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Is Google+ Better than Facebook? [Infographic]

With Google and Facebook, two mammoth Internet companies, focusing on beating each in the ring of online social networking; it is not surprising that users want to know which one of them is better! People want to compare Google+ and Facebook. In the middle of the last decade, Facebook got a huge head start while […]

Google AdSense: PIN was not Received

If you don’t receive AdSense PIN by post, your payment will remain on hold. Learn how to get your AdSense PIN or upload ID for verification and begin to show commercial AdSense ads on your website.

How to Export Gmail Contacts

Learn how to export the entire list of your Gmail contacts into a single file. Such files are sometimes required by other data processing applications.

How to Install and Use Google IME

Learn how to install run and use Google IME to type in Hindi and many other Indian and foreign languages. GoogleIME is a free and easy to use typing tool that has enabled millions of people for typing in their mother languages. It is no longer necessary to stick to English on computer.

Google Updates Penguin Algorithm for the First Time

When Matt Cutts speaks webmasters in the whole world listen. Many of you might not know who is Matt Cutts. But if you are an informed webmaster –you must be knowing. Cutts is currently the Head of Google’s Webspam team. He is a key technical player who determines the quality of Google’s search. So, what […]