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Notepad Code to create matrix like letter waterfall.

Amazing Notepad Tricks and Codes

Learn cool and useful Notepad code pieces. Some of these Notepad tricks will just amuse you while the others will come handy. You can do a number of things in your computer by executing .bat and .vbs scripts using Notepad as a writing tool.

Google Chrome give you option of continuing a session where you left it off.

How to Open Recently Closed Tab in Google Chrome

At times we accidentally close tabs in Google Chrome. Learn how to view and open recently closed tabs in and restore session. There are several options to do this including menu options, shortcut keys and configuring Chrome settings.

Adjusting text size using Ctrl key and mouse wheel.

Too Small Font? Make Website Text Bigger

Finding a website’s text too small to read? Learn how to increase font size on web pages to easily read text on screen. It is very easy to adjust zoom level of your browser and fix the problem of too small text.