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How To Block Someone On Twitter?

Blocking someone on Twitter is very simple. If you don’t want to see tweets of a person, you can block his/her Twitter account and you will no longer see their tweets on your timeline.

delete all tweets from Twitter account

Twitter: Delete All Tweets From Your Account

Learn how to quickly delete all tweets from your Twitter account. With these web based and free services, you can easily remove all the Twitter messages that you have ever posted on your timeline.

facebook people search helps you in finding people on FB without login

How to Find Someone On Facebook Without Logging In

Learn how to find people on Facebook without login. You can search people in Facebook directory to find details of people specific persons. And the good thing is that you don’t even need to have an FB account or log into it.


Type @[4:0] and Mark Zuckerberg Appears, Why?

Many Facebook posts suggests that if you type @[4:0] in an FB post or comment, name of Mark Zuckerberg will appear. The truth of this lie is that it’s a bug and your FB account has not been hacked by anyone. Read more details in this article.

Cool Facebook bio one liners

Facebook Bio: Best of Cool One Liner Quotes and Art

Now you can write a short bio of yourself on your Facebook timeline. We present the best of the cool Facebook bio. These are short one liners that would make your friends and profile visitors laugh. Grab immediate interest of your followers!

Sickular, Bhakt, Khangress, AAPtard, Pappu, Presstitute: Political terms popular on Indian social media.

Indian Social Media Vocabulary

Learn the meanings of term like Sickular, Bhakt, Khangress, AAPtard, Namtard, Pappu, Namo, Coalgate, Puppet PM, Muffler Man, Presstitute etc. These terms are popular in the Indian social media.

Stay alert and act wisely to avoid scams on Facebook.

Does Facebook Pay for Likes and Shares?

You may have seen FB posts about a sick child whose treatment is very costly. The post says that Facebook will pay some money for treatment if you like or share. Does Facebook really pay for likes and shares?

Social Media Marketing is the new way to reach out to the potential customers.

Social Media Marketing is Important But Overrated

Is Social Media Marketing (SMM) all that important? It’s the new question that’s bothering brand promotion bosses. Is SMM turning out to be as effective as email marketing? Nick Rojas presents the top 5 reasons why SMM is overrated.