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problem of touch screen not working on mobile phone

Touchscreen Not Working Problem in Mobile Phones

Is touchscreen not working on your mobile phone or tablet? Did you drop it in water? Learn how to fix the problem if your touchscreen has become unresponsive. With these easy steps you may be able to revive your phone!

Various file extensions.

How to Open .DAT File and Read It

Learn how to open .dat files. People often wonder how to open and read the mysterious dat files. Selecting program to open such files sometimes becomes big question. A detailed tutorial on this topic giving several methods of opening .dat files.

"This Webpage has a Redirect Loop" error in Google Chrome.

How to Solve This Webpage has a Redirect Loop Problem

While browsing Internet, sometimes we encounter a strange problem of “This Webpage has a redirect loop”. Technically this error reads “Error 310 (net::ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS): there were too many redirects”. Learn solution of this problem in browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox etc.

Links in PDF will work if you'll use built-in facility of MS Word.

How to Make Links Work in PDF

Links are not working in PDF file? Learn how to make web and email links clickable in your PDF file. You can convert an MS Word document into a PDF file with working links.


Online Test Responsive Website on Various Devices/Screens

Are you looking for online tools that can test your website’s design on various types of devices, screen sizes and screen resolutions? Well, it is important to check if your website is responsive. Website should be able to automatically adjust content to make it easily readable on different devices and screens. Let’s learn about a few free online services to test website responsiveness.


How to Organize Webinars Free of Cost

Google+ Hang Out and AnyMeeting provide easy way to organize webinars and interact live with attendees. Webinars or web seminars are great for promoting your products as well as online media channels. Learn how to go about organizing such events.