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Category: Windows

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How to Enable Bluetooth in Windows 10?

Learn how to enable Bluetooth in your Windows 10 PC. If Bluetooth is not working in your laptop, you can find fixes for common problems and turn on your Bluetooth connection.

change font size in windows 10

How to the Change Font Size in Windows 10

Changing font size in Windows 10 is very easy. You can change Windows interface font size if it is too small or too large for your reading experience. It is also possible to set different font sizes for individual interface elements. Windows provides a host of accessibility features.


Windows 8: Useful Tips and Tricks

Learn a few tips and tricks about sometimes confusing Metro UI of Windows 8. These tips will make it is easier for you to work on the new operating system from Microsoft.


Cheatsheet: Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows 8 Metro User Interface has been designed keeping usage on touchscreens in mind. Learning this list of keyboard shortcuts will enhance the experience of a traditional mouse/keyboard user