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Category: Social Media

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Top Reasons of Unfriending on Facebook

In the virtual world of Facebook, people keep adding and removing friends from their list. Learn about top reasons why FB users unfriend someone from their list.


How to delete FB Account

Learn how to delete your FB account. You should first consider deactivating it and taking a backup of Facebook data. Learn all this and more in this article.

Facebook has had an incredible journey of success.

How to Deactivate Your FB Account

Facebook’s feature of account deactivation is very useful if you want to temporarily suspend your account and spend some time away from FB. You can reactivate your account anytime.


10 Best Tips on How to Promote Your Facebook Page

Learn best of the tips to promote your Facebook page. These are the time-tested methods of popularizing a Facebook page that every FB page owner should know about. Read the article and be popular.


Facebook and You: A TechWelkin Survey

We are running a survey to understand a few things about what users think about Facebook and how they connect with the world’s largest social network.