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Social work is important for a better society.

Setup, Open and Start a Charitable Trust NGO in India

Learn all the details about Trust Registration and setting up a non-profit organization in India in the form of a public charitable trust. I have registered a Trust myself and all this information is based on my own experience. I am sharing this researched information with you in order make my contribution towards encouragement of non-profit and voluntary work in India.


Top English Language Mistakes in India – Part 2

This second installment in the series on English language mistakes will tell you about a few more terms and phrases that are understood only in India. These are either wrong, antiquated or nonconforming to standard English. Therefore, use of these terms or phrases should be avoided.


Top English Language Mistakes in India – Part 1

You must avoid these mistakes while using English language. People in India are used to with these wrong usages; so they don’t realize making these mistakes. But such mistakes show your professional abilities in bad light (especially when you communicate with native English speakers)

TechWelkin also publishes useful information about using Hindi on digital devices and Internet.

How to Type in Hindi and Other Indian Languages

A list of some of the easy methods available for typing in Indian languages like Hindi, Marathi, Bangla, Tamil and other Indian languages. These tools use phonetic keyboard layout and that makes them very easy to be used by a common user on computer and internet.