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Steve Jobs was a very inspiring leader.

Famous Quotes of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs, the legendary founder of Apple Inc. has departed from this world. But many of his comments are memorable. Here we are publishing a few Steve Jobs quotes.


Steve Jobs’ Death: The World Pays Tribute

The entire world is saddened by the death of Steve Jobs, the found of Apple Inc. People all over the globe are paying rich tributes to the tech genius.

JavaScript is beautiful!

Walking DOM Tree is Now Very Simple

Traversal of the Document Object Model (DOM) tree is often required utility by web developers. This process is now pretty easy. Learn how to walk DOM!

There are concerns about Bluetooth headsets causing health risks like cancer. But these concerns are baseless.

Is Bluetooth Headset a Health Concern?

A lot of people doubt that keeping Bluetooth devices too close of body (e.g. a headset) may cause harm. Learn the truth and be sure that Bluetooth is perfectly safe.

Tips for increasing MediaWiki performance.

Tips: Purging MediaWiki File Cache Pages

Keeping a File Cache can improve performance of a MediaWiki installation. But when you make changes in MW skin, you may need to empty file cache. Learn how.