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iphone vs. android phone comparison

iPhone vs. Android: Which is Better?

Learn the difference between iPhone and Android based phones. We compare both devices on the basis of hardware, price, apps, battery, storage, operating system and security etc. This article would help you in making decision for buying an iPhone.

movavi photo editor for mac computers

Review: Movavi Photo Editor for Mac

In this article we review the Movavi Photo Editor for Mac computers. This software allows you to easily edit photos and remove common problems from your digital pictures.

Shrink volume option in disk management tool

Partition Hard Disk Drive without Formatting or Deleting Data

Ever thought what if you had created a partition in your computer hard disk while installing the system? Well, it not too late! you can partition a hard disk without formatting it. You can use built-in tool in Windows or a third-party software to create partition from spare storage space.

world of technology

Set Typing Shortcuts for Autocorrection in iPhone

Learn how to set shortcuts for typing complex, irregular words or long phrases in iPhone. This autocorrect feature speeds up your message typing in chat or sms. You can easily type a few letters and iPhone will autocorrect it to a preset long word/phrase/sentence.

This image shows screenshot of Awesome entire screen capture tool

How to Take a Screenshot of an Entire Webpage

Learn how to capture screenshot of entire webpage or scrollable screen. There are many free tools that can help you to get a full screen image capture. Read on to learn about these tools and see which one suits your requirements.

This is a banner image showing whatsapp alternatives and best mobile apps for chatting.

WhatsApp Alternatives: Best Mobile Apps for Chatting

These WhatsApp alternatives are the free and best apps for chatting on mobile phones. You no longer need to depend on WhatsApp only. You can use these similar apps and explore a host of new features including security and anonymity.

world of technology

How to Crop and Edit Photos on the iPhone or iPad?

You can easily crop and edit photos in your iPhone and iPad. These devices provide a number of basic photo editing photos options including markups, brightness, contrast, filters and rotation of pictures. Learn how to make such changes in your favorite pictures.