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Category: Facebook

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10 Best Tips on How to Promote Your Facebook Page

Learn best of the tips to promote your Facebook page. These are the time-tested methods of popularizing a Facebook page that every FB page owner should know about. Read the article and be popular.


Facebook and You: A TechWelkin Survey

We are running a survey to understand a few things about what users think about Facebook and how they connect with the world’s largest social network.


Couples and Friendship Pages on Facebook

Facebook has announced that now people can create couples or relationship pages. Couples Pages will combine all the updates and photos shared by the partners.


Wishlist for Facebook 2013

More than one billion users of Facebook have been wishing for a few features since long. Amit Wraj presents his wishlist for Facebook 2013. We are certain that this wishlist reflects wishes of a billion.


How Photos Go Viral on Facebook

Facebook Stories has unveiled a new data visualization that shows how photos go viral on Facebook. It uses the example of photos shared by George Takei.


Remove Apps from Facebook Account

Accepting an app request on Facebook is easy and most people accept such requests with open arms. Too many apps. however, can become headache. Learn how to remove apps that you don’t need.


Who is Priscilla Chan?

TechWelkin brings you information about Priscilla Chan who recently married to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg