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How to Use Section Targeting in Google Adsense

Learn how to use section targeting in Google AdSense and reap the benefits from this simple must-to-be-implemented tip. Your CPC and CPM rates will get advantage from section targeting.


Remove Byte Order Mark (BOM) Character

When Unicode BOM (byte order mark) character appears in your HTML or text code, it can cause a lot of annoyance and wastage of time. Let’s learn how to remove this bom mark.

These tips will help you using Google AdSense in much smarter way.

Google Ads in a Fixed Floating DIV

Answer to an often asked question. My advice to AdSense users is to focus on continuous good quality content and have some patience.

Asynchronous loading of JavaScript can make your website load faster.

Slow AddThis: Reason and Solution

Widget from AddThis social bookmarking service may slow down your website. Learn how to speed up the slow loading AddThis widget / plugin by using the asynchronous (async) mode of JavaScript.


Failed Facebook Products and Features

A list of product and services from the world most popular online social network, Facebook, that failed to click. Yes, sometimes even the best fails!