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Quicker Twitter! Learn how to use Twitter faster.

Use Twitter Shortcuts and Save Time

Shortcut or access keys are faster way to use your Twitter account. These keys replace mouse clicks. You would not need to use computer mouse while tweeting. Learn about these keys and their functions to help yourself to a quicker Twitter.

Mark Zuckerberg is the founder of Facebook.

How Much Money Does Mark Zuckerberg Earn?

So, you are wondering how much money does Mark Zuckerberg make one second or in a day or may be in one year! Here I give you all the details of Facebook founder’s salary, perks, stocks and overall earning.

Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook topping one billion users mark.

Which Font does Facebook Logo Use?

Ever wonder about the font name that is used in Facebook logo? Read this article and get to know the font and the story behind the creation of FB logo.


5 Things You Should Never Share on Facebook

Five things that you should never publicly share on social networking websites, including Facebook. These are sensitive pieces of information which can compromise your account security.


All About “On This Day” Feature of Facebook

To enhance engagement among its users, Facebook has launched a new feature called “On This Day”. It displays information on status updates by you and your friends years ago exactly on the present date.