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You can reconfigure Gmail tabs

Gmail: How to Remove/Disable Inbox Tabs

Is it possible to remove tabs from Gmail? Learn how to remove tabs from the Gmail inbox. You can remove (or add) social, promotion, updates and forums tabs in your Gmail account.


Feedjit Widget: Hide and still use it!

Learn how to hide Feedjit widget but still keep on using Live Feedjit to track website traffic. There is also no need to change Feedjit code.


How to delete FB Account

Learn how to delete your FB account. You should first consider deactivating it and taking a backup of Facebook data. Learn all this and more in this article.

Facebook has had an incredible journey of success.

How to Deactivate Your FB Account

Facebook’s feature of account deactivation is very useful if you want to temporarily suspend your account and spend some time away from FB. You can reactivate your account anytime.

Google Chrome screen showing how to set default browser

How to Set or Change Default Browser

At times, one wishes to change their default browser but does not know how to do so. Learn how to set or change browsers like Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer as default.

Wrapping and floating text using CSS.

CSS Wrap / Float Text around a DIV or Image

Learn how to force a DIV element to let text wrap text around itself. By default DIV element takes up all the width available to it. But CSS property “float” can help us.


MediaWiki URLs: Short, Clean and Beautiful

Search engines love short and clean URLs. Learn how to change default MediaWiki URLs into short URLs while keeping the default URLs also functional. The solution works using .htaccess and LocalSettings.php files.