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Facebook Dislike Button and Other Gestures

What is the meaning of Facebook Like? Many people have been wishing for an FB Dislike button because Like button sometimes does not seem appropriate.


The Incredible World of 3D Printing

Printing real and usable 3D objects has now become a reality. You can give command to 3D printers to roll out anything from a nut to a fully functional car.

Too much involvement in online social activities can be cause of great stress.

Simplifying your Facebook Life

Nowadays, a lot of people are taking Facebook and online social networking way too seriously. And the result is unnecessary stress. Learn a few tips to keep it all as simple and easy as possible.

These tips will help you using Google AdSense in much smarter way.

Google AdSense: A Newbie’s Guide

Learn a few very basic things that you should know if you’re thinking of making money by putting Google AdSense ads on your blog or website.


Find duplicate records in MySQL

Learn how to get only those records from a resultset that have their duplicate records. Learn to write SQL statement that can fetch you such a result.


How to Easily Make a Website

Learn about XAMPP, WordPress and MediaWiki as tools for rapidly developing websites. These tools enable you to make a good website in no time.


Building Strings in Java

Learn how to create strings in Java; how strings are different from character arrays and how to build large strings for efficient execution of programs.