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How To Block Someone On Twitter?

Blocking someone on Twitter is very simple. If you don’t want to see tweets of a person, you can block his/her Twitter account and you will no longer see their tweets on your timeline.

Type @[4:0] and Mark Zuckerberg Appears, Why?

Many Facebook posts suggests that if you type @[4:0] in an FB post or comment, name of Mark Zuckerberg will appear. The truth of this lie is that it’s a bug and your FB account has not been hacked by anyone. Read more details in this article.

Indian Social Media Vocabulary

Learn the meanings of term like Sickular, Bhakt, Khangress, AAPtard, Namtard, Pappu, Namo, Coalgate, Puppet PM, Muffler Man, Presstitute etc. These terms are popular in the Indian social media.

Does Facebook Pay for Likes and Shares?

You may have seen FB posts about a sick child whose treatment is very costly. The post says that Facebook will pay some money for treatment if you like or share. Does Facebook really pay for likes and shares?