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JavaScript is beautiful!

Benefits of Loading jQuery from Google

jQuery is one of most widely used JavaScript framework. Google also uses it and makes it available for other websites as well. Know why you should use jQuery from Google.


Infographics on Facts about Twitter

Twitter has turned 6 years old. This microblogging service was created by Jack Dorsey in March 2006 and launched in July the same year. Learn about a few facts based on Twitter’s state in 2011

Manage Facebook Tags

Facebook: How to Remove and Manage Tags

Learn how to remove and manage tags on Facebook. FB friends tag you in lots of posts, photos, links etc. Learn to stop people from tagging you on Facebook.


How to Send Fax for Free

Fax Zero is an online service that allows you send free fax. They would, however, in free plan, show an ad on the cover page.


Windows 8: Useful Tips and Tricks

Learn a few tips and tricks about sometimes confusing Metro UI of Windows 8. These tips will make it is easier for you to work on the new operating system from Microsoft.


Cheatsheet: Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows 8 Metro User Interface has been designed keeping usage on touchscreens in mind. Learning this list of keyboard shortcuts will enhance the experience of a traditional mouse/keyboard user

Indian TV shows are now available on YouTube

Watch Hindi TV Serials on YouTube

After adding a large number of full length Indian movies in its collection, YouTube, the public video sharing website of Google, has now added Indian TV serials as well.