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This is a banner image showing whatsapp alternatives and best mobile apps for chatting.

WhatsApp Alternatives: Best Mobile Apps for Chatting

These WhatsApp alternatives are the free and best apps for chatting on mobile phones. You no longer need to depend on WhatsApp only. You can use these similar apps and explore a host of new features including security and anonymity.

best apps to download music and songs

Download Music: Top 10 Apps to Download Songs

You can download music and songs using these free apps. Any user can easily download favorite songs on their mobile phones and listen to them while being offline like using an mp3 player. Go ahead and select the app that suits you the best.

this image shows a banner for best app lockers for mobile phone

Lock My Phone! Best Locking Apps for Android Mobile Phones

Do you ever wonder “how do I lock my phone to keep intruders at bay?”. Here’s the list of best app lockers for Android. You can lock your mobile apps with passcode, pattern or fingerprint. No intruder can unlock your phone once this is setup.

List of the best online dating apps. These apps are Tinder alternatives.

Tinder Alternatives: Best Dating Apps for Android and iOS

Tinder is one of the best dating app. It assist you find a person in your vicinity who would want to spend time with you. But there are other dating apps as well that can help you find your perfect date. Learn about the best Tinder alternative apps.