   0xc7b
UTF-8  0xc7b
JS    %uc7b
Unicode U+0c7c
HTML  &#3196
Decimal 3196
Octal   6174
Hex   0xc7c
UTF-8  0xc7c
JS    %uc7c
Unicode U+0c7d
HTML  &#3197
Decimal 3197
Octal   6175
Hex   0xc7d
UTF-8  0xc7d
JS    %uc7d
Unicode U+0c7e
HTML  &#3198
Decimal 3198
Octal   6176
Hex   0xc7e
UTF-8  0xc7e
JS    %uc7e
Unicode U+0c7f
HTML  &#3199
Decimal 3199
Octal   6177
Hex   0xc7f
UTF-8  0xc7f
JS    %uc7f

When you'll Hover over any of the symbol, you'll see various codes associated with that code. Decimal, Octal value, Hex value, Unicode, HTML entity code and JavaScript escaped codes have been provided. If you want to use these symbols in your web page, you should use HTML entity code. Just copy it and paste it in your HTML code.

In the above list, if you see an empty character —it means no Unicode has yet been defined for that code. In case you see a gibberish box instead proper character, it means your computer does not have appropriate glyph to display that character.

List of Available Character Maps

Following is the list of various languages for which we have character map charts available.