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do not disturb options in messages of iphone to mute message alerts

Stop Message Alerts in iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Learn how to stop message alerts in your iPhone, iPad or Mac computer. You can mute messages app and you will not receive any notification by using the do not disturb option.

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How to Delete Text Messages from iPhone

Learn how to easily delete text (SMS) messages from your iPhone or iPad. You can also permanently delete all or selected messages. This can help not only in de-cluttering your phone but also it saves you some storage space.

create auto call rejection list to block phone calls by country code

How to Block Unknown Number Phone Calls By Country Code

If you’re getting phone calls from unknown international numbers, you can block calls by country code to stop the nuisance. You will not receive any call from the country that you’ve blocked. This is an easier way of getting rid of fraudulent calls.

Edit and reorder favorites contacts in iphone

How to Customize 3D Touch Shortcuts on iPhone

Learn how to customize the 3D Touch Shortcut menus for Contacts, Messages, FaceTime, Weather and other apps in iPhone. You can change items in 3d shortcut menu that pops up when you long press an iPhone screen.

turn off siri app suggestions from widget panel

Turn off Siri App Suggestions in Your iPhone

Well, Siri tries to help you! But of course it is far from understanding what you exactly want. So, if Siri App Suggestions are annoying you, you can turn them off to disable the Siri suggestions in your iPhone. Learn the easy steps!