Turn Photos into Memories on Your iPhone

Learn how to create and customize your photos into memories in iOS. You can share these photo memories in iPhone or iPad with your friends. Photo memories can also be organized in the form of a movie!

How to Type ° Degree Symbol in macOS

Learn how to type the ° degree symbol in macOS. We will also explain how you can also use the emojis and special characters box to insert this symbol in your document.

iPhone Charging Problem: Reasons and Solutions

Is your iPhone or iPad not charging properly? If your device is not charging it can be very frustrating and annoying. However, in most of the cases, you can easily fix charger issues. This article discusses various reasons and solutions of iPhone / iPad charging problems.

iOS: Display Accommodations, Inverse Colors and Color Filtering

iOS has a rich set of accessibility features. An example is that iPhone and iPad allow you to inverse screen colors and color filtering as part of the display accommodations. These options help people with color blindness and also offer a better reading experience for many people, especially in low light environments.